Was The Early Morning Geese Cull Insensitive?

Residents around the area of Queens Park, Longton had a rather rude and worrying awakening on Thursday, the day after that nasty going on in the North West. City council environmental services sent a few lads with guns in to kill a few of the local Geese.

One workmate I talked to yesterday said she had never been as frightened in all her life as a volley of shots rang out from the area of the lower lake at just after 5.30 in the morning.

Jane Forshaw, head of environmental services said the cull was necessary and the birds were damaging the habitats of other animals, gave off a potential health hazard with their droppings and were a nuisance.

Now, I agree with all this, there are too many of the buggers round that lake, they are very destructive and they do poo everywhere. But to go in a park in a residential area at daybreak and start shooting at them the day after shootings in another part of the country, and them being reported on the news and uppermost in peoples mind, it’s a bit bad.

The work was carried out by a council contractor, who said that the cull needed to be carried out when the Park was closed to the public so as not to put them at risk. This I can also understand.

The local police said that they had been informed of the planned actions, and had received calls at the time from worried residents. Anyone ringing had been informed that a cull of Geese was going on.

The city council issued an apology to anyone distressed by the actions. Again, all well and good, but could it not have been held off a few days?

The events of Wednesday were dreadful to say the least, any other time people would have just thought, “ËœLooks like they are sorting that Geese problem out’ turned over, farted and gone back to sleep, but the day after that going on, come on, for lord sake.