Staffordshire leads the way in call for review of personal care proposals

Staffordshire County Council’s Social Care leader Matthew Ellis has joined forces with other leading councillors to express concerns at “unclear, unfunded” Government proposals for free personal care at home.

County Councillor Ellis has been working behind the scenes with a small group to write and gain support for the letter to the government that appears in today’s Times and as their front page lead story. He is joined by his counterparts in Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Leicestershire and Surrey. The letter is supported by over 60 other councils from across the political spectrum.

He said:


“We are all in favour of the principal of free personal care, but this has to be done properly and the money needs to be there to pay for it.


“The figures the Government have used to rush through this proposal are hopelessly inaccurate and could lead to a £330 million black hole in local government finances. If these plans were forced on authorities they would have two stark choices – massive cuts elsewhere or a big hike in Council Tax. We want neither. What we want is properly thought-out and considered policy.


“For so many councils of all political shades to come together like this is proof that this is about care and not about politics.”