Gary Elsby Independent PPC For Stoke-on-Trent Central Policy Statement

By Gary Elsby Independent PPC Stoke Central

It was a life-changing, but quick decision, to step out of the Labour Party at what I see as an intrusion into local Party democracy by Lord Mandelson with an intent not in the best interests of the City. As a consequence, I have been asked to state the differences between the policies of the National Labour Party and my own, which are long held but stifled under what goes for “Ëœagreement’ at the Annual Conference held each year by the Labour Party.

A future fair for all, (but this time, including the people of England and Great Britain)

* Pensioners:

The rise of annual increase in pensions is either linked to prices or inflation. We know that the lowest always wins and pensioners always come off worse. Pensions should therefore be determined on an annual basis, with the higher of the two references used to set the increase. Determined efforts should be made to end the tax system on pensions by people who have paid tax all of their working lives.

* Families:

Universal family allowance should be ended for people earning above £75,000 and redistributed to those on less than £30,000. This gives it to families needing it the most.

No family with school age children should be subject to an eviction order due to economic circumstances beyond their control and legislation must be forwarded to enforce such repulsive acts are outlawed.

* Housing:

At least 1 Million new Council/Social Housing homes should be built, which would ease the need of 5 Million people needing a home who cannot afford to enter the private market. This would create hundreds of Millions of paid working hours, hundreds of thousands of new construction jobs and tens of thousands of new apprenticeships. Rents should be ring-fenced and paid back into sustaining the housing stock for the future.

* Economy:

We should grow our economy and not return to a “Ëœcut and slash’ approach to repay National debt.

* Tax Increases:

The Universal approach to National Insurance increases is wholly wrong and must be stopped. We should remove the thresh-hold of the upper earnings limit and those that earn the most, should pay the most. A VAT increase claims all victims, regardless of how much or how little they earn and must not be introduced. A City such as Stoke is a regenerating area and it simply does not make sense to tax it. These measures remove that threat.

* Health Service:

Free prescriptions should be available for everyone in England requiring one, just like the rest of the UK. A freeze in NHS spending will be the severest CUT ever introduced in the NHS since inception and must not be introduced…

* Health care for the Elderly:

The dreadful £23,000 “ËœDeath Tax’ now dropped by Labour and the Tory “Ëœinvoice’ of £8,000 to pay for minimal care for the elderly was embarrassing. I would only support a “Ëœring fenced’ National Insurance increase solely to administer “Ëœfree care’ which would submit responsibility to the Country and give dignity and respect to the elderly.

* Schools:

Communities know what is best for their individual areas and not always the politician and should therefore have a more significant say in what happens in their local area. Community schools must be promoted as the best example of better education for all and the Academy system must be held to account.

* Trident and ID cards:

The Trident missile purchase must be dropped as an unnecessary expense in these times of social hardship considering we have more WMD now than we ever need or shall ever use. ID cards should be considered an expensive and irrelevant intrusion into our lives.

* Justice:

The right to remain free must be held uppermost in a society that will, if it is allowed, detain without charge beyond a time limit that is considered unjust by the majority.

* Immigration:

An end to mass immigration should be introduced and a cap on immigration of 50,000 nett per annum should be used to sustain a level of 70 million population at its highest.

* Energy:

A diverse and wide-ranging energy source should be arrived at that involves all kinds of material uses, including Clean Coal Technology for North Staffordshire Coal fields, nuclear, oil, gas and including greener methods of production to comply with EU guidelines.

* People:

Government must be made aware that ordinary people and business, now feel a shared burden of persecution by the State upon a weary public and a new approach must be made that lifts this burden in an effort to promote a more just and social society.

Gary Elsby

Prospective Parliamentary candidate

Born in Stoke Central.