The Big Society And Civic Pride Come To Longton

Living in Longton I find this interesting.

After the great festival that Longton held a few weeks ago as part of the centenary celebrations a new website, I Love Longton, has appeared and although it is only in its infancy there seems to be the start of some civic pride going on.

Already there is some litter picking going on around the town and today ‘Radical Ed’ is going to clean the Reginald Mitchell memorial tiles in Bennet Precinct.

I have noticed on a number of occasions as I have walked through Longton that the tiled memorial looked dirty, it is bad enough it being stuck where not many people see it any more, but now it appears to be covered in the remains of a chocolate milk shake.

I suppose it is especially sad as RJ Mitchell lived in the outskirts of Longton, everyone knows he was born at Butt Lane but less people know he spent most of his early life living in Dresden.

I asked the council about it and it seems that it is the responsibility of the private landlord that owns Bennett Precinct, to clean it and the chances of that happening were ‘like getting blood out of a stone’.

The Prime Minister has launched his ‘Big Society’initiative this week and in some small way it seems to have started in Longton already. We know that there are going to be cuts locally and nationally, whether we like it or not, now in my mind we can whinge about the cuts or we can do something to make sure that the spaces where we live, shop & work remain clean and tidy, maybe even improving them a little.

Lots of people doing relatively small things can amount to something bigger happening, maybe we can’t get the railway bridge painted but at least we can do something.

I’m going to go along to get involved and try and make a small difference, what are you going to do in your town?

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