User Accounts

Now the new site is up and running we have enabled user accounts.

Having a user account on Pits’n’pots will allow you to protect your identity and bypass any comment moderation or character verification we may need to enable from time to time.  It will also give you access to the Pitsnpots dashboard which has the latest news feeds from the Sentinel & the BBC.  We are also looking at making other member only content available to you in the future.  User account holders will also be the first to see new features as they are added to the site.

All you need to do to register with Pits’n’pots is go HERE and enter your desired user name and a valid E-mail address.  Once you have done this we’ll send you a password to log in to your account.  Once you have logged in you can update your account with a new password and other information.

So come on what are you waiting for?

Oh and don’t worry if you have a user account you can still post anonymously if you need to..  Have a look at our help page for more information

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