Les Porch Liberal Democrat candidate in the Springfields & Trent Vale byelection

Campaigning postman Les Porch has been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate in the Springfields and Trent Vale by-election.

Les Porch has been a prime mover in the petition campaign by Riverside residents demanding a rethink over Stoke City FC’s plans to expand their training academy.

The Lib Dems, starting in a strong second place, have high hopes that they will break back onto the City Council in the by-election.

Liberal Democrat candidate Les Porch

Les Porch said

I know the ward well, I am an allotment holder at Oakhill, my son goes to St Joseph’s School and I used to work in the ward as a postman.

Residents feel very let down by Labour, whose councillors seem more concerned about fighting each other than running the city. I want to be a campaigning local councillor who puts residents first. The Academy plan and traffic chaos nearby is just the biggest of many local issues where the council needs to take action.

Stoke Council needs a strong Lib Dem voice back in the Council Chamber. And Springfields and Trent Vale residents need a local champion to fight for a better deal for the area. I will follow the best Lib Dem community politics tradition from people like Paul Billington.

Les added

Over the past few weeks I have been working with local residents in Riverside Road to petition the Council to resolve traffic chaos caused by the success of Stoke City FC’s Training Academy.
The proposed expansion is a golden opportunity for City planners to review access and the management of traffic in Riverside to address the daily chaos suffered by residents.

Since Labour swept the board last year, we have seen the worst of narrow party politics. Instead of sorting out the dire problems facing the city, Labour councillors are too busy conspiring against each other.

What people want are good local services efficiently delivered, not drastic crude cuts as this Council will no doubt continue to announce in the coming years, whilst ensuring that their own officers do not have to bear the same burden as ordinary working people.

Les is strongly opposed to recent plans announced by Labour to sell off many council buildings in Stoke town centre and move the staff to Hanley

A vote for Labour in this by-election is a vote to destroy trade in Stoke town centre. What is even crazier is the fact that this sell-off plan will not actually save any money for hard-pressed council taxpayers.

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