Immigration, Mosques & Reptilian Miliband – BNP Manifesto 2011

The BNP Roadshow hit Stoke-on-Trent today [Sunday] to launch their local election manifesto.

In a very low key affair, National Media Spokesman Simon Darby, National Organiser Adam Walker and Stoke BNP Leader Michael Coleman addressed a small number of party activists, security and local councillors in Bennett Precinct in Longton town Centre. Continue reading

Merkel Questions Germany’s Multicultural Experiment

The issue of immigration now forcing it’s way on to the Europe wide agenda.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stirred up a storm of controversy by describing Germany’s attempt to build a multicultural society an utter failure.

In a speech to the youth wing of her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party on Saturday, she said:

“At the beginning of the 60s our country called the foreign workers to come to Germany and now they live in our country.”

She added: “We kidded ourselves a while, we said: ‘They won’t stay, sometime they will be gone’, but this isn’t reality.”

“And of course, the approach to build a multicultural society and to live side-by-side and to enjoy each other… has failed, utterly failed.”

Whilst at pains to point out that immigrants are welcome in Germany, Merkel went on to say that the concept of multiculturism, one where people would “live side-by-side” happily, did not work, and immigrants needed to do more to integrate, including learning German.

Her comments were thought to be aimed at Germany’s 4.3million Muslims. There are around 3000 mosques in the country.

She spoke about her fear that German-ness’ may eventually be lost and her concerns about headscarves in classrooms and Turkish ghettos in cities like Berlin.

“We feel bound to the Christian image of humanity ““ that is what defines us. Those who do not accept this are in the wrong place here.”

A recent poll suggested that 30% of the population of Germany had concerns that their country is being overrun with immigrants.

I am concerned that Germany is following the likes of Belgium and France whose political direction is heading for an uncomfortable rush to the far right following recent debates about banning the Burkha.

I’m all for a sensible discussion about Immigration but all this talk of mutlicultural experiments failing is all wrong.

Germany, just like the United Kingdom, invited immigrants into their country 40-50 years ago when there was a shortage of labour to undertake certain undesirable jobs.

Those immigrants have gone on to have families, 2nd and third generations now play an active part in society.

Here is Stoke-on-Trent I do share the frustration regarding the lack of racial integration in parts of our city.

I have spent a lot of time in cities like Birmingham, Leicester, London and parts of Lancashire, on business. I have witnessed first hand, different cultures living and working side by side. I have seen the respect and tolerance of the different cultures that exist in these progressive societies.

It is fair to say that certain cultural differences may prevent the closest of friendships in some cases but never the less there can be a mutual respect.

A few years ago i was the Chair of an award winning multicultural group set up with the aim of breaking down some of the prejudices that existed predominately in the south of the city.

Parents from both the Muslim community mixed with white parents to encourage their children to adopt a tolerant approach to life in our city.

This group did some great work, barriers were broken down, but i would be lying to suggest it was without difficulties.

There was a real reluctance for some people in the Asian community to get involved.

Until we all promote a society where there is a sensible, commonsense approach to immigration and a real desire for cross cultural integration, progress will be very slow indeed.

There are simply too many quangos and one sided community groups that promote the needs of one culture over another.

There needs to be a simple society charter that agrees to let the different cultures exist and celebrate the diversity whilst promoting a one society ethos which can come together for the greater good of our city/country.

If we fail to do this, at some point in the future, the extremes of the communities will spill their bile out onto the rest of our tolerant society.

People like the Chell Heath racist must never be allowed to influence the young people of today who will become the multi- cultural adults of tomorrow.

The same must be said about the extremists in the Asian Community.

I am completely sold on the notion of a multicultural society. Yes it’s going to take some work, yes there needs to be some give and take, but I think we could make it work… Don’t you?

Or do we take the fall back, vote capturing view of the German Chancellor? Which in my view is a complete cop out!

Tony Walley – On My Stoke-on-Trent Soapbox

I haven’t had a good old rant for a while and while life in Stoke-on-Trent isn’t that bad, some of the issues attracting national press coverage is getting me slightly hot under the collar.

