Ben Gummer MP to introduce Statements of Taxation Bill

Ipswich MP Ben Gummer will introduce his Statements of Taxation Bill after Prime Minister’s Questions tomorrow. The proposal is that each year Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs should send every taxpayer a statement detailing:

  • how much Income Tax and National Insurance they paid in the previous year
  • how much Income Tax and National Insurance they can expect to pay in the current year
  • how that money is being spent, broken down by areas of government spending.

Jonathan Isaby, Political Director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said

We have always campaigned for greater transparency from the Government about how much of our money it takes in tax and how it then spends it, so this Bill is long overdue. Not only would an annual tax statement make clear how much of our annual income is taken in combined Income Tax and National Insurance contributions, but it would set out proportionately how much of that money funds the benefits system, the police, the NHS and so on.  

It is a simple and cheap proposal, but one which would give taxpayers far more information as we seek to hold the Government to account over how it spends our hard-earned cash. In the interests of transparency and accountability, MPs owe it to their constituents to give this Bill their support.


Norsheen Says – Local People Will Save Money Across Stoke Central Under Conservative Initiative

Norsheen Bhatti Press Release

Stop Labour’s tax on jobs and working people from killing the recovery
Local people will save money across Stoke Central under Conservative initiative

Norsheen Bhatti, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Stoke Central, today gave her backing to new Conservative plans to stop a new jobs tax on working families and local firms across Stoke. Labour Ministers confirmed in the recent Budget that Gordon Brown’s Government will be increasing National Insurance on both workers and local businesses. Under Labour’s tax-raising plans, anyone earning over £20,000 a year will see their pay packet shrink. Labour will also increase the tax that local firms pay for hiring workers who earn £5,700 a year or more.

By contrast, a Conservative Government will stop the most damaging part of Labour’s tax on jobs by cutting government waste while protecting frontline services. The cost of Labour’s tax rise on employers will be reduced by more than half. And anyone earning between £7,100 and £45,400 ““ seven out of ten working people across the country ““ will be up to £150 a year better off than under Labour’s plans.

The Conservative plans have have been backed by leading business figures who run firms such as Sainsbury’s, Mothercare and Marks & Spencer, and who employ over half a million people between them in the UK.

Norsheen Bhatti said:

“For the last 13 years, working people across Stoke Central have seen their taxes go up and up and their money wasted. Now Gordon Brown is planning a tax on jobs that will hit anyone earning over £20,000 a year destroying jobs across Stoke on Trent by taxing local firms more.”

2010 ““ The Year For Change

7 out of 10 working people will be better off under the Conservatives

Norsheen Bhatti Press Release

The Conservatives have announced that a Conservative Government will stop Labour’s tax rise on jobs by cutting waste.

Stopping the planned increases in National Insurance Contributions will result in 7 out of 10 working people being better off. A Conservative Government will take immediate action to start cutting Government waste, in order to spend £6 billion less in 2010-11 than Labour’s plans.

Norsheen Bhatti, the Parliamentary Candidate for Stoke Central, said:

“Its tough enough in Stoke Central and Labour’s plans to put a tax on jobs would be bad news for local working people.

On the other hand this Conservative announcement is a real boost for local working people in Stoke Central, where the Conservatives can now commit to stop Labour’s tax rise on their jobs and at the same time reduce the economic deficit faster.

Our city deserves change for the better, and only David Cameron and the Conservatives have the energy, leadership and values to stand up for Stoke.”