EyeSpy Oh how the mighty are fallen!

David Conway was not the only one with a big smile on his face Friday morning as Labour awoke to the short sharp judgement of the residents of Springfields and Trent Vale. Whilst it might not stop the move, the backlash against the move to the CBD was apparent, which raised the spirits of many council officers on Friday morning. Parking in Stoke may not be perfect, but the thought of a daily game of ‘musical parking spaces’ followed by a forced tutorial on how you should cycle to work rather than moan about paying £25 a year to spend 20 minutes looking for a parking spot before abandoning hope and parking in Tesco, is a step too far for some.

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500 words from Mubsira Aumir Labour candidate for Springfields & Trent Vale

Mubsira AumirIt is a privilege to be selected as Labour’s candidate for Springfields and Trent Vale ward for the City Council by-election on Thursday 26th July.

If I am elected, I will stand up for the local community and be their strong local voice in the Council Chamber. The things that are a nuisance to residents are important issues to me, whether they are the cracked paving stones on Kensington Road, or the potholes on Collin Road. I firmly believe in starting as I mean to go on. The Labour campaign team and I are on people’s doorsteps listening to residents’ concerns and tackling their problems. Continue reading

Gary Elsby Confirms Mike Barnes As Campaign Manager

As reported by Pits n Pots earlier today, Gary Elsby has now confirmed that Mike Barnes will be working as his election campaign manager, for his bid to win the Stoke-on-Trent Central seat from the Labour candidate, Tristram Hunt.

A press release from Gary this evening said:

Former Labour CLP Secretary, Gary Elsby’s campaign to become MP for Stoke Central, against Tristram Hunt, Labour’s parachuted in candidate, stepped up a gear in momentum today as Gary announces that former Stoke-on-Trent Labour Leader, Cllr Mike Barnes, has been appointed as his Election Agent and Campaign Manager.

Gary said, ‘I have been overwhelmed by the amount of people getting in touch to offer support and wishing me well, not just from Stoke but from all around the country – people that I have never even met as well as many people in Stoke. I am very pleased that Mike Barnes has offered to be my election agent and coordinate my campaign. He has a lot of experience in politics and particularly in successful public campaigns. Mike is now working on planning my campaign and bringing together a team from those that have offered to help me including a number of Labour members about to leave the party because of the Tristram Hunt fiasco.’

The press release went on to say:

Mike Barnes is widely regarded as one of the leading public campaigners in the City having led the successful campaign to get rid of the Elected Mayor in 2008, the only Elected Mayor system to be scrapped in the UK, when many professional pundits said it could not be done.

Mike Barnes has previously held the position as Labour Group Leader on Stoke City Council, Deputy Leader, as well as Stoke-on-Trent Labour’s Election Coordinator during 2004 when Labour won 13 out of 19 seats, against the national trend and one of only three councils in the country in which Labour made gains.