Retired District Judge Calls For Caution On The Balal Khan Case.

Balal Khan was sentenced to three years imprisonment in a YOI on Monday, after being found guilty of mugging and raping a 21 year old woman in Cobridge last year. Khan,14, who’s name was given to the press after the Sentinel journalist in court asked for a ban on naming him be lifted, committed the offence at age 13.

In Westminster, the case was brought to the fore on Wednesday by Conservative MP for Monmouth David T.C Davies who called the sentence “Ëœdisgraceful’ as he requested it to be subject of a Court of Appeal review. He asked how Khan,at his young age, could hold such a disregard for a woman. His remarks where made as he brought the case to the attention of Deputy Prime Minister Harriet Harman.

Ms. Harman, taking PM Questions as stand in for Gordon Brown, told Mr. Davies that she believed that the Attorney General would consider referring the case to the court of Appeal.

This in turn as got a response from a retired district from North Stafford, Mr. Graham Richards. He stated that the case was not comparable with an adult sentence.
Mr. Richards had this to say to the BBC News Website:-

“Enough for whom, enough for the victim or the accused. The judge (Paul Glenn. Is only dealing with the accused, though he takes the victim’s condition into account as well.”

“The judge will had a number of psychiatric reports and other reports about the accused, none of which will, or should have been made public, those are the criteria on which he makes s decision which he feels is appropriate.”

Without making any comment on this case at all, a 13 year old can not possibly be dealt with in a way you would with a 22 or 24 year old.”

Source BBC News Website.

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