Asylum Seekers ““ A Home From Home?

Birmingham City Council, the country’s largest Local Authority, has decided that it will not house anymore Asylum Seekers in the future.

Birmingham City Council will not renew its five-year contract with the UK Border Agency, meaning not a single immigrant will be granted asylum there by the public sector after June next year.

The Councillor in charge of housing, Cllr John Lines, said that the move was not to save money, neither was it racist or political. He said it was designed to protect Brummies.

“Hundreds of Brummies, hundreds of my people are in B&Bs instead of council-provided homes. Why should that be? My people have got to come first.

“The asylum seekers arrive here, they have a blooming family and they keep having children – it’s a burden on the system.

“If people say I’m racist then I’d say we’ve got Brummies of all colours here, third or fourth generation Asians and blacks, but if you say I’m putting Birmingham people first, then, yes, I am.”

Cllr Lines is a Conservative Councillor and is the Cabinet Member for Housing and it seems that his concerns are spreading.

Wolverhampton are also considering ending their agreement with the UK Border Agency.

In the past year, some 1000 Asylum Seekers have been settled in Birmingham but the Agency has only paid for the housing of 200 of them.

Britain’s second city has an estimated 6500 homeless, some living rough on the streets.

To me it is refreshing for a mainstream politician to come out and make his city’s sons and daughters his No 1 priority. It matters not about creed or colour, it’s about looking after your own in times of need.

In Stoke-on-Trent , at the end of December 2009, there were 515 Asylum Seekers [not including their dependents] housed in the City. Most were living in accommodation not supplied by our City Council.

In a progressive society, we should give asylum to the most needy cases. All civil societies across the world should help shoulder the burden.

Asylum and Immigration are inevitable but must be kept to levels where the native population do not feel second best.

The Politics of the far right have prospered on the lies and myths their supporters have perpetrated that have gone unchallenged by our mainstream political parties.

At the last general election, immigration was forced to the top of the agenda. Politicians actually started to recognise [not that they didn’t know, they just chose to ignore it] that the issue was a real concern to Joe & Josie Public. It doesn’t make our society racist, it just means that our population have genuine concerns for theirs, and their children’s future.

If there is an ongoing debate on asylum and immigration, with our mainstream politicians taking the lead [Ed Miliband didn’t shy away from the issue during the Labour Leadership Contest], the move to the far right will become a distant memory of the past.

The politics of hate, division and intolerance can be put to bed once and for all!

Tuition Fees

My son voted for Nick Clegg’s “Ëœlets rid the country of tuition fees’ Lib Dems at the last election ““ Oh how we laughed!

The LibDem u-turn on this policy has to be one of the most shameful political episodes in our history.
How many voters [particularly the young ones voting for the very first time] were duped by this promise?

An independent review of student finance, which is due to come out tomorrow, is expected to recommend removing the cap on university fees altogether, which could see some “Ëœhigh performing’ universities charge up to £10,000 per year.

The report will recommend a fee of around £7000 from as early as 2012. Graduates that go on to earn high salaries will repay their student loans at a higher rate of interest.

The government says it can no longer afford the system: for every £100 a student borrows to defer the payment of tuition fees until after graduation, the government pays about £35. This, it says, is unsustainable.

Added to this, there has been a 16% year-on-year rise in applications for university.

If there is no revolt among the Liberal Democrats over this issue it will prove just what levels Clegg and his ilk will sink to, to get a modicum of power and to hold on to it at any cost.

My other concern is one of unfairness.

It is unfair that Scotland were allowed to abolish tuition fees back in 2000. This has created a division across the UK that can not be justified.

How can it be right for families in Scotland to benefit massively at the expense of every other young person across the United Kingdom.

Cameron should lead on his “Ëœwe’re all in this together’ mandate and force the Scottish Parliament to re-introduce tuition fees as a matter of urgency.

The other real danger in all this is that there will be a real possibility of creating a “Ëœclass’ mentality among the students of our nation.

The richest and most affable young men and women rather than the most able and talented will be able to fund the £10k for the Oxbridge courses.

