Audio Interviews with Stoke-on-Trent City Council’s Newly Appointed Cabinet

Stoke-on-Trent City Council Leader Mohammed Pervez has to day named the Labour Group Councillors who are to serve on his cabinet.

The cabinet line up is as follows:

* Councillor Paul Shotton, deputy council leader and cabinet member for resources;

* Councillor Sarah Hill, cabinet member for finance;

* Councillor Mark Meredith, cabinet member for economic development;

* Councillor Adrian Knapper, cabinet member for planning & transportation;

* Councillor Ruth Rosenau, cabinet member for regeneration;

* Councillor Janine Bridges, cabinet member for city services;

* Councillor Gwen Hassall, cabinet member for housing & neighbourhoods;

* Councillor Olwen Hamer, cabinet member for adult social care, health & commissioning; and

* Councillor Debra Gratton, cabinet member for children’s services and life skills.

We are pleased to bring you audio interviews with Pervez, Sarah Hill, Mark Meredith and Adrian Knapper.

We will bring you more audio interviews with the cabinet members in the weeks to come.

” Well this might surprise you all – Well done Pervez.

“This seems like a good start with a clever balance of maintaining experience with new and competent faces, as well as a mix of left and not so left.

“Having a single strong group in the driving seat especially for four years does hold out some potential for sustained and clear direction.

“Key to this, firstly, will be how quickly the new political regime builds up its confidence, no longer shackled by the unpredictable coalition. No more worrying about how or if something will go through the full council.

“Secondly will be how the Labour Party in the City responds to the opportunities now open to them, for example developing a strong broad policy to direct the officers and the council over the next four years. This will be the test for the structures put in place during the more uncertain times within the Labour Party itself.

“There are many challenges to come, but despite our political differences, I know many of the new councillors and know that there is some talent there now in depth.
Give them all a chance – be more confident – take political control back from the officers – deliver.

Good Luck”.

Work set to start to improve the city’s roads

By Pits’n’Pots Reporter.

Work is due to start to repair a number of roads in Stoke-on-Trent.

The repairs will begin in the first week of August, and will see Lightwood Road, Sandon Road, Chaplin Road in Longton and Barlaston Old Road resurfaced. Advance signs will be put out at each location indicating when the works will take place. Work will last for approximately one week.

To minimise disruption to traffic, the works will generally be carried out on weekdays between 9.30am and 3.30pm apart from Barlaston Old Road which will be carried out on a Sunday at the start of August depending on weather conditions during that period.

Temporary traffic controls will be in operation while the works are taking place and traffic will be returned to normal outside these hours.

Every effort will be made to keep delays and disruption to a minimum. Motorists are advised to allow more time for their journey, drive carefully through the roadworks or use alternative routes where possible.

Deputy Council Leader - Brian Ward

Deputy Council Leader - Brian Ward

Councillor Brian Ward, cabinet member for regeneration, said; “The roads in the city are used by hundreds of people every day so we have to make sure they are safe.

“Unfortunately this may mean that some journeys will face a minor disruption, however preparations have been made to keep this to a minimum and keep traffic in the city flowing.”