500 words from Michael Coleman BNP candidate for Springfields & Trent Vale

Michael ColemanI would like to make known my views on two vital issues affecting Stoke-on-Trent.

1 – It’s transparently clear to me that the hate-filled powers that be (the political establishment of London) are imposing a terrible programme of social change upon us. This change, the enforced multi-racialising of Stoke-on-Trent, has never been discussed on the public stage by the Lib/Lab/Con front organisations. This ‘population replacement’ policy has never been put to the people of this city for their consideration, never has this vile plan ever been promoted as part of an election campaign, it does not appear in any of the ‘establishment parties’ manifestos! I put it to the people of Stoke-on-Trent that this city is the subject of a diabolical plot to permanently change this city from being the proud, English industrial city that we know and love and into being a multi-culti dump where foreigners outnumber the indigenous Stokies!
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500 words from Matthew Wright TUSC candidate for Springfields & Trent Vale

Matthew Wright will be standing as a Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition candidate for the Springfields & Trent Vale by-election on the following 5 point programme-

1. Oppose all cuts to council jobs, services, pay and conditions – we reject the claim that ‘some cuts’ are necessary to our services.

2. Reject increases in council tax, rent and service charges to compensate for government cuts.

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500 Words From Harold Gregory Conservative Candidate Springfields & Trent Vale

My name is Harold Gregory, I live in Riverside Road, Trent Vale, and am married with 3 children, one attending St Joseph’s and one at St Teresa’s. I spent 20 years in the Army, serving in the first Gulf War and also in Northern Ireland, as well as many other postings around the world. Continue reading

500 Words From Roger Ibbs

There can be no doubt that the present government inherited an absolute mess made by Labour.

We all know that large reductions are needed.

What cannot be accepted is the way in which the Conservative & Lib Dem Government has supported their own areas and attacked Stoke-on-Trent by massive and disproportionate reductions.

An 8% reduction for Stoke and yet only 1.8% for Staffordshire cannot, by anyone’s view, be fair and that surely is what we should expect from a Government that is supposed to govern for the whole country and not just their friends in Tory or Lib Dem areas.

There can also be no doubt that our Labour led council has cut essential services and not looked deeply enough to cut out waste and inefficiency, which is so obvious to you all.

This year cuts of £ 35 Million have had to be made but next year another £ 20 Million has to be saved.


Children’s Centres (already cut by 30% ) will be prime targets to be cut altogether. Remember that this action was proposed by Labour this year.

Community Centres could be next.

More Bus routes to be closed ? Who knows but it is essential that you have experienced people there to make those decisions.

I believe these issues are vital to the City’s improvement.

QUALITY JOBS we are known as a low paid area with the associated poor quality jobs that go with it. High fliers have to leave the City in order to find suitable employment. The council need to try harder to attract the right sort of jobs.

ENTERPRISE ZONES it cannot be right that the new zones announced by the Government do not yet include our City. Every effort must be made to convince them that we need the assistance to business by reduced rates and tax breaks that will encourage business’s to come here.

EDUCATION STANDARDS although things have been improving, the improvement is too slow. If we do manage to bring new and better jobs here then we need a highly skilled and qualified workforce.

THE VOLUNTARY SECTOR it is obvious that the council will depend more and more on the voluntary sector to deliver many of our services. There can be no doubt that this sector delivers better £ for £ than the council can. It is time to give them more support NOT LESS

These elections will be the last for 4 years and so the decision you make will be vital for our City.

500 Words From Shaun Bennett

I have the honour and the privilege of being able to stand as the
Independent candidate for my own home ward of Hollybush and Longton West.

I have lived in Hollybush for the past 20 years. My friends and family
live in and around the ward, and for the past six years I have also worked
in the ward. So I have such a lot of personal interest invested in this
ward. I understand the problems that local people face because they affect
me too. Some other candidates have tried to get people to believe that
they live in the Hollybush area when they do not. But both the Labour and
Tory candidates live as far away as Weston Coyney. We need someone living
‘above the shop’, in the local community, listening to local people and
who is just around the corner when people need them.

Whilst the Labour candidate has relied upon nationally drawn up leaflets
printed outside the city and not talking about the local community at all,
I have being focussing on local issues and local people. For example,
buses are a big issue in the ward and I have pledged to work to restore
the number 40 Copelands bus to the Hollybush estate which local pensioners
have relied upon for the past 12 years. Parking is another big
issue-residents bays in Hollybush were planned incorrectly by the Labour
controlled City council and encourage double parking so that emergency
vehicles and buses cannot get full access to the estate. Housing and
anti-social behaviour are other big priorities for the ward and I will
always work to ensure that the system is on the side of the ordinary
decent citizen rather than the ‘neighbours from hell’ or the hooligan on
the street corner.

500 words is nowhere near enough to present a full plan for the ward and
the problems that we face. I shall therefore end by saying that as well as
the local issues I have spoken about above I believe that it is time for a
complete new broom in our town hall. We must work harder to encourage
business and investment into the city. We are ideally placed
geographically for business and of course we now need to be designated as
an enterprise zone to prevent investment from slipping away. I want a
reversal in the ever increasing city parking charges-including the
restoration of free evening and Sunday parking-to bring more shoppers into
the city. And I want to work towards actually being able to REDUCE the tax
burden on the overtaxed residents of the city.