Education has all been about inclusiveness for the past god knows how many years and that “Ëœevery child matters’ ““ That is of course until they are old enough to be forced to enter into a university culture that is built upon the ability to pay.

Isn’t it bad enough that we saddle our young graduates with massive debt before they have earned a penny? Now they will have to pay double for that privilege along with being ostracised from courses where the next band of politicians may come from.

Forty Years On

I had an annoying incident the previous day when I had a confrontation with a very haughty German woman on the tills. The woman behind her raised her eyes at her patronising attitude. I managed to get a barb in. ” Had I been efficient enough? Bloody Foreigners!!!

The following day Phoebe and I caught the bus to the Potteries at 7am as we were off to Liverpool for the day. I had difficult understanding whether the Polish bus driver said £8.50 or £8.15 for the fare. He did not exactly endear himself to me when the bus doors closed on me as we got to Hanley.

A Somalia woman asked me when we got on the connecting bus whether the bus was going to Trentham as the bus passed through Shelton towards the railway station. A Middle Eastern looking man wearing a prayer shawl boarded the bus by St Marks Church. A woman spoke in an African language on her mobile phone and as we crossed the canal above Stoke College a very distinguished Asian man dressed in the manner of Coptic priest with the tall, pointed stiff pill box hat stood by the bridge.

We met Phoebe’s 6-year-old cousin Henry at the Railway station and waited on the platform. We sat by a heavily bearded Asian man wearing the sirwal- the baggy trousers- and waistcoat waiting for the Manchester train. Henry whispered to me whether he was Afghani. I said no. That’s the thing about kids they tend to ask awkward questions. In Hanley Museum earlier in the week a woman in a hijab and her two kids were talking possibly in Farsi. Phoebe asked me why they didn’t speak English. I brushed it off by saying that they were tourists and the kids probably did speak English to their English friends.

While we were waiting for the Crewe train we also saw carrying a Vertigo bag ,out of which protruded a pair of trainers, Eidur Gudjonsson Stoke’s Icelandic player also waiting for the Manchester train.

At Crewe we had enough time for coffee served by a Russian woman before getting the train to Liverpool the city with one of the longest traditions of cosmopolitanism of any city in the country.

Its forty years since I went to a geography field trip organised by Carmountside High School to Hartington in Derbyshire to examine the local geology of the area. We stayed at the Youth Hostel. I was 15. Amongst the other guests at the hostel was a Canadian from Toronto. He was older I guess in his early 20s. But we were impressed. He was telling us stories about drugs and life in Toronto and about a more sophisticated life than we as kids from Abbey Hulton were aware off. But the point of this was he was the first foreigner that I had ever met. It is very curious to think of a Canadian as exotic.

But in forty years this is an indicator of how diverse and different we look as a community. Travelling by public transport does give you a good impression of the changes we have undergone over the decades. The purpose of this piece is not to have a go at the new arrivals to the country. I would say that you can engage with people easily and many have a story to tell. For instance we had a conversation with an Iman on Stoke station who was amused by the antics of the kids.

I have also witnessed some abysmal behaviour from white locals on the bus. Youths drinking tins of beer whilst treating the bull terrier they had as a play thing, a young woman telling her friends that social services had taken her kid off her accusing her of neglecting the child and two youths discussing loudly there drug dealing activities every word punctuated with a swear word.

And on the other hand there are things that are going on within the newly arrived communities that do fill me with disquiet. The recently reported instances of the practices of female genital mutilation, about 500 to 1,000 British school children are sent abroad to have this inflicted upon them. The activities of African based churches in the UK that carry out “exorcisms” another word for abuse of children accused of having “evil” spirits, the existence of slavery. The existence of the so-called “honour” killings when young women are unwilling to subject themselves to arranged marriages. And there is the existence of modern day slavery recently exposed by Channel 4 where many thousands of foreign workers are treated like chattels often by members of their own communities

In my opinion we need to have a reasoned debate about these matters. However it is apparent that our politicians are unwilling to lead this debate for fear of being labelled racists. This lack of leadership is leaving it to others to air the issues. We need a focal point to act as a forum, which we can debate how the British tradition of tolerance, which I see evident on many occasions, can be maintained in such a diverse society.

