Ofsted inspection is good news for Stoke-on-Trent City Council

Following an unannounced inspection of contact, referral and assessment arrangements at the city council on 8 and 9 March Ofsted have said ‘The majority of areas for development have been fully addressed’.

Ofsted inspectors gathered evidence from electronic case records, supervision files and notes, observation of social workers and interviews with staff and managers.

The report states areas of development identified at a previous inspection of contact, referral and assessments arrangements in June 2010 have been addressed with only one area remaining that requires development.

The report goes on to highlight good work in: prompt action taken on contacts and referrals; case records being largely thorough and up-to-date; social workers have access to a wide range of training and are well supported; and police domestic violence referrals are now being addressed in a timely fashion.

Sharon Menghini, Director for Children and Young People Services said: “Given this was an unannounced inspection it gives a true picture of exactly how much proactive development work we have put into our contact, referral and assessment services. These services are very important when it comes to safeguarding children in our city which is a priority for us. While there remain areas for us to address, overall it is really good news for us. The Council is making significant progress in driving our Children and Young People Services forward as a service we are proud off.”

Areas for development mentioned in the report are around duplication in the current system of paper files and telephone calls as well as needing to more clearly consider previous history of social care involvement with families in all re-referrals and assessments. Work has already started to put these areas right as soon as possible.

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