Under Labour, we have paid some of the highest taxes for some of the worst
services in the country. But other authorities have shown that you CAN
reduce the tax burden whilst also getting better value and more efficient
local services. Its time for Stoke-on-Trent to change and reform the way
in which we do business. Its time for a common-sense revolution in the
town hall.

Shaun Bennett
Independent Candidate, Hollybush and Longton West

500 Word From Mark Wright

My name is Mark Wright, I’m 24 and I’m currently a councillor in the Hanford
and Tentham ward, where I’m standing for re-election. I have always lived
in Trentham, I attended the local schools and am a member of the local Rugby
club. I have recently purchased a property in the area, and intend on
staying here as I enjoy living in Trentham so much, which is why I want to
help represent and further increase the development of our area. I have a
passion for this ward and want it to continue to be the flagship

In May 2010 I was elected for a one year term of office as councillor for
the Hanford and Trentham ward, and this year in the role has given me an
insight into how the Council functions and will allow me to represent you
with knowledge of the role and an understanding of how to get action in all
areas of the ward.

If re-elected for a full term I would continue the work already underway
around the ward, building greater relationships with Residents Associations,
action groups, learning and social groups, youth groups and of course you
the residents. There have been some great leaps forward in our ward with
regards to the reduction of anti social behaviour, it generally being a
cleaner and greener ward, and highways repairs. I will continue to fight for
services within the ward and push hard for a fair deal for our neighbourhood
as I have done in the past year.

I would love the chance and challenge of being re-elected on to Stoke on
Trent City Council and would be proud to represent the residents of the
Hanford and Trentham ward again.

500 Words From Abi Brown

It doesn’t seem like 12 months ago that I was last writing about why I would
like to be a City Councillor – and being elected last year was one of the
proudest moments of my life. Over 2200 people put their faith in me, and I
hope I have done my best to fulfil the pledges I made.

Being a visible councillor in my ward is important to me – I’ve held regular
surgeries, kept in touch through newsletters and by attending Residents
Associations and other events, and generally getting out and about. I’ve
blogged about my experiences, many of which have been republished on
Pits&Pots. I’ve also worked hard to find solutions to problems, such as anti
social behaviour and road safety, and although I can’t claim to have solved
all these issues, I’ve certainly helped to improve the situation.

If re-elected, I’ll continue to be visible and ensure residents’ needs are
put first.

There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’ the saying goes, and alongside every councillor is
a team of Council officers and operatives, representatives from partner
organisations such as the Police, Fire Service and NHS, residents, community
groups, and also when looking at bigger strategic issues locally, other
councillors. As the Council reorganises itself, the role of councillor will
change to be more hands on, which has always been my approach anyway. One of
the best things about being a councillor in the Meir area is the fantastic
people I’ve been able to work with, and the successes we’ve achieved
together, such as the flowers in Meir, the focus on street cleaning and the
reduction in anti social behaviour. So much is achievable when people work

If re-elected, I’ll continue to work with residents, community group and
partners to get the best for my ward and area.

Councillors have many roles – however one of the most challenging is trying
to be both a good local councillor but also willing to stick your head above
the parapet for the City. Perhaps because I’m a Conservative, I’m used to
taking a bit of flack, but we need as a collective of councillors to be both
proud and pushy for our City. I’m not prepared to sit back and be a
passenger – the Council Chamber is a pretty scary place, but I view it like
a stage, and I know residents don’t elect councillors to be part of the
background scenery. I quickly decided to dismiss the voices that said I
should sit and watch for a while, and instead I got up and spoke. I don’t
have all the answers, but I want to be part of the debate and contribute
what I can.

If re-elected, I’ll continue to speak up for both my ward and my City, and
contribute to the debate on how we can make Stoke-on-Trent a place we can
all be proud of.

Last year, I asked residents who would not normally vote Conservative to
lend me their vote so I could show them what I could do, as a local person
sincere in wanting to do the right thing and get the best deal for the area.
I hope that over the last year I have proved this to be the case.

500 Words From Paul Breeze




Since 1995, 15 years voluntary co-founder, driving force and continuing chairman of Hanley One Residents Association.

2003-2007, fully independent “Ëœno party’ city councillor (proud Deputy Elected Mayor, 2003-2005, to Mayor Mike Wolfe).

Terms as local High School, Junior School governor, also Hope Children’s Centre & Hope Centre board member.

2008, leader, city-wide “ËœPeople’s Choice’ campaign to champion and protect Stoke-on-Trent residents’ democratic rights to choose our own city council leader.

Establishing other local residents associations.

Working with Police & Council to obtain Alcohol Restriction Zone, CCTV & ASBOs, Job Centre & Central Forest Park.

Significant input bringing Central Forest Park improvements skatepark, children’s playground, lake.

Northwood Alleygating & Resurfacing of rear alleyways.

Instigating allotments improvements.

