Terry Used To Lead – Now He Just Follows!

Back in the day Terry Follows was a very strong Stoke-on-Trent City Councillor. So just what has happened to that up and at ’em revolutionary type of ‘El Tel’ kind of guy?

He was the darling of the Trentham Action Group, not the orchestrator you understand, but he lent them support when the other councillors were reluctant.

He was the chief protagonist of the Elected Mayors Board, at the forefront of every opposition v executive clash.

He was on hand to assist the TAG in their staged sit in during an EMB Meeting. He accused all members of the executive of being ‘nodding donkeys’ and for selling out for the EMB gravy Train.

He was one of the first names on the sheet [see below] when the City Independent Group called in the EMB decision to trial the Enhanced Recycling Scheme.

He was there when CIG Leader Cllr Brian Ward questioned the officers on the evidence base to move to a new system of Waste Management.

He agreed when the CIG criticised the lack of substance in the report on Waste Management and Enhanced Recycling.

Oh how times have changed… Our Tiger like Terry has become a tame pussy cat!

Just how did he go from the old Terry who called in the Waste Management and Enhanced Recycling because the report insulted members intelligence:

1. Inadequate consultation and communication with members and community interests including neighbourhood managers and police.
2. Lack of detail and analysis in to cost-benefit, risk assessment, recycling market, practicalities etc.
3. Proposed trial is unrepresentative and inadequate for extrapolation city wide long term.

To the new Terry who was responsible for this pathetic statement issued via the City Council’s Press and Communications Department:

We are very proud of the achievements we have made in increasing recycling rates in the city. In fact our recycling rates have doubled in the past four years and the feedback we get from members of the public is that the system is easy to use and that they feel more compelled to recycle as a result. The new recycling system has allowed us to reach the 40% recycling targets set down by the government in 2007. In choosing which system to adopt, we had to balance the ease of use for the residents, the level of recycling we would achieve and the cost which would best support both. Materials recycled in Stoke go to plants all over the country and the resultant products are used all over the world, and around 99% of what goes into the recycling bins is reused in some way.

What a pathetic load of spin! What has changed Terry?

Terry must have a load of new evidence that counters all of the investigation that Pits n Pots have put in over the past year.

He should, without any further delay, share this new found evidence with us and people like Cllr John Daniels who has a dossier on this debacle the size of War & Peace!

Tell us Terry, as the Cabinet Member with responsibility, how you can justify the comment:

”We are very proud of the achievements we have made in increasing recycling rates in the city. In fact our recycling rates have doubled in the past four years..”

You were apart of the call in in December 2008 that delayed the trial for one whole month. You had real concerns back then tell us what has changed to make you amend your views.

Did the officers want rid of Cllr John Daniels as Portfolio Holder because he was asking to many pertinent questions and ruffling too many feathers?

Is that why they wanted someone who would just go with the flow and would do as he was told?

Terry, please tell us categorically how you, as cabinet member with responsibility, will personally ensure that under the present system, the city will achieve the government target for recycling of 45% by 2015 and 50% by 2020?

I think that your change of heart is more to do with the fact that you have become the ‘nodding donkey’ you often accused former EMB members of becoming.

Is it because you now just follow the officers lead in exchange for the Cabinet dollar?

Has you complicity been brought Terry?

Will you share the evidence that has made you spout how good the council waste management and recycling system is now Terry?

Your comments contradict and seem to compromise the investigations carried out by Pits n Pots and others over the past year, so publish or be damned.

If you can prove to us that our work, investigations and concerns are unfounded then I promise that we will hold our hands up and apologise.

If you can’t do this Terry, will you back the calls for an inquiry? Or will you continue you silence and carry on nodding through officers wishes?

I am looking forward to Thursday Terry… Are you?

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