About Warren Lloyd

Very independant when it comes to politics, just wants people to do what they are payed for, regardless of party whips. I love music, film, live entertament, books, history, art. No real dis-likes, but try talking down to me, and you find out I bite back. Married to Julie, work in retail when fit, not always fit.

What’s Going On With The BNP.

It’s not just Stoke on Trent where the BNP were hurt in Thursdays election. The right wing party had a torrid time all around the country as there support collapsed. The party won two seats but on the whole lost 11 councillors around the UK.

In Stoke on Trent BNP areas of Meir South, Meir North, Bentelee and Townsend and Addley Green all dismissed the party, retuning Labour members as the city council were cleared of the anti-immigration party. More then worrying for the BNP, saying that they had brought there last two manifesto’s to the city to lurch

Another heartland is Burnley, where they are now down to one council member and they lost another two on the North West Leicestershire council.

Out of the 268 council seats the BNP ran in, they won just two, they were in Queensberry and East Goscote, with a mandate as low as five votes.

They were also in the running for seats in the Welsh Assembly, and pushed ahead of the Libdems in four seats there. 7% of the vote was need to gain any seats, non of them reached the threshold.

They also had candidates in the running for the Scottish parliament and in the Northern Ierland Assembly, but again failed to gain any seats.

It’s a bad time for the party that had seen two MEP elected in 2009, but have in less then 12 months lost 12 seats in Barking and Dagenham Council and in the last 18 months been taken from 9 members to none in Stoke on Trent and have now not won any seats on council since 2008.

Last year, the BNP contested 338 in the general election, but lost deposits in 266 of them.

Locally I have heard moaning from right wingers that all the wards they held seats in had been subject to boundary changes. I have also heard talk that the loss of 16 council seats may have not benefited them. They are also rather upset about some third party leafleting that went on throughout the city as well.

What do you think, have we seen the end of the BNP, can they come back from this, it’s a long time to the next planed vote local or in the UK now. There is talk of them talking with the likes of the EFP, EDL and other groups of that kind to pull together and work together. What do you think will happen.

Don’t be nasty, play fair and we might get a good debate going hear, on a subject the seems to be of some local interest.

500 words by Warren Lloyd

A lot of you hear know me now, know who I am, and what I stand for. I am in true Stokie, born and bred. I grew up here and lived here all my life. I love this city and would not even think of calling anywhere other than Stoke on Trent home. In a nutshell, I love this old place and wish to do my part in helping this city to prosper.

I’ve held an interest in local politics for a lot longer than my time here. I think it’s been there since my college days in the early 80’s. In this time I have never seen this city prosper and we are at a point now, for whatever reason, that it needs to change and a wider body of people need to get involved in the running of the city. The reason should not be motivated by hatred or spite, it should be for the good of this city and wanting to work with a range of people of all thinking’s to push this city forward.

We need to present the views of normal people and act upon them, that is what’s important here, not a party whip or line, real people who have little interest in the goings on in politics getting what they need to enjoy a life that they want and they wish to lead. We by no means expect to give them everything they want or need, but we can take these views and try to do something with them.

What do we as a city need to push forward; I’ll tell you what I think. We need ideas. We need investment by whatever means in jobs and skills training. We need better homes, council or otherwise, homes that people can have pride in. We need to feel safe on the streets we live on. We need to offer kids and adults something to do. We need to offer and protect public service the council provide. Most of all we need to hear what the people who use the council are saying, and that’s everyone.

I’m running for council on May 5th in Meir South as an Independent. I feel I have something to offer the area and the city. I’m willing to step up and face the problems this city has. To me, this city is first, I’ll do all I can to help it.

Savings had to be made, we understand that, the last round of cuts are set in stone now and there is not one thing anyone can do about it. There are cuts that I think should have been made, and they were made, others I did not agree with, some I would have made were overlooked. It’s no good blaming one party or council member, it needed to be done and they did it, rightly or wrongly, it’s a question of needs and wants, needs are important, wants take time.

If I’m elected on the 5th May, my main aim will be to put the point of view of people to the council. I feel this needs to be my first aim, my second will be to represent the city I love and do my part in driving it forward.

User Friendly Play Area In Hanley Park.

Stoke on Trent city council say a new play area they have created in Hanley Park is a first of its kind in the city.

