Binbags left uncollected for a month

Some of Stoke’s bins are still awaiting collection ““ since before the Christmas celebrations.

In Hanley, binbags have been left outside properties for three weeks, because the nature of the streets prevents the use of enclosed wheelie bins.

So residents have been forced to pile up their waste in front of their houses while they await the eventual next collection.

Some of the streets in the Northwood area still rely on putting council bags at the front of their properties because the houses are built on steep ground, meaning steps at the rear of properties would be dangerous to tackle with a wheelie bin. And due to the nature of the terraces being built directly onto the street, bins cannot be placed in front of them either.

While the bags were piled up during the snowy sub zero period of the last couple of weeks, it was obvious that bin collectors were unable to get to the bags, however, since last week’s thaw, the mounds of household waste have grown, and defrosted, leaving residents worried about rats, while cats and other animals break into them and make an unhygienic mess on the pavement in the morning.

Residents are hoping that an end to their misery is imminent, but are disappointed that nothing was done to alleviate the problem sooner.

Have you had problems with your refuse collections over this exceptional period of bad weather?