Introduction of local recycling facilities.

Introduction of local large items refuse collections.

Traffic calming and bus lane enforcement.

Puffin crossings adjacent to Grove Junior School.

Organiser Northwood Park Centenary 1907-2007 & return to Northwood Park of the ancient Roman Goddess statue “ËœTemperantia’.

Introduction of local Sports Court facilities.

Working with & supporting Citizens Advice Bureau to provide much needed help & advice for residents across our deprived area.

Working with residents, council and various agencies to draw up a neighbourhood delivery plan.

I am 58 years of age; have lived in the Northwood/Birches Head/Hanley area for almost forty years, the last thirty of which in the same multi-racial, multi-cultural terraced street. I have been a dedicated single parent to three sons since they were 4 years, 2 years, and four months old, respectively. Each attended our local schools: Broom Nursery, Northwood Infants, Grove Juniors, Birches Head High, then Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College; all have graduated through university.

I continue to believe that love, reasonable discipline, personal responsibility, social behaviour, education and citizenship should all begin in the home and be reinforced and supported by schools, police, council and local communities.

My values and integrity have remained constant throughout all my adult life:
AGAINST all political and religious EXTREMISM.
AGAINST all criminal and anti-social behaviour.
FOR a culture of mutual respect, tolerance and harmony.
FOR individual, family, community and wider social responsibility.
FOR promoting opportunity and education for all.
HELPING everyone regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality, religion, ability, disability or background.

I have no party political affiliations, no “Ëœsingle issue’ agenda, and no personal axes to grind. I am in continuing contact with all relevant council departments, local community police officers, PCSOs, schools, residents associations and community groups, as well as helping, whenever possible, with many local residents’ personal problems.

If elected, I will work conscientiously, realistically and responsibly with fellow elected councillors, police, local residents, and all agencies to serve our local communities and to strive to make Northwood, Birches Head, Hanley, and our City of Stoke-on-Trent a better place for us all to live. It would be an honour to be elected as a representative to serve our area and city.

500 words from Margaret Lowe

I am proud to have been chosen as the Community Voice candidate for the
Bentilee and Ubberley Ward in the forthcoming elections. Although new to
politics, I have been campaigning for two years against the Discovery Academy
and feel I have learned so much about the area I live in and the residents
there. This area has been treated unfairly by the coalition cabinet at the
council. Some of the current councillors voted for the budget cuts, which I
would not have done. We have lost so much in this area recently; the golf
course and Willfield as a community venue giving many of the clubs and groups
who use the facility nowhere to go. We are now in danger of losing the gym
and the swimming pool. Facilities which are so important to residents of the
area. I am passionate about Bentilee and Ubberley and want to see it go from
strength to strength. I want to make it an area to be proud to live. I will
listen to the residents, to their ideas and views and support them in any way
I can. I want the opportunity to show that I can stand up and make my voice
heard on behalf of the community.

500 Words From Amjid Wazir

My name is Amjid Wazir and I am the sitting Councillor for Hanley West & Shelton ward, I have lived here for nearly 40 years and I am proud to be your Labour Candidate in the new Hanley Park & Shelton Ward.

My aims for the community:

IMPROVE ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR. Many people are concerned about this issue and it is something I am pleased to say that Labour has tackled head on. During our time in power Nationally Labour put more police on the streets, supported police departments not cut them, engineered the Police Community Support Officer scheme and basically got tough with Anti-Social Behaviour when our neighbours were put at risk.

IMPROVE COMMUNITY FACILITIES. Hanley Park is a credit to our City not just our area. We all know that communities of all aspects of race use the children’s play area together and at the same time. Just take a look on a Sunday afternoon to see. The sports facilities are well used by the international and national student community many of whom reside in Shelton. Our Park is also home to many City wide celebration events and festivals which are often free for us to enjoy. It’s an asset I want to protect and enjoy.

PROTECT CHILDREN’S CENTRES. As a Labour Councillor, across the City we have had to make savings in some areas and protect others. We have had to make savings because we have had a 9% cut to our Council budget from the Government Coalition. We have endeavoured to protect the most vulnerable in the budget and that is why we have managed to save 15 children’s centres across the City from cuts and secure their future including the Thomas Boughey Children’s Centre.

COMMUNICATE REGUARLY. I am a people person. I love my street. I have two boys. I am happily married and my family live nearby. I will never be far away for people to ask questions of me and to get my support for their concerns. I hope to communicate with you even more after the election, furthermore there will only be one Councillor for this ward in the Council chamber so it is important we make the right choice on who that Councillor will be.

CONTINUE WORKING HARD FOR YOU. In all things I will work hard for you. As part of a Labour Team in power we can work with our Labour MP to deliver the goods. This means that the Community we are a part of can be proud to be part of something bigger and wider than just this smaller ward structure we are all part of. With Labour we can deliver.

I hope that from reading this you can see that we are part of a winning combination of a Labour Team. With 3 MPs, Labour Councillors, and a Group, we can go in the right direction for this City.

Please consider casting your vote for me Amjid Wazir, your Hanley West & Shelton Labour Ward Candidate.