Brewers dismiss proposed minimum price plans

Brewers in Staffordshire do not expect to be affected by Government plans to introduce a minimum alcohol price.

Titanic Brewery, which is based in Burslem and owns six pubs in the area, suggest that the price changes will only affect the cheapest alcohol.
David Bott, 53, who runs the brewery with his younger brother Keith, doesn’t expect the Government plans — to introduce a minimum of 40p per unit — to affect his business. Continue reading

Stafford Veterans Pull First Pint

Familiar faces from the 1970s and 80s were back behind the bar as Titanic Brewery celebrated the opening of the Sun Inn, Stafford.

Former landlords Ashley Howard, 79, and Brian Deakin, 76, jointly pulled a celebratory first pint to mark the rebirth of the Sun.

The historic town centre pub was a favourite destination for pub-goers for decades but has been shut in recent times after an attempt to run it as a wine bar. Staffordshire based Titanic Brewery bought the building earlier this year and has restored it as a traditional style pub.

Brian Deakin, of Weeping Cross, Stafford, licensee from 1975 until 1994, said, ‘Titanic has done a wonderful job. The alterations have been carried-out in a very tasteful way and I wish the pub every success for the future.’

Keith Bott, Managing Director of Titanic Brewery, paid his own tribute to Mr Howard and Mr Deakin saying, ‘These are guys who ran proper pubs and, as a brewery and an industry, we would like to see more proper pubs opening in future years.’

Keith and Dave Bott who were brought up in Stafford and Keith said, ‘the opening of the Sun as a special day as it was among the first town centre pubs he visited as a young man.’

The Sun Inn, which is number 5 in the Titanic Brewery fleet, officially opens at 1200 today.

Burslem Brewery Brew TV Quiz Beer

Burslem based brewery Titanic, have brewed a special one off beer to celebrate the appearance of Staffordshire Landlady Karen Malkin on The Weakest Link.

Karen Malkin of the Marquis of Granby, Ipstones, is to appear on BBC One’s The Weakest Link on Monday, 24 May. The pub regularly features guest ales brewed by Titanic from nearby Stoke-on-Trent, and the brewery has arranged for a special supply of one off brew Karen’s Ale to be served at the Church Lane pub on the day of the screening.

Director Dave Bott said, The Marquis is a great community pub and is at the heart of village life, and we were delighted to be able to join in the fun for Karen’s big day. Karen’s Ale is a full bodied deep red-brown beer with a hoppy bitterness balanced by roast malt flavours to produce a rounded finish. At a strength of 5.3 per cent Karen’s Ale is a strongest link among beers.’

‘Arrangements were made with my husband, Justin, but they have had to let me in on it before the big day,’ said Karen. ‘We are planning to show the programme on the pub’s large screen and will put on a buffet for our regular customers.’

Brewery bosses have arranged for a special pump clip featuring Karen to be displayed on the bar.”

‘I am keen on quizzes although I often take on the Ann Robinson role when we hold them at the Marquis, we have organised several charity quiz nights for the people of Ipstones raising funds for charity groups.’ added Karen.

Karen is not allowed to reveal how she did on the night, only commenting that she was “pleased and a little surprised” by her performance.

And, she added, ‘I am in a bit of an odd position as the BBC were meant to screen the show on the day that Gordon Brown resigned. They ran a special news broadcast instead of The Weakest Link. But the programme still appeared on the BBC iplayer for a few hours and I know some people in Ipstones have seen it.’

A clue to the outcome may perhaps be revealed on the special pump clip which features the strapline “The strongest link.”