….And it’s Goodnight from Him

Over recent times Pits n Pots regulars will have noticed that my writing/ramblings/rants have been on the wane somewhat.

This has been down to a few reasons, time constraints due to work pressures along side my involvement in other community projects. I am also keen to expand my radio work, in particular my passion for acid/smooth jazz, jazz funk, new and classic soul programming.

All this means that with regret and after considerable soul searching. I have decided to end my involvement with this fabulous web site.

Believe me when I say it has been a pleasure to present my news articles and personal blogs to you. Your support, encouragement, participation and involvement have been awesome and I would like to publicly thank you for putting up with me for so long.

I intend to take a break from political writing for a while. If and when my enthusiasm returns I will reappear in some form or another.

Mike Rawlins has been an inspiration for this site. Without him there is no doubt that it would not have become as nationally recognised as it has.

I am proud of what we have achieved. I am proud of many of the stories we broke and the standards we set. We got out there and made a difference, raised issues and debated them.

Most of all I’m proud of our City and the people from all political persuasions who enter the debating arena either in parliament, the council chamber, the party structure, independents or a reader online with an interest in the city’s administration.

I want to make a positive contribution to the city wherever I can. I’m just not sure what, when or in which form that contribution will take. I used to be indecisive but now I’m not so sure ïÅ 

I have options and opportunities to consider and I intend taking time out to do just that.

I the meantime you will get to hear me occasionally on the radio. I’m doing some stuff for my friends over at Moorlands Radio 103.7fm [online @ moorlandsradio.co.uk] and on 6towns Radio [6towns.co.uk].

I will keep an eye on proceedings at the City Council and will always have my trusty pen and microphone poised and at the ready to go at any time should the need or desire arise.

Maybe it’s just a battery recharge I need, I’m just one of those types who puts pressure upon myself if I can’t dedicate the time a project needs.

But I guess what I am saying [like Arnie] I’ll be back! I’m just not sure where or when. Until I am I will be concentrating on other things.

So thanks once again. Some Councillors, MPs, officers, bloggers, media types and more importantly readers have become friends and I hope that remains the case for a very long time.

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I was Abbey Hulton born and bred, now live in Meir Hay.I'm married to Nita, we have 2 kids Tom 19 & Amy 17.I'm the Managing Director of a local aluminium stockist.I'm also a radio presenter and presented sport on radio for a number of years, more recently for Focal Radio.It was on Focal that I got the chance to present a programme of my favourite music genre which is Soul & Smooth Jazz. The programme was really popular and attracted overseas listeners online.Look out for our new venture www.6towns.co.uk - Community Radio for the good folk of the 6 Towns!I was the original creator of the blog Pits'n'Pots which gained some credibility when Mike Rawlins joined the site and has now blossomed into this site.I love sport particularly Golf & Tennis. I packed up playing football some years ago when I started picking up lot's of fines for bookings from late tackles!I play golf at Leek Golf Club and Tennis at Draycott Sports Centre.

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