Potteries Shopping Centre to expand

This is not new news, it has been kicking around on my desk for best part of a week.

Capital Shopping Centres Plc have announced that they are planning to expand the Potteries Shopping Centre by around 25,000 Msq or roughly half as big again.  Land ajacent to Bryan St and Potteries Way has been purchased and Capital Shopping Centres Plc are currently working on plans for the proposed extention to the site. Â  The proposed extention is thought to be in direct response to the East West Precinct development.

There are also plans in the pipeline with other developers for a new shopping & leisure complex on the site of the old PMT depot on York St.

Now investment and regeneration can only be a good thing but what impact are all these new store going to have on local retailers?   Are we going to have a transport infrastructure in place in time for any of these developments opening?  The York St development is rolled up with the final piece of the the Potteries Ring road which would go some small way to keeping traffic moving.  With a 50% increase in shopping space in the potteries, how many parking spaces are going to be allocated?  CSC state that 65% of their shoppers travel to the Potteries Shopping Centre by car with only 26% using public transport..

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?  Will we be in danger of having too many shops?  We need to trade the enviromental impact off against the economic impact and the future investment in the City.

Your thoughts?

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