Immigration, Mosques & Reptilian Miliband – BNP Manifesto 2011

The BNP Roadshow hit Stoke-on-Trent today [Sunday] to launch their local election manifesto.

In a very low key affair, National Media Spokesman Simon Darby, National Organiser Adam Walker and Stoke BNP Leader Michael Coleman addressed a small number of party activists, security and local councillors in Bennett Precinct in Longton town Centre.

The manifesto launch was a far cry from the 2010 general election manifesto launch which took place in the historic Council Chambers at Stoke-on-Trent City Council with party leader Nick Griffin, in front of the party faithful and national press, today local members of the BNP helped set up 3 banners in front of a small bandstand.

Michael Coleman, Simon Darby & Adam Walker of the BNP launching the 2011 election manifesto in Bennett Precinct Longton Stoke-on-Trent

Michael Coleman Simon Darby & Adam Walker

Simon Darby launched a scathing attack on the mainstream parties and their leaders describing Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg as a “Ëœprofessional liar’ and Labour Leader Ed Miliband as a ‘reptile’.

Darby described the BNP as the only true party of Britain. He said that it was only right that his party launched their manifesto in Stoke-on-Trent because the city was “Ëœvery British’.

The halt on immigration was a key election promise and Mr Darby said that his party was the only party that would halt immigration entirely.

Simon Darby On Immigration

When we say we are going to stop immigration that is exactly what we will do.

Simon Darby also hit out at what he described as the states attempt to shut the BNP down. He accused the authorities of trying to put the party’s leaders in prison, shut down the party’s credit card processing facilities and for doing everything possible to stop the British from having a proper democratic choice in the local elections.

He said that the BNP had already held successful manifesto launches in Wales, Northern Ireland and would shortly launch their Scottish Assembly Manifesto.

BNP National Organiser Adam Walker said that out on the streets was the best place for the party to be.

He said that his party intended to deliver on their manifesto pledges and he promised that the BNP would make things happen.

Stoke BNP Group Leader Michael Coleman said that he was angry at the mainstream parties stance on immigration.

He also attacked the building of mosques in the City of Stoke-on-Trent especially the Normacot mosque which is currently under construction. He said that the building would be 60 or 70 feet high and would attract noise and traffic to the area.

Michael Coleman said

The building of these mosques is something that I cannot agree with.

Normacot used to be a traditional English town. The construction of these buildings makes my English heart very angry.

The white folk of the area will have no choice but to flee.

Mr Coleman also confirmed that although there was not formal association with the England First Party, there was an agreement not to stand candidates against each other in the same ward.

Two anti Fascist protesters turned up and tried to shout down Simon Darby, Adam Walker & Michael Coleman but were blocked by their minders.

The whole launch took no more than 15 minutes, the banners were rolled up and the party walked back to the car park and gave interviews to the few media outlets which were represented.

Listen to the Audio Interviews with Simon Darby, Adam Walker, Cllr Mike Coleman and Cllr Melanie Baddeley below.

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