Simon Darby Shows His True Colours At Public Hustings.

BNP deputy leader and Parliamentary candidate for Stoke on Trent central Simon Darby used a public hustings to make a racist jibe at an Asian opponent last night, April 28th.
At the public meeting on local education held in Bentilee, Conservative candidate Norsheen Bhatti responded to a question asked by a resident saying “there is nothing British about the BNP. At that point Mr Darby pitched in with “I’m more British then you are.”
When ask to explain himself he said “You made a personal attack on me and you got one back.”
Miss Bhatti, who was born in Birmingham, had moved seat at the beginning of the debate, into an empty one left by Liberal Democrat John Redfern , who refused to attend the meeting because of the Simon Darby being there.
Other candidate’s attending the meeting were Independent Gary Elsby, Matt Wright of the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition and Independent and Stoke on Trent councillor Brian Ward.
Candidate’s not attending, apart for John Redfern, were Labours Tristin Hunt , Independents Paul Breeze and Alby Walker and a National Front candidate.
Not content with attacking other candidates Mr. Darby opposed the plan to merge Edensor Technology Collage with Mitchell Business and Enterprise College, Bucknall. He explained he believed that forcing white and Muslim pupils to mix at any academy would made “a huge social engineering factory.”

Now I’m not going to be rude, or go off my head about Mr, Darby’s disgraceful outburst. My I just point out that what Miss Bhatti did was not to personally attack him, it was a statement on the party he belongs to, which she is fully entitled to do. If he is too thick to see this, which it looks like he is, I would question if he deserves to represent this city, or any part of it, at Westminster

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