Anthony Bamford and corporate dependency

I met one of the Bamfords, it might have been Anthony, in the mid 1980s. I was being interviewed for the position of Magistrate. The interview took place at Fenton Court. Mr Bamford was interested in my political activity especially whether I had demonstrated. Asking someone on the left during the middle of the Miners Strike if they had taken part in a demo was like asking whether a duck had taken to water. I had no problem with it and was perfectly open about my political affiliations and actions.

We move forward a quarter of a century and Sir Anthony Bamford’s political affiliations and actions are under scrutiny. His response seems to be far less open than mine all those years ago in Fenton. It seems that he has been funding the Tory Party and that over time he been providing leading Tories with all sorts of perks.

What perhaps is less well known is the funding that he gives to the Taxpayers Alliance- an organisation that it is usually the first port of call when a newspaper wants to attack the public sector. However the Alliance is less than open when its own tax affairs are questioned especially over seeking charitable status. I can smell the stench of hyprocisy from where I sit. The Alliance attacks public sector-its jobs, its pay and pensions, but has nothing to say about the salaries given to executives of taxpayer owned banks or the excesses or failures of the capitalist system it so lauds.

Sir Anthony Bamford’s company JCB has  been promised  an undisclosed sum of taxpayers money from the government’s £950 million Regional Growth Fund and at the same time has been under investigation for tax irregularities by the Inland Revenue.

It’s the arrogance that is particularly annoying on one hand we have a Tory government who are treating the electorate with complete contempt and on the other who are now being joined by their rich corporate “mates” who think they can do the same! Many of these exact same people, the “friends of the Tory party”, privately donate large sums to the Conservative party- a fact successively revealed last weekend.

So my final question on the subject of morality is Sir Anthony Bamford’s corporate dependency and different from the welfare dependency cases we see paraded regularly in the pages of the Sentinel.

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