Sabina Eriksson who threw herself off A50 bridge pleads guilty to manslaughter

A 41-year-old woman pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility at Nottingham Crown Court yesterday.

Pleaded guilty to manslaughter: Sabina Eriksson

Swedish Sabina Eriksson, whose last known address was in County Cork, Ireland, admitted killing Glenn Hollinshead, aged 54, from Duke Street, Fenton, on May 20 last year. The case has now been adjourned for sentencing.

Eriksson befriended Mr Hollinshead when he was walking along Christchurch Road at 7pm on Monday 19 May, with his dog and a friend, after visiting a local pub. When she asked for directions to a local hotel or bed and breakfast accommodation, Glenn invited her to stay at his house. The three went to Duke Street and his friend left at 11:40pm.

At 7:40pm the following evening Glenn went out of his back door and into an alleyway and asked his neighbour for some tea bags. His neighbour asked him to wait until he had finished cleaning his mini-bus. Glenn went back into the house but came out 74 seconds later saying “she’s stabbed me”.

Paramedics arrived and, despite all efforts to save him, Glenn died from a stab wound to the chest.

Sabina Eriksson was later seen on CCTV footage leaving the Duke Street area.

Witnesses saw her walk towards the A50 carrying a hammer which she used to hit herself on the head. A driver stopped when she was standing on an island between two carriageways, near to the Heron Cross roundabout, and took the hammer off her.

She then ran and jumped from a bridge on to the A50. She was taken to the University Hospital of North Staffordshire suffering from fractures to her skull and two broken ankles.

Sabina Eriksson was arrested in hospital on suspicion of murder on 6 June 2008. She remained in hospital until 11 September when she was taken to the fore’s Northern Area Custody facility and charged with the murder of Glenn Hollinshead.

Det Supt Dave Garrett said

It was a unique set of circumstances that saw Sabina Eriksson in Staffordshire in May 2008. She was travelling to London with her twin sister Ursula. The coach they were on only stopped at Keele Services to change drivers. The two sisters got off the coach even though it wasn’t a scheduled ‘comfort-break’ stop.

Later they were seen to run onto the carriageway of the M6. Sabina’s sister was in collision with an articulated lorry and she was in collision with a Volkswagen Polo car. Her sister was taken to the University Hospital of North Staffordshire where she was treated for severe leg injuries. She was released from hospital and returned to Sweden. Sabina was arrested for assaulting a police officer and causing danger to other road users.

The reasons for the two events may never be truly known or understood, but it is clear that the taking of Glenn’s life was a violent and senseless act.

Whilst it was a unique and bizarre set of circumstances, it’s important that we don’t lose sight of the fact that a man lost his life and people close to him have been left grieving. They have our continuing sympathies.

Our inquiry established Sabina Eriksson was responsible for Glenn Hollinshead’s death. There were only two people in the house at the time and there was strong scientific evidence linking her to the crime. Her DNA profiles were found on the kitchen knife used to stab Mr Hollinshead. Analysis of her blood-stained jacket and a silver ring she was wearing showed DNA profiles of Mr Hollinshead.

We hope that the fact that Eriksson has admitted what she has done will help bring some sense of closure to Mr Hollinshead’s family and friends.

Below is a timeline of the bizarre events that led up to, and followed, the death of Mr Hollinshead:

Friday 16 May 2008

02:00 hrs Sabina leaves home in College Wood, Mallow, County Cork, with her twin sister, Ursula.

Saturday 17 May 2008

08:30hrs Sabina and Ursula go to St Anne Police Station in Liverpool in connection with domestic matters

12:00 hrs sisters got on National Express coach to Victoria Station, London

13:00 hrs coach stopped at Keele Services only to change drivers it was not a scheduled comfort-break stop

15:20 hrs police called to M6, just north of Keele Services. Ursula ran onto the carriageway in front of articulated goods vehicle. Sabina ran in front of a silver Volkswagen Polo car and was knocked into the air.

Sabina regained consciousness, got up to run across the carriageway and punched a female police officer as she tried to stop her and then ran off. She was arrested a short distance away and taken to the Northern Area Custody facility.

Monday 19 May 2008

Charged with assault of a police officer and putting other road-users in danger. She appeared at North Staffs magistrates at Fenton. Sentenced to one-day and released (as she had spent equivalent time in custody)

19:00 hrs Sabrina strikes up conversation with Glenn Hollinshead and his friend Peter Molloy in Christchurch Road, after they left the Royal Oak pub. They all go to Glenn’s home in Duke Street

23:40 hrs Peter Molloy leaves Duke Street

Tuesday 20 May 2008

Lunchtime: Glenn phones his brother Paul Hollinshead and tells him about Sabina and her sister. He asks him to find out what ward Ursula was on

19:40 hrs Glenn Hollinshead goes out of back door and asks his neighbour, Frank Booth, for some tea bags who told him to wait until he finished washing his mini-bus

Glenn goes back into the house

74 seconds later Glenn comes out of the house and said “she’s stabbed me”

19:49 hrs paramedics on their way to a reported stabbing (in Duke Street), saw Sabina standing on an island between two carriageways near Heron Cross roundabout off A50, hitting herself on the head with a large hammer

20:00 hrs Joshua Grattage stopped his car and took the hammer off Sabina

When Sabina saw ambulance staff she ran towards the roundabout over the A50 (followed by them). She climbed the railings and jumped down on to the A50.

Paramedics told to go to stabbing incident in Duke Street

20:05 hrs police arrived at Duke Street, entered house and into rear yard and alleyway where they found body of Glenn Hollinshead.

Friday 6 June 2008

Arrested while patient at University Hospital of North Staffordshire

Thursday 11 September 2008

Released from UHNS and taken to Northern Area Custody suite.
19:43 hrs charged with the murder of Glenn Hollinshead

Friday 12 September 2008

Appeared before North Staffs Magistrates’ Court in Fenton, charged with murder

Tuesday 1 September 2009
Trial started at Nottingham Crown Court

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