TAG get on their bikes!

First there was the walk to Westminster – here.bike

Now there is the cycle to Strasbourg – here.

These are the lengths that the most exceptional of the passionate parents and grandparents will go to in the fight for their cherished community school.

Following appalling treatment by Stoke-on-Trent City Council, the “ËœTrentham 10′ set off on 7th May 2007, on a 150 mile walk from Stoke-on-Trent all the way to Westminster, to deliver a ~13,000 signature petition against the closure of Trentham High School.  These were ordinary parents and grandparents going to extraordinary lengths for the benefit of their children and grandchildren. The aim was to publicise our cause, show how badly we are treated and how awful our council is and to ask central government for help.

I’m afraid I wasn’t able to go on this journey because of family and work responsibilities.  But I was able to accompany the walkers on the first half day, from Stoke-on-Trent to Stafford.  That was only 12 miles but I got blisters nevertheless.  I have to confess I enjoyed walking only that far.  I wimped out after lunch and got on a bus back home.

The walkers arrived in Westminster on 14th May after a gruelling and very hot week of walking.  Central government were no help.  Nevertheless the walk did publicise our cause and was a great show of determination.

Now a 500 mile cycle ride from Westminster to Strasbourg is planned, over about a week, to deliver our petition to the European parliament.  Some members of the Trentham 10 are going and some new people. (I will not be taking part in this either.)  I have lost faith in politicians to be bothered with what real people want and need, but it can do no harm to ask.  This will certainly further publicise our cause and show how awful our council and the British government are.  It will also show that we are just as determined a year on, our children’s education matters to us that much, it really does.

What now looks more likely to achieve a positive outcome is the legal challenge to the school closure under judicial review – see Sentinel article here.  Now a decision to issue a closure notice for Trentham High has been made, this can begin to get underway, but actual publication of the closure notice for the school is awaited for this to really accelerate.  I expect the cycle ride to take place during the time the case is in court.

Well done to Mark Steele, Steve Martin and the others for taking this on.  Go for it!

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