A View Of The Future Direction Of The BNP From A Stoke-on-Trent Member

Craig Pond is a Stoke-on-Trent native, a member of the BNP and the Chairman of the Potteries Community Federation.

He is always outspoken, often berated, described by many as offensive, but NEVER ducks a question.

Today [Monday] whilst gauging reaction to the news that the Deputy Chairman of the British National Party [BNP] had resigned, I spoke to Mr Pond.

He gave his views on Simon Darby’s resignation and a whole load of other BNP related topics, including the need for Leader Nick Griffin to go now.

Craig hits out at the effect of immigration on the country and economy. He questions the estimated number of illegals in the country and is fearful at the birth rate among Muslim communities.

During the Audio Interview Craig hit out at the comments made by Stoke BNP Leader Cllr Mike Coleman that ethnic minorities should be allowed to follow the religion of their choice and should be able to retain the cultural identity within their own communities.

If you have not listened to the Mike Coleman interview, there is a link to the relative article in which it is contained.

The Audio Interview is available below and contains strong language and views that some people may find offensive. Please do not listen to the interview if you are at all concerned.

What the interview does highlight is the potential clash between grass root BNP members and those within the party who want to portray their politics in a more progressively moderate way.

The Leader Debate, Radio 4 and the Baddeley Green Working Mens Club

Tony, Anthony, Steve and I took part in a Radio 4 discussion on the final Leaders Debate. We sat in Baddeley Green Working Men Club with researchers and production staff from the news programme “World Tonight” and after the end of the debate were asked our views on how we thought the debate went.

Before the debate started the four of us were profiled. Anthony spoke of the local situation from his club in Baddeley Green. Steve who is an unemployed 18 year old described his search for work. Tony of the problems in the local manufacturing sector from his engineering company. I was interviewed in Leek from the Transition Town project in the Quaker Garden that I work in. I was asked about the failure of the traditional parties to address some of the structual problems in North Staffordshire.

We assembled in the club in good time for the debates started at 8.30pm. I took copious notes as the subject areas as they came up although they were not really used. As the subjects came up, the deficit, the banking crisis,taxation welfare reform, manufacturing sector, immigration and creating a more equal society as well as the others. I was struck by how much more combative the event was compared with the other two debates. The leaders constantly stressed their key themes. Clegg on “fairness” , Cameron ” Change” and Brown ” the fragility of the recovery”.

Both the Labour and Tory Leader zeroed in on Clegg on issues such as immigration and Europe. Brown attacked Cameron with the refrain ” Same Old Tories” especially about the need for cuts. Cameron sometimes sounded more left wing than Brown attacking Brown for sucking up to the banks and for the growing inequality in the country.

I was especially interested in the section on manufacturing. Brown wanted to create 400,000 jobs in the low carbon economy and the need to grow certain areas of the economy in bio technology. Cameron spoke about the need to grow the entrepreneurial spirit. Clegg gave a list of policy commitements on the subjects of building affordable houses and a green economy. I thought that Clegg won this part of the debate.

On the immigration where the politicians became more animated. Clegg came under fire over the amnesty question from both Cameron and Brown. Clegg responded by saying that this was a problem created by the two big parties. He made the intersting point on dealing with organised crime and the trade in people. I would however give this round to Cameron.

Affordable housing. Brown spoke of the need to get the banks starting lending again. Cameron on the need to cahnge the planning laws and the need to reward responsibility and Clegg bringing empty houses back into the market and , hurrah, the need for social housing. I would have given this to Clegg.

Welfare Reform Brown said that there sould be no life on the dole a view that was reiterated by Cameron while Clegg said that work needs to pay by increasing tax thresholds.
I would give this one to Brown.

Social mobility and education. Brown gave a folksy anecdote about his mother, Cameron a rather cheesey thank you to teachers and Clegg on the growing inequalities and stunting life chances. I would have given this to Clegg as well.

