Police Rat Trap Secures 16 Arrests In Stoke-on-Trent

Over the past 6 weeks Staffordshire Police have been targeting those involved in the theft of motorbikes with a police “ËœRat Trap’. Detectives from the City’s proactive unit placed a motorbike in areas affected by this sort of crime and lay in wait until someone attempted to steal the very ordinary looking vehicle.

Motorbikes which were previously seized by police, and were facing destruction for being driven without insurance or other serious motoring offences were used. Using this approach the motorcycles were regularly changed to ensure the offenders never know which vehicle was being used as part of the rat trap.

Arrests were made in the Cobridge, Fegg Hayes, Tunstall, Fenton and Abbey Hulton areas of the city arresting people aged between 12 and 35. A number of those arrested and charged in connection with the theft of the rat trap are awaiting sentence.

Detective Inspector Jim Wood who leads the proactive team said ‘This operation has been extremely successful at tackling those involved in this sort of crime. We know that these stolen motorbikes are often involved in causing anti-social behaviour or involved in accidents. This week we have changed the vehicles we are using as part of this operation. My message to any person who may consider being involved in vehicle crime is that you can never be sure that you’re not about to be caught in our “ËœRat Trap’.’

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