500 words by Warren Lloyd

A lot of you hear know me now, know who I am, and what I stand for. I am in true Stokie, born and bred. I grew up here and lived here all my life. I love this city and would not even think of calling anywhere other than Stoke on Trent home. In a nutshell, I love this old place and wish to do my part in helping this city to prosper.

I’ve held an interest in local politics for a lot longer than my time here. I think it’s been there since my college days in the early 80’s. In this time I have never seen this city prosper and we are at a point now, for whatever reason, that it needs to change and a wider body of people need to get involved in the running of the city. The reason should not be motivated by hatred or spite, it should be for the good of this city and wanting to work with a range of people of all thinking’s to push this city forward.

We need to present the views of normal people and act upon them, that is what’s important here, not a party whip or line, real people who have little interest in the goings on in politics getting what they need to enjoy a life that they want and they wish to lead. We by no means expect to give them everything they want or need, but we can take these views and try to do something with them.

What do we as a city need to push forward; I’ll tell you what I think. We need ideas. We need investment by whatever means in jobs and skills training. We need better homes, council or otherwise, homes that people can have pride in. We need to feel safe on the streets we live on. We need to offer kids and adults something to do. We need to offer and protect public service the council provide. Most of all we need to hear what the people who use the council are saying, and that’s everyone.

I’m running for council on May 5th in Meir South as an Independent. I feel I have something to offer the area and the city. I’m willing to step up and face the problems this city has. To me, this city is first, I’ll do all I can to help it.

Savings had to be made, we understand that, the last round of cuts are set in stone now and there is not one thing anyone can do about it. There are cuts that I think should have been made, and they were made, others I did not agree with, some I would have made were overlooked. It’s no good blaming one party or council member, it needed to be done and they did it, rightly or wrongly, it’s a question of needs and wants, needs are important, wants take time.

If I’m elected on the 5th May, my main aim will be to put the point of view of people to the council. I feel this needs to be my first aim, my second will be to represent the city I love and do my part in driving it forward.

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