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EyeSpy Oh how the mighty are fallen!

David Conway was not the only one with a big smile on his face Friday morning as Labour awoke to the short sharp judgement of the residents of Springfields and Trent Vale. Whilst it might not stop the move, the … Continue reading

500 words from Mubsira Aumir Labour candidate for Springfields & Trent Vale

It is a privilege to be selected as Labour’s candidate for Springfields and Trent Vale ward for the City Council by-election on Thursday 26th July. If I am elected, I will stand up for the local community and be their … Continue reading

Joy Garner with Ed Miliband and Yvette Cooper

Labour candidate for Staffordshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner Joy Garner with Ed & Yvette at the PCC Press Launch yesterday. Picture from Twitter

Labour announce Joy Garner as their candidate for Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Just coming in, Joy Garner has been announced as the Labour candidate for the role of Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner in the elections in November. Joy  was up against former police authority chairman Michael Poulter in the vote and … Continue reading

Eye Spy the By-election

So the by-election has finally been called for the vacancy for Office of Councillor for the Springfields and Trent Vale ward, it’s only taken since 27 April. So now the ballot boxes are being broken out and just in the … Continue reading