The facilities have been designed for all children to use, including those with learning difficulties and physical disabilities. The equipment there includes a activity unit adapted for wheelchair use, and roundabout for use with wheelchairs and a sensory walk.

A grant of £188,768 was used to complete the area and the work took a total of five3 months, witch followed consultation with the public.

Jane blizzard, representing the Aiming High Parent Forum told the BBCs News website that it had been fantastic that parents had been involved in designing the area. The designers had taken on board issues that arise from parenting a child with a disability.

Director of children and young people’s services at the council, Sharon Menghini said that the new area linked well with other facilities to encourage both able bodied and disabled children to play side by side.

Hanley park was chosen because of its central location within the city.

You have to hand it to the council and others involved in this one, it’s fantastic for the city to have a area like this within it, and it’s something that we can be justly very proud of indeed.

What the hell I’m playing at with that cup of tea that smells like a flower bed.

As some of you are well aware, I have been talking about running for the city council for a number of years now.

I was on the verge of running last year, but I did not think then that I had much to offer, that I needed to learn a few things about how the city ran. Not just in my area.

I looked at ways I could run as part of a party, looked at what it entailed, had the paperwork to join both the Labour and Libdems right in front of me one very confused night last May. I even picked up a pen, I was a second off starting to fill one of them in, Labours’ if you must know.

The only thing that stopped me was waiting to see what a new leadership would bring, I’m of the thinking that it brought more of the same. I think that they are the best party for this country, They will always have a problem with some, but I think they look after most people who want to get on and work and those who can’t work very well.

To me, that’s the only thing I ask of any government. The Libdem application went out of the office window in about a million bits when it become clear what their leadership were up to, they have sold out the very heart of that party, they don’t deserve any support at all.

I know grass root Libdems who are unhappy and who can blame them. They have lost any chance of any real local power for a very long time, and that’s a shame, they are good caring people.

The problem I would have being a member of any party or group is that very thing. Being a member will mean you know what the party wants you to do, not the people who, if you are on a council, think you should do.

The people put you there, put their hopes in you, and to me, that’s all important. I just could not keep a party whip, I’m a rebel, a lose cannon in the nicest possible way.

Now I’ll go off subject here a little bit. I understand that in the city we have a few Labour members who are unhappy with the way Labour have treated them. All I can say is Labour have changed, for whatever reason, they changed. They have changed the way they work, and they had the right to that. If you don’t like it, you say “Thanks for the ride people, it was good while it lasted”, and you walk away, without any malice.

If you want to run in the next election, you put your name down and you state your case, without any malice. A council chamber is not the place to, and I hate this, ‘nail’ anyone up, neither is the streets of any ward as voters decide who they wish to put their faith in, for the next four years.

We all know who I’m talking about here, these people need to move on, drop the axe and grinding stones and put a good case to be on council without malice. Let’s face it, some have had their chance, and in no uncertain way, failed. I say “grow up, get over it, have the guts to step up and state your case or stay bitter and move nowhere”.

So, I have put my name of the paper, I’ll step up to the plate for the city I was born and bred in. The city I love and will always live in. I “Ëœm proud to call Stoke-on-Trent home. I have, in my time, had the chance to move out of the city, I would not feel right living anywhere other then here and I would not want to.

I’m running in South Meir, it’s the area I live in. I understand the problems we have here, and if lucky to be voted onto the council, my main job I think will be done in this area. it’s a large ward and a mixed bag too, little private homes like I’m use to, larger private family homes, old peoples homes, council estates, large posh homes as the wife calls them (she’s my election agent), even a few farms mixed in. It’s interesting and I would think challenging ward that I would love to be involved in.

What I’m finding as I start my run is people think that I’m bothered about who’s running ‘against me’, I’m not. I don’t see it as anyone running against me or me running against anyone. We all have a right to run, as long as you are a voter, live or work in the city of Stoke on Trent and can get 10 people from that ward to nominate you, you’re off and running as a independent.

Then you can sit back and hope for the best, or you can get out, and try a make a difference by telling people what the hell your up to, that it’s important to vote, not for me, but for someone. It’s no good saying “ËœThey never do anything for me’ or “ËœIt’s no good voting, they are just in it for the money.’

This is something I hearing a lot, the pay. Now, as I understand it, a basic council member on Stoke on Trent City Council pockets £12,000 a year, and there are now no expenses paid, and that’s fine by me.

