500 words from Margaret Lowe

I am proud to have been chosen as the Community Voice candidate for the
Bentilee and Ubberley Ward in the forthcoming elections. Although new to
politics, I have been campaigning for two years against the Discovery Academy
and feel I have learned so much about the area I live in and the residents
there. This area has been treated unfairly by the coalition cabinet at the
council. Some of the current councillors voted for the budget cuts, which I
would not have done. We have lost so much in this area recently; the golf
course and Willfield as a community venue giving many of the clubs and groups
who use the facility nowhere to go. We are now in danger of losing the gym
and the swimming pool. Facilities which are so important to residents of the
area. I am passionate about Bentilee and Ubberley and want to see it go from
strength to strength. I want to make it an area to be proud to live. I will
listen to the residents, to their ideas and views and support them in any way
I can. I want the opportunity to show that I can stand up and make my voice
heard on behalf of the community.

500 Words From Steve Batkin

I have served as a councillor for Bentilee and Townsend for the last three
years and wish to stand in the Bentilee and Ubberley ward following boundary
changes. I have lived in Bentilee for 26 years so I am very well aware of
all the issues that affect local people.

I choose to work full time as a ward councillor, making me very accessible to
the community and able to fulfil both ward and Civic Centre duties. This is
in contrast to some other councillors who have other jobs and cannot devote
as much time to the community.

I serve an important role as local authority representative on the governing
bodies of 3 schools. Due to being a full time councillor, I have been able
as school governor to attend staff appeals, this is very useful for the
schools as not many governors are available during the day for this.

I work very hard with East Bentilee Residents Association which is a growing
group of good people willing to put a lot of their time into the community.
I encourage more people to become involved in these positive efforts.
Recently I was asked to contribute to a fundraising event for the local
family involved in a tragic fire accident. I played my role and helped to
raise over a thousand pounds for the family.

As ward councillor I attend community events and have tried to make
contributions that are important in people’s lives in this area, such as
helping facilitate housing transfers and repairs, arranging fencing for
greens to curb misuse by motorbikes and quad bikes, improving parking areas,
resolving anti-social behaviour issues and approving ward budget
contributions to projects such as the Bentilee Valley tree planting
initiative. Unfortunately due to persistent Labour Party cuts over the years
I am only sometimes successful.

My support is for the long term, not just for election time. For example I
am a supporter of the Willfield centre and the gym and I have visited
occasionally over the years to support users of the centre, particularly the
tap dancing and ballet. I was the only councillor and politician who turned
out to support the Willfield gym campaigners at the demonstration over the
Labour threat of its closure at the Civic Centre on budget day. Labour
falsely claim in leaflets they are campaigning in support of the Willfield
gym. I am opposing Labour who have an appalling track record of making
claims in leaflets that are utterly false. They used this tactic before in
promising a school on the Mitchell site and then breaking their promise.
Labour cannot be trusted!

I am a person of political principle, true to my word and unlike some
councillors will always vote at council meetings in the interest of local
people, in the ward and the city as a whole. I have proved this on many
occasions, for example voting against Labour’s shocking budget cuts and
their support for the bankers. Someone must speak out for what the community
wants. As a BNP councillor I cannot always win the argument if it does turn
out there is a Labour majority, but someone needs to oppose them!

I have worked tirelessly for the local community of the Bucknall and Bentilee
area and welcome the opportunity, if elected, to continue to do so.

Keep local control, not Labour control!