After the debate ended we were asked our opinions. I thought that Cameron had scored a hit on Brown over the 10 pence tax issue. The others gave it more clearly to Clegg although overall over the three I think Clegg won. No one rated Brown.

Mean while life went on around us. People played pool, sometimes there were shouts from the TV room were people were watching the Liverpool game and behind us the hum of converation.

However I do think that the debates have galvanised the political process and made people talking about politics and the elections which must surely be a good thing

Nick Griffin Launches BNP Manifesto In Stoke-on-Trent Central

The Chairman of the British National Party Nick Griffin chose to launch his party’s manifesto in the city he describes as the BNP ‘Jewel In The Crown’ – Stoke-on-Trent. He described the manifesto as the most comprehensive his party have ever produced and that it proves that there is more to the BNP than immigration. Simon Darby the party’s PPC for Stoke-on-Trent Central was also in attendance as was Michael Coleman PPC for Stoke-on-Trent South and Melanie Baddelely the PPC for Stoke-on-Trent North.


The manifesto was launched in the grand setting of the Council Chamber and also featured a party supporter dressed as St George who escorted Mr Griffin into the chamber accompanied by applause from a number of party supporters, members and BNP councillors.

Nick Griffin enters the council chamber with 'St George'

After Mr Griffins overview of the Manifesto journalists were invited to take interviews.

We bring you Interviews with The Leader Nick Griffin, Deputy Leader and PPC for Stoke central,Simon Darby and PPC for Stoke South Michael Coleman. To access the entire range of Pits n Pots video interviews, visit our YouTube Channel by clicking the ‘our youtube’ tab at the top of the page. As with all BNP events there were protesters outside the venue. 

Protesters from " Nothing British about the BNP" and a small group from Staffordshire University lead by former S.U Leader Assed Baig kept a constant vigil outside the Civic Centre.
Protesters outside the BNP manifesto launch
Pits and Pots waited the whole day to bring you the whole interviews, Melanie Baddeley unfortunately had to leave early.  We did manage to get interviews with Nick Griffin, Simon Darby and Mike Coleman, which can be viewed below.

I’m joining the BNP today…Not!!

Well, It’s official, the BNP are prepared to let me join their party. I must rush out and get signed up…NOT! The wholeidea of forcing the BNP to accept ethnic minorities into it’s ranks is just a legal technicality designed to make humiliate the BNP. For years they have had an openly racist policy regarding membership and this whole threat of injunction is jut a slap in their face.

There are of course, a few black and Asian people who may agree with some of the policies of the BNP, I am one of them in fact, please notice I said "SOME". That said though, what exactly will change?

The BNP will decry this as proof that "we are not racist". Yet, ask yourself this…How many black and Asian people will actually join? You’d have to be reckless or crazy. As a non white Briton, I wouldn’t want the BNP knowing my name address , phone number and email.Their "representatives" would eventually come calling in the middle of the night, just for a cup of tea, I’m sure. 

What black or Asian person is going to subscribe to the BNP’s assertion that black and Asian people can never truly be British? I get the BNP’s point about non whites not being ethnically British but surely a black or Asian person can have British values, and British culture as well as being civicly British?

Let’s look at this assertion, to what extent is someone ethnically British? My mother was born in England, from Irish Parents, My Father was Jamaican. I was born in England, so what does that make me? Jamaican, Irish or English?

My Daughter was born in England and her mother is English, after doing a bit of Family Tree research we found that her family may have come to Britain around the time of the French revolution. So, is my daughters identity British? English, french, jamaican or Irish? she’s 3/4 white. Is she more French than English Or more Jamaican because she has slightly Brown skin?

Does someone who’s family traces their ancestry back to the 14th Century stop being British because they had a Dutch grandmother? <p>Anyway I digress, the whole Idea of being ethnically British is a nonsense. Another good example If the BNP do as they say they will, and look first to those who they consider to be ethnically British before any other citizens, then that means the children of any non white members will surely suffer under the tenure of a BNP government or council?

The British National Party exists to secure a future for the indigenous peoples of these islands in the North Atlantic which have been our homeland for millennia. We use the term indigenous to describe the people whose ancestors were the earliest settlers here after the last great Ice Age and which have been complemented by the historic migrations from mainland Europe. The migrations of the Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Danes, Norse and closely related kindred peoples…..
BNP Mission statement.

