Penkhull residents campaign to set up their own council

Penkhull’s campaign to set up its own council is still ongoing as the resident’s committee’s long running work continues.

The Penkhull Residents’ Association (PRA) has campaigned for years to elect a structured council, which they believe would give the village a more appropriate representation.

Former head of the PRA, Richard Talbot said

One councillor can’t represent the whole of Penkhull. It’s difficult to know everything that is going on.

On a Penkhull council there would be four or five representatives which would be fairer.

Richard also spoke about the work which, in the past has been handled by the PRA, but could be improved with suitable governance.

He continued

We received precepts of around £30,000 per year. That is a lot of money and we used it to provide services for the community, such as a bus service we used to run, taking people to town and back.

Imagine the possibilities if a full elected village council was put in charge. The community would be vastly improved.

Fenton is another area looking to implement a larger council and Richard says it would have been nice if the two campaigns were combined in some way.

He said

I thought it was important that the two areas worked together. That way the authorities would really have to sit up and take notice, and maybe other areas would be inspired too.

Richard left his post as head of the PRA in February last year, after eleven years as chairman.

He still supports the campaign and hopes to see a council established in the future.

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