Bentilee and Townsend

Pre 2011 Election Ward

Located in the east of the city the Bentilee and Townsend ward covers the areas of Townsend, Brookhouse Green, Ubberley, Willfield and Bentilee.

The area is bounded by:

Dividy Road to the west;
the city boundary to the east;
the Abbey Green ward to the north; and
the wards of Weston and Meir North and Longton North in the South.
Divided by a brook the ward comprises two distinct areas:

Bentilee estate: typified by council and Registered Social Landlord owned semi-detached housing; and
Townsend: typified by large areas of privately owned terraced and semi-detached housing.
To the south of the ward lies a large part of Parkhall Country Park and Golf Course.