Getting back to who would join the BNP their record on race issues should be enough to un-nerve any minority group that the BNP has done nothing more than put a pig in a suit. The same people who were spouting racist bile on the NF demos of the 70’s and 80’s are the same people who are now calling themselves MEP’s.
Andrew Brons MEP , Nick Griffin MEP

It will be interesting to see if the BNP get flooded out out with ethnic minority members or whether their rule change makes absolutely no difference to their ethnic makeup. I suspect the latter. It would be rather amusing to think though that the BNP Bradford group could open its doors on a Friday night and have 500 Asian members voting down every motion and amendment.

Future BNP meetings could they look like this?

During their Announcement last week, the BNP ejected Times journalist Dominic Kennedy. Mr Kennedy said he had been invited to the meeting by party officials, but on arrival had been confronted by senior BNP member Richard Barnbrook, who is also a London Assembly member. Nick Griffin made me laugh out-loud yesterday because his quote showed what was really on his mind and what his policy on immigration really refects. "He refused to leave when he was asked so he had to be encouraged to leave,"
Nick Griffin, BNP Leader.

 BNP immigration policy:

..the introduction of a system of voluntary resettlement whereby those immigrants who are legally here will be afforded the opportunity to return to their lands of ethnic origin

How Enoch Powell saved the NHS

Contributed Article By: Button1001

Enoch Powell

For the past 45 years Asian doctors have provided the back-bone of the NHS, caring for white working class communities in some of the most deprived parts of the United Kingdom. Today, in addition to many Afro-Caribbean and African NHS workers, a quarter of Britain’s NHS staff are Asian, largely thanks to a scheme launched in the early 1960s by the Tory anti-immigrant politician Enoch Powell, to fill shortages of NHS staff with migrants from Britain’s former colonies! Racists like Nick Griffin and the BNP constantly misrepresent the legacy of the British Empire. The BNP refuse to acknowledge that the true legacy of the Empire’s greatness IS multiculturalism, and refuse to acknowledge that immigrants have contributed to as well as benefitted from the UK’s Welfare State… httpv:// The BNP refuse to acknowledge that the roots of British multiculturalism lie in the positive contributions that immigrants made (and still make) to the provision of essential services, and in the massive contribution that 2.5 million Hindu, Sikh and Muslim volunteer soldiers made to saving the British Empire from Italian and Japanese Fascism in WW2, and have even played an active parts in on-going conflicts… httpv:// httpv:// Nick Griffin and the BNP "blame" liberal values, the left-wing and Labour Party etc for immigration – the irony being that it was the BNP’s hero Enoch Powell who contributed so much to British multiculturalism in the first place! As for Enoch Powell himself, nothing shows the hypocrisy and cynicism of Powell’s "Rivers of Blood" speech more than Powell’s own contribution to the growth of the NHS – the irony being that if rivers of blood had run through Britain, it would have been black and Asian NHS workers who would have helped clean up the mess!


Source: Daily Express

A NEW levy on immigrants arriving in Britain will be used to fund multilingual teachers in schools and to encourage foreigners to register with doctors.

Measures to crack down on rogue employers and slum landlords are also among 200 projects to be financed by the tax on non-EU migrants which was announced yesterday.

They will pay into a Migration Impacts Fund which is expected to raise £70million over two years to help communities deal with the pressures of immigration on their areas and public services.

But critics say the fund will barely dent the extra costs imposed on Britain by the scale of immigration. Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the Migrationwatch think tank, said: “This is peanuts compared to the extra enormous costs needed to support immigration approaching around a third of a million a year.

“Window dressing is no answer to the huge practical and social problems.”

John Denham

John Denham

The levy will be raised by charging non-EU citizens applying for visas £50 a head. Students will pay £20.

Communities Secretary John Denham insisted the fund would help allay British people’s immigration fears.

He said: “When people feel that population change is leaving them competing for jobs or access to services, the upsides of migration become less apparent.”