About Pits n Pots

Pits n Pots was launched in September 2008 by Tony Walley to promote discussion about the politics of Stoke-on-Trent. Mike Rawlins joined shortly after the launch to work on the technical aspects of the site.

Pits n Pots became one of the best known political sites in the UK, being cited by main stream media in the UK & across Europe and was mentioned in Hansard on a number of occasions. Tony & Mike regularly spoke about Pits n Pots and how it has helped change the face of local politics in the UK at conferences. Tony has appeared on BBC Breakfast, been interviewed for the French National broadcaster and many other media outlets.

In August 2011 Tony decided to take a break from the site so he could concentrate on other projects and the site took a short break between August & November while Mike decided what direction to take the site in.

Pits n Pots would not be the site it is today and be in the fortunate position to be supported by The Journalism Foundation if it wasn’t for, Tony having the idea to set it up initially, Mike joining & bringing some technical skills and the many contributors who have had pieces published on the site.

The site has been supported by

  • Matt Burke
  • Tideswellman
  • Matthew ‘Scoop’ Taylor
  • Bill Cawley
  • Nicky Davies
  • Warren Lloyd

to name but a few.

Unless otherwise stated all content is Copyright 2012 Pits n Pots