Community Voice Draft Policy Document

Stoke-on-Trent’s newest political party Community Voice is proud to release our Draft Policy Document,in keeping with our ethos of openness and transparency.

Should anyone wish to join our group, there is an application form available on our website. There will be a Community Voice meeting next Tuesday 3rd August in the Council Chamber which is open to the public.

All our Policies here are in Draft form ready for our Policy Conference in October 2010.
These are initial thoughts and areas to cover which will be detail at our conference as well as adding a more comprehensive list of policies cover many different additional areas.

Adult Social Care

Community Voice spokeswoman: Pauline Joynson

Providing quality social care for adults and older people, giving them dignity and independence, is one of the great challenges of our generation, but one that must not just be left to private business to supply.
Community Voice’s commitment is to:
*keep city council care provision within the council and resist privatisation
*improve provision for older people and their carers dealing with dementia and other similar or relate health issues
*monitor, scrutinise and hold to account all care providers to improve and maintain high standards
*make sure all services provided by the council take into account the needs of elderly and disabled adults

Children and Young People

Community Voice spokeswoman: Janine Bridges

Top quality education as well as proper protection for those at risk or in local authority care are vital to the future success of our city.
Everybody deserves the opportunity of an education that gives them the chance to fulfil their full potential.
All children should be safe from harm and given a loving, warm caring environment in which to grow up.

Community Voice commits to:
*campaign against proposals for school Academies
scrap selective education
*make sure schools are at the centre of their communities through community and dual use of resources
*close large children’s care homes and provide care in small “family” size homes.
*invest in social workers and their support

Community Voice Spokesman: Mike Barnes

Democracy is fundamental to our beliefs and organisation.
This is embedded in our Principles and Constitution:

“Democracy ““ We endeavour to embed democracy, openness, honesty, transparency and accountability at our core within our party, as well as in the wider community and society. This shall be laid out in our policy document entitled “Democracy”.”

This policy shall be laid out in detail at our Policy Conference in October 2010.

Key Objectives for Community Voice are:
*Replacing the Cabinet System in the Council with an Enhanced Committee System, giving people more say and accountability to the important decisions that affect their lives.
*All Quangos should be subject to democratic and accountable processes. For example, bring health bodies under the Local Authority, scrapping the NSRP, LSP etc
*Scrapping Area Implementation Teams and replacing them with Neighbourhood Committees or Councils to give people a real say in their own neighbourhoods, streets and communities.
*Giving residents the power of recall over all their elected representatives were wrongdoing has been proven.
*Making all public bodies open and transparent, improving the response to FOIs
*Strengthening Scrutiny powers and giving more powers to local people to scrutinise decisions
*Campaign for Senior Officials in Public Office to be prosecuted where serious maladministration is proven or where the public or elected representatives have been misled.

Community Voice spokesman: Mike Barnes

Housing is a key indicator of society’s commitment to social justice ““ homelessness should not be tolerated in a modern caring city.
Everybody should be entitled to a warm, dry, safe place to live in, to bring up a family ore retire in.

Our commitment is to:
*campaign to get councils to start building homes
restore all public social housing to local authority, democratic control with consistent standards and allocations policies
*restore the apprentice schemes in the council
resist any proposals to “sell off” our council housing
give residents more say in how their rent is spent on their homes

Resources, Finance & Budget
Community Voice Spokesman: Peter Kent Baguley

Every penny counts these days as the squeeze is put on public spending. We all know that the City Council has to make savings, but these should be measured and appropriate.

Community Voice Commitments shall be to:

*Constructively participate in the council budget process and service cuts
*Provide an alternative budget if necessary
*Slash the use of unnecessary consultants current used to excess by the council
*Keep public services public ““ delivered in the interests of the customer not for the profits of shareholders
expose waste, fraud, misinformation and mismanagement within the council and make those responsible accountable.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Community Voice please visit our website below.

Liberal Democrats A New Era

By: Pits ‘n’ Pots Reporter

Audio interview with Kieran now online:

Stoke-on-Trent Liberal Democrats are moving in to a new era of leadership today.

The Liberal Democrat councillors have selected a new leadership team to lead them when the City Council’s new governance arrangements take effect in June.