I have put myself forward to the council, its my job to ensure that I can afford any out of pockets incurred by me to do my job.

Bottom line, 100% truth, I’m not in the least bit bothered about pay, I fully intend to keep my other job. Many know what I do, I’m proud of it, I work as hard as my health allows me to. Many know who I work for, and some might think it might pose a problem, it will not.

I’ll take the money, of course I will, I’ll make dammed sure I’m not left out of pocket, and that I’ll be at lest a bit better off for using my time I spend messing around, sampling fruit and herb teas, watching too many DVDs, walking the dog, messing about with the wife’s motorbike for no good reason, mowing the grass, looking up and paying for to much music on I-tunes (the wife will be very happy), watching monthly meetings of Stoke on Trent city council on the internet because I’ll be there, cooking the tea and every important thing I do on the last Thursday afternoon of the mouth.

I’ll also knock many of these things on the head, all bar the fruit and herb tea, if I have something to do within my job with the council. So long as there is boiling water, I’ll bring my own cup and a few tea bags and we can all have a go. Might even be able to afford a bit more of it with a few more quid in my sky rocket.

Some of the money, and I’m not joking here, will be filtered back to the ward, in the form of a good brew of Green Jasmine by Good Earth for all, no I’m joking again. I’ll ensure that little things that mean so much to people get done, I’ll pay for a few flowers around the place, the odd new bin, the stuff for some kid on the council estate. do a bit of painting, I’ll have no problem doing that, its not political, its me.

This is not my 500 words, this is my blog telling you what I’m up to at the moment. I’ll put what I feel is important to this city in my 500 words when asked for it. If anyone as any questions I’ll try to answer them hear for you.

I don’t expect myself to make it, I tried at least. Whatever happens, if I make it or not, I’ll still be here.

Pits n Pots as been good to me and for me, I’ve been though a lot, just before I signed up and while I have been a member here. it’s a part of what I do, it’s a part of me. So is 6towns Radio, and when all this gets done, I look forward to using that music I pay too much for. Now, if you’ll excuse me I fell a Rooibos and Harvest Berries cuppa coming on.


Theatre Review- Hamlet @ The New Vic.Theatre Review- Hamlet @ The New Vic.

Right, so hopefully everyone’s got at least a some idea what this is about. If not, can’t even begin to think what you were up to at school! Anyway I’ll jog your memory a bit. Denmark and something being rotten there, ghosts, pretending to be bonkers, knocking off your brother then marrying his wife, talking to the odd skull, yells of “I am slain”, bit of old sward and knife play, poison, to be or not to be, its all going on hear, and its all very entertaining to. At just over three hour, it feels half that time as it running at a hell of a lick.

Its surprising how fast it drags you in, anyone who went to school had Hamlet on there reading list, most vowing never to go there again after as well. I’ll openly admit it thou, I always enjoyed Shakespeare, and I can now freely say so, without being call a swatie git, being picked on in the playground and my copy of “ËœThe Tempest’ being lobbed on the roof of the boys changing rooms.

You know what’s happening and what’s about to happen and indeed anyone who’s anyone in the story is going to get it in the end. So, it’s all important that how the work is presented. Its got to hold you there and fast.

Of course, this is where Hamlet as a play holds an advantage, the ghost is to the fore in the early part of the story. Get that right, its half the job done, and by god, they get it right. Using the Japanese art of Bunraku pupperty and the upper space the New Vic is blessed with, it hits hard. With the fantastic lighting and sound you always get with the New Vic add much to the effect.

Add to this a strong cast from Northern Broadside and you can not help to sit there and enjoy this work of art. You have outstanding jobs from all cast members. Northern Broadside Nicholas Shaw(Afterlife, The Romantics) plays a good Hamlet. Becky Hindley, last seen getting her head beaten to a pulp with a hammer as Charlotte Hoyle in Coronation Street, proves there is no lasting damage being in a soap as she makes a fine Gertrude. A Gentleman revelling in the name Fine Time Fontayna makes a great Caudius. This guys face is well known on TV, and , going back to my school days again, the program notes inform me he was in ‘How We Use To Live’, a schools program that ran for years in the 70s dramatising events of 19th and 20th century history. I remember it very well indeed me.

The stage lay out is simple, but very dramatic, consisting of two large triangles, one of witch as a water pool at one end.

