Double dip and Oatcakes

The news that Britain has slipped back into a recession should not be surprising. The economy experienced a 0.2 % fall following the decline in the figure of 0.3% in previous quarter which now puts the economy technically into a double dip recession- the first time since 1975. I would argue that the local economy has probably never recovered from the recession 4 years ago. As a guess the North Staffs economy has shrunken by about 8-10% since 2008. The signs of a turn down are everywhere most noticeably in the local jobs market. If we take the Sentinel as a guide the Wednesday section has been advertising around 300 jobs over recent weeks.

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Support the Wedgwood Museum – in their bid to win the National Arts Fund Award

Wedgwood Museum - Barlaston

Wedgwood Museum - Barlaston

My name is Jenny Hulme,  and I’m writing this article to ask you to lend your support to the Wedgwood Museum in their bid to win the National Arts Fund Award.  This is the single largest Arts prize in the UK.

This is one of the first projects I worked on when I joined the Stoke on Trent City Learning Centres (CLC’s) please have a look and vote if you want to – no coersion by the way,  but they will get a £100,000 fund  to improve their collection.

At the moment they are just in the lead, should they win the money It will most likely mean more jobs at the Museum for local people.
Jenny Hulme

Longton High City Learning Centre has been involved from the very beginning with the Wedgwood Museum to help create and
develop digital art resources alongside the parents and children of Stoke on Trent.

Wedgwoods distinctive style

Wedgwoods distinctive style

The shortlist has just been announced for the Art Fund Prize for Museums and Galleries ““ and the Wedgwood Museum was
chosen as one of only four museums in the entire country to be in the running for this tremendous award.
This year for the first time members of the public have the chance to vote online to support the museum they think
should be crowned Museum of the Year.
If you would like to support the vote it only takes a minute to do and you can have your say by voting online at

You may also like to see:-
the Guardian’s coverage of the short list announcement at
– or listen again to the short list announcement on Radio 4 using the BBC iPlayer at

For more info please contact:-

Jenny Hulme – eLearning curriculum Specialist Longton High CLC

or Nigel Spicer -Learning and Access Manager the Wedgwood