Election Special: Norsheen Bhatti Conservative PPC for Stoke-on-Trent Central Clashes with the BNP

Norsheen Bhatti the Conservative Party Candidate for Stoke-on-Trent Central is one determined lady.

Her selection was not without controversy when it was revealed that Norsheen was a part-time belly dancer.

She has taken her campaign to the people of Stoke-on-Trent Central and she is encouraged by the positive reaction and the support she has received whilst out canvassing.

Last night [Wednesday] Norsheen crossed swords with British National Party PPC & Deputy Chairman Simon Darby at a hustings organised by the Community Schools Action Group.

In response to a comment made by a member of the audience Norsheen said: “there is nothing British about the BNP”

Simon Darby replied: “well I’m more British than you”

Norsheen demand an explanation from Mr Darby for the remark and he responded by saying that she had made a personal attack on him and she had got one back.

On a day of political gaffe’s, Mr Darby’s comment was misguided to say the least and he gave this explanation on his blog: “Previously she had stated she didn’t want to be photographed next to me, then referring directly to me she stated “there’s nothing British about the BNP”.

Having spent the last twenty years virtually dedicating my life to my nation and my people, that wasn’t exactly the best thing to say to me. Instantly I responded, “well I am more British than you are”, which, despite her subsequent attempts for victimhood, effectively sealed her fate”.

Norsheen Bhatti is quite a tenacious debater and rarely ducks an issue.

We managed to catch up with her today for an exclusive interview.

She revealed that even when out canvassing in areas of the City that are represented solely by the BNP she had never had a racist or derogatory comment aimed at her.

Watch the video below.

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