Eye Spy the By-election

So the by-election has finally been called for the vacancy for Office of Councillor for the Springfields and Trent Vale ward, it’s only taken since 27 April. So now the ballot boxes are being broken out and just in the nick of time… frustrated residents in Springfields & Trent Vale are already starting to petition the council over local issues, having begun to feel the effects of no local representation for the last few months.

Despite having more councillors than they know what to do with, Labour have not fallen over themselves to ensure residents have felt looked after, which is perhaps why there are rumblings that this by-election may see upwards of 8 candidates all vying to fix the numerous potholes and clear the litter on the yellow brick road from Trent Vale to Stoke. Hardly a ringing endorsement of previous incumbents…

Rumours that the City Independents will stand an ex-councillor from the south of the city, who incidentally is up before the Standards Committee on Monday,  appear to be unsubstantiated, however Conway and his sidekick Wanger appear confident they can take this one from right under Tristram Hunt’s nose. Rumour of the Silver Fox, Brian Ward making a return to the City Independents are still plentiful, he’s gone very quiet on the Pits n Pots front recently so maybe he is lining up to throw his hat in the ring.

What m’lord Hunt, the very gracious MP for Stoke Central is planning remains as unclear as it has been since he first arrived, SAS-style under cover of dark, clutching his parachute. Despite a good start, it does appear to have all gone very quiet just lately, probably thinking what question with reference to the halcyon days of empire and industry he can ask the Prime Minister at PMQs now his number has come up.

One may question whether the rising ambition of others around him have revealed that there is very little substance to the claim he is the saviour of Stoke Central (just like the claim he’d live in the City…)

Of course, despite all the huffing and puffing, the lack of a Labour candidate is not down to Leader Pervez and his pals being busy moving property on their Stoke-on-Trent Monopoly board in the cabinet room, but in fact because they had been issued a diktat requiring a female shortlist from the region. Heaven knows, finding a candidate anyway would have been hard enough (recycling figures in Stoke should be through the roof, seeing the array of new (cough) Labour councillors last year), without the need for it to be a woman.

Eye Spy has heard that Labour are trying to keep it in the family again, with the wife of a current councillor being put forward in Springfields and Trent Vale and even a former contributor to this site from the early days has been rumoured to be included on the shortlist.

And Ed Miliband talks about the ConDems threatening family life!

Meanwhile, residents in Springfields and Trent Vale must already be wondering what the barrage of literature is all about, with levels of activity not seen since the days of free loving Gavin Webb and fun loving Paul Billington.

The Trade Unionist brothers have put out a typical tub thumping leaflet, decrying capitalism and encouraging residents to attend a local gathering in, er, London that took place earlier in the year, and the Tories have distributed a neat little survey with a Freepost reply address, no less, as Super Dave says, we’re all in it together, and he’ll even pay the postage. The Lib Dems and UKIP are also poised ready to add to the recycling bins of Trent Vale and Springfields.

With polling day set to be Thursday 26th July, no doubt the fun is just starting!

Another curry and love-in session from the Labour elite is planned soon so many more

Don’t think this will be the only by-election in the near future, Eye Spy has heard of at least one other Councillor who is ready to quit the Civic because being a councillor is hard work.

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