Standards Committee Clears Ibbs!

A Standards Committee has today accepted a report which completely exonerates Cllr Roger Ibbs from any wrong doing during the investigation into the Dimensions fiasco.

The report provided the Committee with an opportunity to consider whether there any Standards issues remaining following the conclusion of the Staffordshire Police Investigation.

There had been a number of allegations concerning the proposed closure of the Council run splash pool facilty at Dimensions Leisure Centre, Burslem. The report also confirms that the original fact finding exercise had being extended to include the removal of Cllr Roger Ibbs from the portfolio holder for Regeneration in the then Elected Mayor’s Executive and Members’ Board.

In a statement released today, Mr Ibbs said:

“I am delighted that at today’s Standards Committee meeting my name has been totally cleared of any wrongdoing regarding the ongoing saga of the Dimensions Leisure Centre. On the 27th. February of this year I was arrested by Staffordshire Police in connection with enquiries regarding Dimensions and to date I have received no explanation as to why I was arrested. I was never charged with any offence and subsequent to the conclusion of the police enquiries no charges were ever suggested. I am pleased to have been recognised "AS A VCTIM" and that I should "NOT HAVE BEEN TAINTED" by events surrounding the Dimensions saga I have today written to the Chief Constable, Mike Cuthbertson, demanding to know why I was arrested when there was not a shred of evidence against me. I was one of the leading City Councillors opposing the partial closure of Dimensions and I would have been happy to co-operate with the police and answer any questions voluntarily. The torment I have faced over the last ten months and the considerable expense I have had to face clearing my name, I would not wish on anybody, particularly on the basis that I had done absolutely nothing wrong. I have also been extremely disappointed by the way several current and past senior officers within the City Council, have dealt with matters and trust that any future report or inquiry into the Dimensions saga will show up the inadequacies of performance. I will of course be more than happy to present evidence to such an inquiry.”


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