You even get a bit of nice Jass music with a blistering radiation of ‘Valentines Day’ performed by Natalie Dew (Gavin and Stacey) who plays Ophelia.

Hamlet runs at the New Vic until the 19th March. Tickets can be brought from the box office at the New Vic, by ringing the box office on 01782 717962 or by going to the top class very nice indeed website at www.newvictheatre.org.uk . They start at the normal rock bottom price of £9.

More information on what Northern Broadside are working on can be found at www. northern-broadsides.co.uk

Proposed Cuts To Ward Budgets Could Effect Communities.

A cut of 90% in ward budgets may leave the council paying for costs that will still have to be covered and my appear as unexpected costs. The plans also cuts to next to nothing one of the few ways in witch we of communities in the city has a say in witch some public money is spent.

Within the plans to save the city £35 million is a proposal to cut each councillors ward budgets from £50,000 p/a to just £5000. This means that at the moment, communities have £150,000, held by the three thee councillors for the area to ask for and use within it. It seem that after May, each ward will only have £5,000 per ward.

This move will be discussed on 22nd February. It was also debated at the transformation and resources overview and scrutiny committee on Thursday 10th February with Peter Bates, Director of resources tell the committee that this would have to change to the approach.

Joy Garner, Labour, the committee chairman responded and said, “ËœAs councillors, we need to know where the money has been spent and if we are propping up some services.’

City Independent Randy Contey stated his disappointment on the reduction. Saying the committee recommended a reduction per member to £40,000.

Cabinet member for transformation, Sarah Hill, Labour, said that it was going to be a difficult year all round. In keeping the £5,000 means if the situation was not as bad in a years time, more could be put back in.

Cabinet member for resources, performance and governance, Kieran Clarke, Lib Dem, said he himself was a strong believer in the ward budget system, but it was one of them that if the councillor as it someone loses it. He added that ‘With the £5,000 at least it is still there because if it went completely, it would be hard to reinstate.’

These budgets have been granted since 2007 and are a good way to help councillors help RA’s and other community groups to work on issues in the area.

Within the city, this money has been spent on the fitting of gates to alleyways that prevent unwanted anti-social behaviour such as street drinking and the use of drugs in the area. Local football clubs have been given cash to build changing rooms. Money as also been on local play areas to. In my RA area, we use some of the budget to part pay for street cleaning, witch works very well indeed. It at times is also used for bins and information boards within an area to, as well as many other projects.

As someone very much involved within the RA system, I’ll tell you this, the money that the council Members hold and we can ask for is, like the trash bashes we hold each year do make a difference in the communities, it help use to do the job we are there to do, to be a link between the people and the council, to work with the council, to improve and to keep standards in an area. Its very worrying that a ward budget may be cut to such a low level, even with one council member in smaller wards in May, the budget per member is very low and next to useless. What do you think.

Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella @ Regent Theatre.

Yesterday I told you about a new up and coming young theatre director, today I come hear, telling you about someone is rightly a master of live theatre direction. Matthew Bourne as now pushed live entertainment to the very limit of where it can go. What he is giving us by doing this is the most fantastic, enchanting thing I have ever seen on stage.

It seems like people have worked this one out, you see the name Matthew Bourne and you grab your tickets, the Regent was full to the rafters and no one was disappointed at what we were about to see. The mark had been set last year with Swan Lake, to match this, Cinderella, witch had first been worked on by Bourne in 1997, has been completely revised and set in London Blitz. It tells of a young girl put on her family- its Cinderella you fool of-course it douse that- and her chance meeting with an injured young RAF pilot. In a magical night together they fall in love but are then lost to each other by a bombing raid. Why shes trotting round in glass shoes in the dark days of 1940 is never maid clear, but ever mind.

Put together last year to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Blitz, it is testament to the spirit of the people of the capital at the time.

Everything comes together on stage, set, costume, lighting, choreography. The stage set changes before your eyes seamlessly. Every trick in the book is used to present the story. What other stage show do you know of as a title segment at the beginning, this one has. From beginning to end, you are left thinking to yourself, hang on a moment, where’s that three story high bombed out building come from, good lord now it’s a very flight of stares with about 20 blokes dancing on it. Now, a second ago, that stage set was a a underground station full of folks with gas masks on, now the pilots standing on the London Embankment having a cup of tea. I gave up in the end, convincing myself it was indeed dirty witchcraft and just went along with it. All of this set to Serge Prokofiev’s stirring music.

