Open Mike Night Live!

Join Staffordshire Police Chief Constable Mike Cunningham, Assistant Chief Constables Jane Sawyers & Julian Blazeby and Director of resources Graham Liddiard here for a live web chat from 1800 tonight. Continue reading

Staffordshire Police’s Open Mike night returns

After a sell-out previous performance, Staffordshire Police Chief Constable Mike Cunningham will again be taking to the internet for Open Mike night.

Mike will be supported this time by new comers, Deputy Chief Constable Douglas Paxton, Director of Resources Graham Liddiard and Assistant Chief Constables Jane Sawyers and Julian Blazeby. Continue reading

Why a political elected Police Commissioner is a dangerous idea

Next November there will be the election for local Police Commissioners in Staffordshire and Stoke – as it will be everywhere else in the country. It is likely that all the main political parties will be entering candidates. Already there seems evidence that the party HQs are controlling the business about who becomes the candidate. In North Wales, for instance, the local Labour Party is accused of trying to impose a short list of three without internal party debate. The other political parties will want to control the process. Continue reading

Police Commissioners and the Thick Red Fog

Neill Harvey-Smith hopes the new Police and Crime Commissioner will leave policing to the Thin Blue Line and tackle the Thick Red Fog of fear and powerlessness.

A woman found notes left on her car, telling her she shouldn’t park at a particular spot at the side of the road. She checked with the police and they confirmed she could legally park there. So she continued – and her car was vandalised.

I read this story on the front page of a local newspaper last week. My first reaction was sympathy – for the frustration, the cost, the injustice that the woman did nothing wrong and was victimised. My second was surprise – why is this in a newspaper? Isn’t this just what happens? Continue reading

New Chief Constable takes charge

By Pits n Pots Reporter

Staffordshire Police

Staffordshire Police

New Staffordshire Police Chief Constable Mike Cunningham, takes over the reigns today.  Mike who was DCC at Lancashire Constabulary, where he started his police career in 1987,  has already outlined his “passionate” belief in neighbourhood policing and pledged: “Community priorities are our priorities.” he has also promised that the force’s commitment to providing the highest possible level of service to the public will continue.

In a statement Mr Cunningham said “I am honoured and privileged to be Chief Constable of Staffordshire, and I hope that will be reflected in being able to lead the force effectively for the foreseeable future. I am very much looking forward to buying a home here and getting to know the area. Â  Staffordshire has a fantastic reputation as a high-performing, forward-thinking and innovative force that is brave enough to take risks. Its successes are rooted in a genuine commitment to putting the needs of communities and victims first. I share that commitment, and am delighted to have the opportunity to lead an organisation whose ethos and priorities focus on the important issues in policing.”

Mr Cunningham added that the force’s mission to inspire the greatest possible levels of trust and confidence amongst the people it serves would continue.

“The trust and confidence agenda is the right agenda,” he said. “Trust fosters confidence, and is a reliable indicator that people are safe and feel safe.  Building trust and confidence in policing is like any other relationship – you have to work very hard for it, and earn it. It’s very important to me that we have the trust and confidence of victims and witnesses, and of the wider community and those people who might never need to contact us.  I passionately believe that neighbourhood policing is the foundation on which our relationships with communities are built and depend. If people can access our services, if we are visible to them and if we provide answers to their questions and solutions to their problems, then those relationships and the trust that comes with them will flourish.”

He went on to say:  “It is by looking at issues that people tell us are their priorities, such as anti-social behaviour or graffiti, that we can win their confidence. And it means that, on those rarer occasions when communities are troubled by major crime, we can tackle it from a position of strength.  Community priorities are our priorities, and our neighbourhood policing officers and staff must be attentive and responsive to those needs. I am very keen to see where neighbourhood policing can take us in the future.”

During his first few weeks in post Mr Cunningham is planning a series of visits throughout the force area.

“I am obviously eager to understand our communities and the force in more detail. I am also keen to get to know the force’s many partner organisations, with whom we need to be working hand-in-glove to deliver effective, meaningful policing.”