A View Of The Future Direction Of The BNP From A Stoke-on-Trent Member

Craig Pond is a Stoke-on-Trent native, a member of the BNP and the Chairman of the Potteries Community Federation.

He is always outspoken, often berated, described by many as offensive, but NEVER ducks a question.

Today [Monday] whilst gauging reaction to the news that the Deputy Chairman of the British National Party [BNP] had resigned, I spoke to Mr Pond.

He gave his views on Simon Darby’s resignation and a whole load of other BNP related topics, including the need for Leader Nick Griffin to go now.

Craig hits out at the effect of immigration on the country and economy. He questions the estimated number of illegals in the country and is fearful at the birth rate among Muslim communities.

During the Audio Interview Craig hit out at the comments made by Stoke BNP Leader Cllr Mike Coleman that ethnic minorities should be allowed to follow the religion of their choice and should be able to retain the cultural identity within their own communities.

If you have not listened to the Mike Coleman interview, there is a link to the relative article in which it is contained.

The Audio Interview is available below and contains strong language and views that some people may find offensive. Please do not listen to the interview if you are at all concerned.

What the interview does highlight is the potential clash between grass root BNP members and those within the party who want to portray their politics in a more progressively moderate way.

Pond of the PCF hit’s out!

I couldn’t believe it when I picked up the Sentinel this morning to find Viv Foster back on the front page because this poxy PCT has once again refused her right to life.

This is the same callous behaviour shown to Kay Hopkins who died a few weeks back because the PCT spent so long deciding on whether or not she should have access to the lifesaving medicines needed.

In her case the PCT decided that she should have access, bt the decision had taken so long, Kay Hopkins’ cancer had taken too strong a hold, and she past away.

Now, the criminally incompetent behaviour of the PCT quango fatcats is putting at risk the life of another citizen of this city, and it bloody well has to stop!

Below, you will find some of the grants awarded by the PCT to charitable and voluntary organisations, these grants coming directly from the NHS budget, and not some special pot of money from which to give these donations.

That means that for every grant, that’s thousands of pounds no longer available for the purchase of medicines or treatments. How the hell can these grants be put before the lives of the people of this city, when the money is specifically there to ensure the health of the

In 2004/05, the PCT gave away £1,531,639.
In 2005/06, the PCT gave away £1,551,822.
In 2006/07, the PCT gave away £2,342,625.
In 2007/08, the PCT gave away £3,519,380.
In 2008/09, the PCT gave away £2,878,235.

The PCF are bitterly disappointed in the Sentinels refusal to publish any of these figures,
despite the fact that such information ha been sent to them on several occasions, so just in case it is some incompetent at the letters page, I have sent Richard Ault, the reporter responsible for the frontpage piece today, all the information here, with a request that they get their bloody fingers out and damn well help this woman to get Herceptin.

All this information was e-mailed to Alby Walker as Chair of the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee, yet we have heard nothing from him or the committee.

Why it has become so difficult to get anyone to see the fundamentally rongness in this miserable situation, we don’t know, but it simply isn’t good enough to allow people to suffer or die from preventable diseases, because the money for their medicine is deemed to be better spent on crooked organisations like the North Staffs Race Equality Council.

We have three Labour MPs who are part of a Labour government, yet these people have achieved nothing in stopping these overpaid and unaccountable quango moneygrabbers from following a political ideology, rather than being driven by the health concerns of the people of this city.

If required, we will happily pass on the full five year list that we were given through the
FoI, and we would welcome your support and ideas on how to stop this outrageous and
heartless behaviour toward those with enough on their plates.

Craig Pond, Potteries Community Federation.

PCF- What’s all that about then?

Contibuted Post By Craig Pond of the PCF:

As you know, we have started the process of creating a new group within the political sphere of Stoke-on-Trent, named the Potteries Community Federation, or the PCF for short.

There are three lines of description on our letterhead, and they read as follows.

The eyes and ears of the community.

Working together for the common good.

The Potteries Community Federation will identify issues that have a beneficial impact on the communities within Stoke-on-Trent, thereby raising public awareness.

So, with this ethos in mind, I’ll cut to the chase and tell you a tale of woe.

Myself, Sam Tunstall, and Terry Cope, have been talking with the audit commission since August 2008, over problems with the city audit that were not being challenged by the district auditor, Grant Patterson. Despite our
persistent push for answers, the audit commission, and Grant Patterson in particular, have become less and less willing to challenge the behaviour of the city council. It has reached the point where bodies like the audit commission and the ombudsman, who are supposed to stand and fight for the rights of the citizens against the wrongdoings of the council, have now been turned into defenders of the city council against the complaints of the citizens!

Financial regulations have been broken by the city council that have been ignored or overlooked by the audit commission, and as long as the system stays like this, nothing will change.

So let’s change it.

The Tories worship conservatism, Labour have Marxism and communism, the LibDems have liberalism, and the BNP have nationalism, but the problem that exists in politics is that by following an ‘ism’, you limit what a party can achieve.

The PCF have taken a look at the way things stand, and we’ve decided that the best way forward is to take the party out of politics, and instead of worshipping an ‘ism’, let the driving forces behind us be unlimited, not held within a rigid structure of policy design, but flexible and fluid, able to change when change is necessary. We think the
driving forces should be democracy- true democracy, consisting of open and transparent local government, and being consisted of greatly simplified systems- and commonsense, the ability to judge a case fairly on its merits.

These are the attitudes that will best serve this city, and it is this appoach that will allow us to resurrect the fortunes of this city, well, that’s what we believe.

The next step will be to organise some public meetings so that those with an interest in the well being of the city can ask questions or put forward ideas for their communities.

Be sure to let us know what you think, and don’t pull your punches.