Kieran Clarke

Kieran Clarke

The new leader will be Councillor Kieran Clarke (pictured) and the deputy leader Councillor Dr Zulfiqar Ali who will officially take up their new duties on 1st June 2009.  Between now and June 1 they will prepare for the transition to the new way the City Council will be run.

Leader designate Kieran Clarke says “This is a new team for a new era in our City. We look forward to working with all other groups and councillors on the council for the benefit of all our citizens. We really do need to put Stoke-on-Trent first and politics second! Â  Major changes have taken place over the past two years and we hope that the firm groundwork already in place will provide a springboard for the future.”

Dr Zulfiqar Ali also stated “With regeneration in our City now under way we have a once in a lifetime chance to grasp the opportunity to drive our City forward.”

Councillor Clarke also paid tribute to the outgoing Liberal Democrat leadership team of Councillors Jean Bowers and Paul Billington for their hard work and leadership over the past 5 years.

Tony Walley met with Councillor Clarke this afternoon, click on the audio player below to hear our exclusive interview


To be….. or not to be (a Libdem) – That is the question!

Comment By Tony Walley.

Tony Walley

Tony Walley

I am bloody amazed that my political persuasions are being debated on this site!

May I just point out that when I started this blog back in September, I was no longer a member of the Labour party. I had resigned in June because I felt I could no longer support the party and was becoming very frustrated at the lack of vision demonstrated by many of the members.

I was angry at the time that the party of the working person was ignoring the wishes and failing to represent the very people that it claimed to.

The straw that broke the camels back for me was when I attended an EMB meeting and saw so called Labour Party officials treat members of the public and supporters of their own party with utter contempt.

That said, I have always been very supportive of the work of Rob Flello MP and the councillors in the Stoke South wards who I think to this day have done very sound work and are easily approachable and are willing to take up most causes.

Since September to my knowledge I have been accused of being a BNP sympathiser, a loony leftie, in bed with the Tories and much, much more!

I think that this demonstrates that I report fairly and shows that I am not biased to any one party and that I’m able to see and report the good as well as the bad in every party/councillor or MP.

When I interview people either on camera or audio I approach everyone with the same respect and when we re-commence our leadership contender interviews I will demonstrate that the nature of the Mike Barnes interview will be visible in all the others. That is my style, I cannot be any different. I am the same in the radio interviews I have done over the years whether it’s sport or politics. I just believe that people deserve to be treated with respect.

I’m not above admitting when I’m wrong either. I have got things wrong like saying that the Independent councillors have strong links to the BNP and that they have no vision for our city. When I took the time to get to know these Independent councillors I realised that I had mis-judged them and I regret taking that particular stance. I know think that some Independent councillors are among the most committed in our council chamber and I have tremendous respect for the like of Brian Ward, Roy Naylor, Ann James and of course Terry Follows. For when you asses effectiveness and commitment who can better Terry Follows? I bet if I were to ask the people of Trentham about Terry to a man or woman they would say the he is the mutts nuts! Isn’t that what we want or expect from our councillors?

I don’t know whether to be flattered or upset at the fact that my party allegiance is the talk of the civic centre. When I was covering the EMB meeting yesterday there were many councillors and a couple of MP’s that asked me about the rumour that I’d joined the Libdems.

I do consider myself along with Matt and Mike to be somewhat of a commentator on the goings on in our city. I have done football commentary for years and believe me commentating on politics is no different. There are as many “players” for a start, they don’t always stay in the positions they are supposed to, they love to commit the odd foul, some times they get their tactics completely wrong, some of them occasionally transfer to other teams and recently a couple of them have even been shown the red card!

So for what it’s worth I have become a member of the Libdem party. Does that mean I am about to stand as a councillor? Absolutely not! Does it mean I am likely to in the future? I don’t think so and anyway I couldn’t afford the drop in wages! Besides which in some of the meetings I could easily loose the will to live!

I am intrigued at the fact that this rumour has done the rounds at the civic centre and I have been told how the rumour started and by whom. I don’t think Jean Bowers was about to put out the red carpet for me and it is my guess I’m not a welcome addition to her team.

