Election Boundary Disputes In Stoke-on-Trent

It seems after last years review of the Stoke-on-Trent ward boundaries by the Boundary Commission For England there are some problems with the new ward boundaries and discrepancies between the boundary and the addresses contained in them.

The Sentinel reported yesterday that there were problems with constituents in the Boothen and Oakhill ward are actually registered to vote in the Springfield ward. Around 100 people who live in the Boothen and Oakhill ward will be voting for candidates to represent the Springfield ward and subsequently be represented for 4 years by someone they had no opportunity to vote on.

It appears that this is not the only area that has problems with the electoral boundaries.

Blurton Cllr Roy Naylor who is standing down this year but is supporting the independent candidate Nina Hulse in Blurton West & Newstead said on his Blurton News Twitter Account yesterday:

Council blunder stops voters voting for their candidates http://tinyurl.com/647qc4v but has this also happened in Blurton ? Some addresses in Finstock Avenue have been placed into the New Blurton East Ward, but recently whilst delivering flyers for the Non-Aligned Candidate Nina Hulse, we noticed that these addresses appeared in the Electral Register for Blurton West & Newstead.

Pits n Pots are currently investigating possible discrepancies between the Hollybush & Longton West and Dresden & Florence wards. We have had reports of householders in Dresden & Florence receiving election leaflets for candidates in the Hollybush & Longton West ward.

Have you been affected by the ward boundary changes and are you sure that you are registered in the right ward?

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