It’s a large cast of 20 dancers and it looks like it is constantly changing, a cast list comes with the program, its is dated and gives the numbered performance, last nights opener in Hanley was performance 88 of the new working of the show. The Main dances going though the un-douched barriers of pain and tiredness last night were Kerry Biggin (Cinderella), Sam Archer (Harry, a Pilot), looking a lot like David Niven in ‘A Matter of Life and Death’, and Christopher Marney (The Angel).

Look, I know times are hard, and we are all skint, we are being held to ransom for needing light and heating in our homes, put food on the table and running the car. If you only go to the theatre once this year, try go a see this one, its out of this world.

Cinderella runs until 5th February, evening shows begin at 8pm, they end at 10-40pm. We have Matinees today, Wednesday and Saturday. Prices range from £12 for Wednesday afternoon, to £31 for the best seats on Saturday night, its well worth it.

You can get them from the box office at the theatre, in Piccadilly, by giving them a bell on o844 871 7649 and on-line at www.ambassadortickets.com/stoke. Look out for the booking fees.

And you can find out more about the show and Matthew Bourne’s other works at www.new-adventures.net.

Bus Stop @ The New Vic (28-01-11)

We are very lucky to have a director like James Dacre as Artistic Associate at the New Vic. It means we get splendid nights of live entertainment in the area often. This is the 2010 Olivier Award winner (Mountaintop- Best New Play) third Play at the New Vic after Copenhagen last May and Desire Under The Elms in September.

All three are very different works, dealing with very different subject matters, but Dacre seems to take this all in his stride. Bus Stop is more light hearted then the other two, both of witch delt with rather dark subject matter. No matter, Dacre pulls it together well and every thing about the work is slick and entertaining.

The William Inge work is set in a set in a road side dinner in 1955. Some may remember it being made into a movie in 1956 staring Marilyn Monroe and Don Murray.

A bus is stranded for a few hours by bad weather at a roadside dinner in a small mid west town owned by Grace (Abigail McKern- Bonkers, Rumpole of the Bailey) and staffed by Elma (2011 MEN Theatre Award Nomine). Driver Carl (Brendan Charleson- Torchwood, Walking the Dead) goes to warm himself up upstairs, with the help of Grace.

One of the passengers on the bus has a problem, Cherie (Louise Dylan- Survivors, Merlin) is having second thoughts about getting married to Cowboy, ranch owner and Rodeo rider Bo (Philip Correia- Lewis, Canoe Man). As Bo sleeps on the back seat of the bus with his long time friend Virgil ( Simon Armstrong- Made in Dagenham, Pierrepoint) Cherie enlists the help local sheriff Will Masters (Tom Hodgkins- Hustle, Life Begins). Also on the Bus is Gerald (Patrick Driver- Whistleblowers, The Balloonists), a rather drunken collage professor making a play for a much younger Elma. All the parts are played well, how they can keep strong US accents up for a good couple of hour I’ll never know, I can’t do it for more then a few moments.

As par always with the New Vic, with the play laid out in front of you in the round, you fell part of the play, you have a felling of being in the dinner. The lighting and sound work as normal is second to non, adding to the enjoyment. I’m thinking of asking the theatre if I can go and have a good look round the back at some point this year to see how they do it show after show, it really interests me, that stuff can. They don’t miss a trick.

By the way if you do ever get down the New Vic for a show, don’t forget to shell £2 out for a program, its not a big price, and they a always full of a good read not only about the show but background information thet will allow you to enjoy the show even more and new on this cracking local theatre to.

Anyway onto the business end of this one, getting your mitts on a the seats for what is a rather good night out. Bus Stop runs until the 19th Feb and ticket prices start at a very low £9.50 and its £17.50 for the best seats in the house. You can get them on site at the box office, by ringing 01782 717962 or by strutting yourself to www.newvictheatre.org.uk.

The problem with Meir.

Meir, a large area of at the southern boundaries of the City of Stoke on Trent, scared in the mid 1990s by the A50 being forced upon the area, and a very bad reputation. One mention of the area in the local paper will bring a torrent of negative comments from all areas about the area and its people, with anyone suggesting they are misguided given short shrift and at times vile insults and personal abuse.