Perish the thought of what her and Joy have had to say over their cup of EMB coffee about it! Ooops!

What I can guarantee is that my choice of party is for me and me alone. I am happy to say it’s between me and my conscience. It won’t influence my writing, reporting or interviewing but it might give you a clue to which way I will vote at the next elections! So what?, To be frank I don’t care what anyone thinks about this news or revelation!

I know I have the support of my colleagues who also happen to be my mates and one happens to be my wife and as long as they are cool with it, I couldn’t give a toss what anyone else thinks.

I am aware that there are people at the civic office who are trying to discredit me and/or this site but they will not succeed we are a strong team of committed individuals, are our own biggest critics and long may that continue.

Those who want us/me to fail will hopefully be gone in June and we look forward to working with the new regime in an ethos of respect and inclusion.

I hope that clears matters up for you and I regret I have had to write this comment…………

Who the BNP really Are

After several months of reading Pits n Pots, and contributing where I can, I feel it is now time for me to speak out plainly and clearly about who the BNP really are.

It seems to me that The BNP have made such massive gains in the Stoke on Trent area that they now believe that they are beyond reproach , and have successfully conned people into believing that they are a genuine political party with Britain’s best interests at heart.  I fully refute that claim, because I believe that any political party given a mandate to rule should make every effort to represent all British citizens, regardless of Race, Culture, religion or Sexual Preference.

Since the Leak of Members names on the Internet last year, the BNP has tried hard to sanitise it’s public image.  I content that this is little more than a publicity exercise done for the benefit of pulling the wool over peoples eyes.

What the BNP say in Private is very markedly different to what they say in public.A close look at the BNP will reveal the true nature of this party.

I cant believe that ALBY walker has the gall to come on here and say

BNP actively fight racism and are not in support of white supremacy. He said that the reason that the BNP was getting more popular was that people liked what his party had to say.

What a croc of lies. Facts….? Facts are

We all know that the BNP was born of a Racist party- The NF National Front.

Almost all the BNPS leadership have had some run in for distributing racist material or some form of racist violence. Check Nick Griffin, check Mark Collett, check Tony Lecomber, check Derek Beacon….for a start.

John Tyndall Founder of the BNP is photographed. in Nazi uniform.

He’s the geezer on the left.
and just for good measure, here’s’ another.

Or maybe you need some quotes from prominent BNP members?

”I only care about the white people when we get to power the asians will be swept away like rubbish” -Chief Steward Derek Breacon

”Hitler will live forever and maybe i wil too ”-BNPY leader Mark Collett

”we must defend rights for whites with ‘well directed boots and fists” -Nick Griffin

”All I want to do is kill pakis”-BNP member interviewed during Secret detective documentary

“Many who feel that Hitler was right do not believe it is safe yet to state such views openly. But times will change.” John Tyndall, BNP founder and former leader.

“The electors of Millwall did not back a Post-Modernist Rightist Party, but what they perceived to be a strong, disciplined organisation with the ability to back up its slogan ‘Defend Rights for Whites’ with well-directed boots and fists. When the crunch comes, power is the product of force and will, not of rational debate.” Nick Griffin, BNP leader.

[They were] “flaunting their perversion in front of the world’s journalists, [and] showed just why so many ordinary people find these creatures disgusting” <- nick griffin after the nail bomb by copeland talking about the gays that were targeted

Cllr Mike Coleman BNP, Weston Meir North “We want influence we want progress and we’ll use whatever advantage comes our way…and if that is a little bit of misery…we’ll play on that.”

Yet as I type this, I know Terry will be preparing his rebuttal, or Broon eyes will be doing Crag’s bidding and posting some irrelevant distraction.

So let me further undermine their position, because I can and will.

Check out Nick Griffin ( looking a bit thinner~) denying the holocaust and telling us that he would kick out non whites.


So, after having presented all this evidence, I’m not quite sure why Alby Walker could be so down on the North Staffs Racial equality Council, are you?

The truth of the Matter is the BNP are seeking to cause as much division as possible at a time of hardship, Mike Coleman said so himself.


Don’t Be Fooled Stoke on Trent.