Justice Done In Court- Or Even At The Crime Scene

By Warren.

A drugged up burglar broke both his ankles when he jumped out of a bedsit window with a stolen laptop.

Vasim Amin, 29 of Cauldon Road Shelton, wheeled himself into court on Thursday in his wheelchair and admitted burglary. Said he was court flat footed- no he didn’t- made that up, don’t think he’s got the brains to make a joke like that. Anyway he couldn’t say anything more could he, laying there both ankles shoot to ribbons with a stolen laptop by him.

You just could not make it up could you.

It seems that on May 8th Vasim took it upon himself to break into a bedsit on Collage Road, Shelton but was spotted by a neighbour, who blocked his escape, but Vasim, he’s that high,and in the words R Kelly he believes he can fly, and tosses himself out of the window. There’s a problem thought, he can’t fly, instead he smashes though a sky lite, lands on his feet but both his ankles have gone. There is good news though, the laptop, £500 worth, so its a good one, is in full working order, more that can be said for Visim’s legs. The police are called, and when they stop giggling, they charge Vasim, and cart him off to A&E, lets face it, he would not need and escort, whats he going do, run off, don’t think so…lol.

So, like I said, Vasim up before the court of Judge Paul Glenn, and its his third burglary offence, so its a ‘third strick’ case, it looks like the end of the line for his old games.

Jason Holts defending and he tells the court that because young Vasim is now wheelchair bound its a bit essayer to make him go to re-hab, they can push him there to make sure he goes, he didn’t say it like that thought. He is now off the hard stuff and on the Methadone, and good for him, might just help with the pain as well.

Judge Glenn asks for a few moments, to compose himself, then he rips into Vasim, telling him he’s got no sympathy what-so-ever. He tells him that the injuries are self- inflicted and that the offence in his mind was premeditated. He then gives Vasim 29 months, yes result.

I hope to god the jails got a ramp, ground floor cells and the toilets are wheelchair friendly.

Now compose yourself and pass comment.

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