According to these remarks made week after week, Meir is a place that no one in there right minds will walk the streets after dusk, that it is full of drunks, drug dealers, howling mad sex driven perverts, robbers, killers, muggers, knife wielding crazy people, gun runners, car- jackers, all manner of the scum of the earth. The kids on the square will take your legs away from under you in seconds whist there father, if they have the good fortune to know there father, will punch you in the face and have your wallet, mobile phone and house keys off you in no time at all. They will then force you to tell them your home address, go there and proceed to empty it of all your worthy goods. Yes Meir is bad news, Meir Square is singled out as the worst part, the hub of all that’s wicked and bad within the city of Stoke on Trent but the wider area is very bad news indeed.

So, before we go any further with this, let me explain my background, and where I come from. I was born and raised on anther of the city council estates, Blurton, before moving when my father brought his own house on Meir Hay in 1985. I only lived there a year before I had got the cash together to get my own home, witch I did in the September of 1986 in Normacot. There I stayed untill the December of 2004 when, with a nice bit of savings myself and Mrs. Lloyd had put aside, we brought a nice two bedroom home with a lovely big garden on the Hillside Estate in Meir. The wife tells me its more Lightwood, but the post code says its in Meir, so its Meir to me, and as most of you know by know, I’m ruddy well proud to say I live in ‘The Meir’.

How we brought the house was strange, we had closed the deal on the Normacot house, and needed then to find a home. Both of us loving the south of city, we had both been born and lived hear all our lives. The wife has many family members around the area, myself, not so now but with a good network of friends and the fact that I also worked in the area was up most in our minds. We did not want to move out of the area at all.

So, after a week of looking at homes, non of them we looked seemed right for us to move and live in for what seemed like the remainder of our lives. Mrs. Lloyd had at first discounted the area of Meir, believing the stories that went round that it was indeed a dreadful dump full of the lowest of the low. I on the other hand loved Meir, had many good mates in the area, understood the area had good bus routes, witch was important as I have never felt the need to learn to drive a car, and didn’t want to start now, getting into my 40’s, I did not want the hassle of that.

After a frustrating and wasted Saturday morning that had followed a week of looking at homes that were to small or to large or not having that bigger garden or overlooking the local scrap yards, being in a place that I would have a hell of a hick to get on a bus and the normal problem of the house being in such a state that it defied the laws of both gravity and the local planning department by staying upright. We had ran out of all leads, we had not seem a home we liked and could say we could do anything with and be happy there, and we had look at 25 to 30.

So, after a swift rethink by the wife, and a few home truths from me over Bacon Oatcakes and hot Coffee, we returned to the local Great White Sharks”¦”¦. Sorry, Estate Agents, we got a few appointments to have a look that day at 3 homes in Meir. The home we are in now is the second one we looked at, the first had fell into defying the laws of gravity class, the third one we didn’t bother with. We walked in to this one, knew it was home for us, whipped out the mobile and did the deal in the empty living room of the home we wanted to get and it was in Meir, no matter what anyone said.

Now you may say, what are you going on about, you soft headed git, your not on the front line then. Your sitting pretty in that nice little home of yours on the outskirts in a nice tree lined road that is well kept and a bus to most others part of the city trundles thought every 20 minutes. I’ll tell you what I’m going on about, I spend time around the grater area of Meir, in Meir Squire, on Western Road, Sanden Road, the road I live in joins onto Waterhead Road, I have many good mates there, and you know what, all that tripe you get on the comments board of the Sentinel from the likes of the well renowned local emmmmmmmm, person Garry Elsby, the Troll- M. Davies of Blyth Bridge for them that don”Ëœt know, that dreadful disgusting Carr woman from the same place, mind you she is just hell bent on dragging any area down that is not Blyth Bridge. There are others, but frankly, there petty minded views don’t deserve to be mentioned hear.

Yes, we have problems in Meir, but are they worse then they are on any other large housing estate, be it council, privet or a mix of both, no. Look in the local paper, take note of the reports, what goes on in Meir goes on just as much in other areas. Blurton, Bentalee, Addley Green, Chesterton, the list goes on and on and is endless. Reason being, like it or not it goes on everywhere. So why is it that Meir gets so much of a kicking, simple, for to long people have let it go on to Meir, not hit back, not said, “So, what’s your problem fool, it goes on everywhere.”

Now I not naming names hear, but there is at least one local member of the council that, to me, and only me, so I speak only for my hear, and not Pits N Pots at large, although is paid to represent the people of Meir and Weston spends most of the time doing two other things. They spend to much time pushing the twisted thoughts of there party, and to much time not representing the area, witch they say they are, but instead only highlights the problems of the area in a very public way. This effects the area in a very bad way, instead of sorting the problem, the problem tends to stay, people pick up on it, and use it against the area. This, of course is not the job of a council member, witch is to stand up for the area, sort out its problems, support its businesses and represent its people in the council chambers. I don’t see this member doing this very much.

Lets look at two things, one good about this council member and one not so good, and we will start with the good, and it’s the great Meir stinky meet trucks. This council members efforts have brought the problem to a head and to a wider public, and at the moment, the problems not that bad. I saying that, lets face it, it was a real problem, and had been a case of ill will around the area for a number of years. In short, and I’m sorry to say this, it was a nicely rolling band wagon and a bit of a no brainier.

Now the not so good, and I’ll now turn to the take aways in the area. This is a subject that this council member is very vocal about, as in they don’t like the amount there is. Now, I have never said much on the subject of take aways, I’m not a big fan of the old Kebab and Chips, Hamburger or Curry thing. I’m up for the nice fried rice, chow main and crispy duck every now and again and I’m always up for Fish and Chips, but anything more, no. I for one like to do it myself.

So are there anymore take aways in the area of Meir then are other built area driven by people living in that area, there might well by, but they all seem to stay open, so they must be making money. Another point is that if a take away is in a building, its goes without saying that that building will be used, and it will be maintained. If these take aways were not there, building would be empty. I think that Meir is not effected at all with the amount of take aways it has. The main problem with take aways is litter, and as I walk in Meir, I don’t find the litter a problem at all. The streets are well clear of it.

If you go down the road to Longton South area of Normacot and Dresden, you have just as many take aways. Do you see the council members in that area making remarks about them, no, it seem like they understand that they are important for the reasons I state.

Going off subject a bit, can I say hear and now that the city now as its fair share of take aways and that the city centre or the city in general need no more. The ones we have now must be left to get on with there trade, if that trade is not impacting on an area, most of the time it will not.

So In short, Meir as not got any other problems that other areas have, I live hear, I’m proud to say I live hear and I’ll fight for Meir and all who live hear all I can. I’m sick to death of hearing that the place I call home is a dump and the people who I live around and talk to day to day are not good people because they are.

And I’ll finish this in saying again, these are my thoughts and my feeling on the subject, it is in no way the thoughts that other hear hold, its just me. I’m saying it because I can. Please pass comment if you like, good or bad, I have very thick skin.

Stoke on Trent to re-think the way housing is allocating.

Stoke on Trent City Council have made plans to change the way it allocates its housing. They have said that in the past they had focused to much on filling homes other then finding the right tenants for the area the property is in.

Housing allocations service manager admitted on Friday night that aim had been to fill properties quickly and no thought had been put into actions. Now, new proposals are to put into consultation, with cabinet agreeing to them by the end of March.

This also means, if the changes go ahead that one housing officer will oversee a case throughout, a more rigid interview presses with prospective tenants and removal of choice-based lettings. These changes will be the first review of the policy for 4 years.

At the moment 9,500 people are shown on the council waiting list for property, with 1,800 or so homes becoming available every year. This means it can take from two to eight years for people to be re-housed. The average time a property is empty is 53 days.

Julie Griffin, housing allocations manager was speaking at a meeting she had been invited to by Paul Hulme, Meir High Residents’ Association chairman. Mr. Hulme blames bad tenants for bringing the area of Meir Down.

He said that the RA was sick of having all the problem people dumped in Meir. With much drug use and anti-social behaviour, decent people were put off moving to and living in the area.

Michael Coleman, councillor for the area said he believed that much of Meir’s problems were because of housing allocations policy. That it was a relentless problem and that the estate had problems regenerating with the constant allocation of properties to problematic tenants.

Do you think this is a good move, where dose the problem lie with these kind of people. They do have to live somewhere, don’t they. So what do we do, place them away from other troublesome families, get them to make an agreement that there further actions will improve, force them in privet rental homes.