Stoke BNP Member Claims His Party Is Finished

I recently asked a senior figure in Stoke BNP if he thought his party was finished for good in our city. He looked me straight in the eye and replied: “I think we are Tone yes”.

He went on to explain that his party had self destructed and imploded in the past two years and he laid the blame firmly and squarely at the doorstep of BNP Leader Nick Griffin.

The story did not get better for the far right party as this activist said that the recent election campaign received no party funding what so ever.

I was told that the BNP would never come back from this low point and that all the fight had gone out of the membership. The party insider revealed that they had really struggled to attract any candidate of quality.

It had cost some candidates in the region of £750 to fund and fight the campaign.

”We just could not compete with the Labour Party and they just smashed us!

“They were really organised this time especially in the centre of the city ““ colour leaflets and telephone campaigning, they knocked the doors en masse and they got their voters out on polling day.

“I don’t know where the BNP go from here, there is no enthusiasm, and we haven’t met since election night.

“Activists aren’t to blame that’s for sure, we have seen a drop in members, some activist have gone off to join other nationalist parties. It’s all down to Nick Griffin.”

This dejected BNP member told of his anger at the way Griffin his running the party.

It appears that if you question the BNP leadership you get an black mark against your name and before you know it you are out of the party.

Griffin is holding on the all the available funds and party activists are left high and dry and are having to fund party expenses themselves.

Many BNP members believe that Griffin his hanging onto the purse strings to fund his, and Andrew Brons’s next European Election campaign.

The Stoke BNP member believes that if Griffin is successful in getting re-elected to the European Parliament then, and only then will he relinquish the chairmanship of the party.

”It’s all down to money with Griffin Tone, He has his entourage to pay for and we believe he employs his wife and his daughter out of his European expenses.

“He is doing all right and we are struggling to fight a campaign against the might of the Labour Party machine.

“I just want to serve as I always have, but everything you do is futile without any party funding to help get leaflets delivered.

“I just wonder where all the money has gone, but it’s no good questioning anything either, only the chosen few know the true picture.

“In four years time we will have a general election to fight alongside the local elections. With people getting fed up and moving on you wonder if we will be able to fight either election.

“The morale is at rock bottom in the party. People are asking if there is any point meeting and if there is anything that we as a group can do anyway.

“This city has four years of Labour to contend with and I’m not sure if the BNP has enough to scrutinise from outside the chamber”.

BNP Leader Nick Griffin claimed nearly £300,000 for his first year as a MEP. This has led to accusations about him jumping aboard the gravy train that he and his party were so outspoken about.

He is yet to answer just how much of his income he has donated to the British National Party.

It has been a spectacular fall from grace both in this city and nationally for the BNP.

At the height of their popularity in 2008 they had 55 councillors nationwide and 9 in here in Stoke-on-Trent.

Now in 2011 they have just 12 councillors across the country and here in this city they have been wiped out of the chamber.

The far right party defended 12 council seats across the country but held on to just 2.

With things as bad as the senior Stoke BNP member paints it, you really do wonder if this is the end for the BNP.

Nationalist parties seem to have been rejected unilaterally by the electorate locally and across the country.

In 2010 the England First Party fielded candidates against the BNP in Stoke. In 2011 they had an agreement not to stand against each other. Out of 16 far right candidates fighting the City Council elections, none were successful.

Of 74,321 votes cast in the Stoke-on-Trent local elections, just 3,690 went to “Ëœnationalist’ candidates.

Politics is often like music and fashion trends, something is fashionable and popular only to fade away and then without warning it is back again. The same could be said about the politics of the far right.

Opponents of the far right, organisations like Searchlight, Unite Against Fascism, Hope Not Hate and NorSCARF will not drop their guard.

They know better than most that just because the BNP, England First Party, EDL and the English Democrats have been forced into being dormant, it does not mean that they have gone away altogether.

The problem for far right parties and in particular the BNP, is when their own supporters believe that they are finished it is very difficult for their party leaders to convince them otherwise.

Churchill’s Grandson hits out at the BNP

By Pits’n’Pots Reporter.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill’s grandson has denounced the leader of the British National party, Nick Griffin, for using an image of the wartime leader and quoting one of his most famous speeches, in an election broadcast shown last night.

In the four-minute film Griffin adopts part of Churchill’s famous “blood, toil, tears and sweat” speech to promote the BNP manifesto, and uses footage of Churchill and British war graves.

Churchill’s family say that the BNP is trying to hijack his legacy. His grandson, ­Nicholas Soames, said it was “offensive and ­disgusting,” and he had consulted lawyers in an attempt to force the Electoral Commission to stop the broadcast.

“It’s a monstrous thing to do,” said Soames, Tory MP for Mid-Sussex. “Most sensible people will be disgusted by the BNP’s use of Churchill’s face and imagery purporting to claim that my grandfather would have supported their policies.”

Griffin was also accused of hypocrisy over his use of second world war footage, after it emerged that an article which appeared in a rightwing magazine he edited in the 1990s appeared to praise the wartime exploits of Hitler’s SS.

“For him to evoke the memory of Churchill and our second world war ­servicemen is a disgrace,” said a ­spokesman for Searchlight, the anti-racist organisation.

The BNP’s deputy chairman. Simon Darby, denied Griffin supported the SS, and defended the use of Churchill. “It is very relevant to what is happening today,” he said. “I am extremely upset at what is happening to the country. What was the point of fighting the second world war, if this is where we are going to end up?”

There is evidence the BNP is failing to cash in on the public anger with mainstream parties over MPs’ expenses. The party lagged behind Ukip and the Greens in a Guardian ICM poll at the weekend with 1% of the vote ““ despite initial predictions that next week’s elections would result in up to seven BNP MEPs.

“Griffin has tried to build a presidential style BNP election strategy around Nick Griffin, and the tactic has backfired spectacularly,” said a Searchlight spokesman. But a low turnout could still see the BNP make a breakthrough next week, he said.

Source: Guardian.

BNP tell skinheads to cover up with hats!

By Pits’n’Pots Reporter.

BRITISH National party (BNP) skinheads are being urged to cover up their shaven scalps as the far-right group seeks to present a new, more respectable image, according to a leaked internal “war book”.

Polling experts believe the antiimmigration party led by Nick Griffin has a chance of picking up its first seats in the European parliament in June by capitalising on recession-fuelled rows over “British jobs for British workers”.

A handbook distributed to activists discloses how the BNP, which has already won a string of council by-elections, plans to soften its extremist reputation and appeal to potential supporters as an “alternative extended family”.

The manual for activists includes: Orders to “make sure your team are tidily dressed and look presentable. No naked torsos in summer, unshaven scruffs or skinhead haircuts (put them in caps or hats)”. Suggestions for the use of internet blogs to attack opponents, including ostensibly independent local blogs that “help us to collect and disseminate material damaging to other parties”. Ideas for reviving St George’s Day traditions to combat the “growing power of Islam”.

The handbook urges activists to rebrand the BNP by always using its full name. “The initials BNP have to an extent been turned into a demonised tag by the media,” it says. “”ËœBritish National party’ sounds more reasonable and comfortable.”

It warns members not to “express extreme views or advocate violence of any description. Your e-mails are probably less secure than you think”.

The manual says campaigning events are to be graded, green, amber or red. Red events are in “areas where there are heightened community tensions” and “must include advance consultations . . . [with] the national head of security”.

There is also advice on dealing with the police and Special Branch, described in the manual as “Britain’s secret police”. BNP members are advised to tell them to “get back into their kennels”.

The handbook adds: “Millions of people live very lonely and isolated lives. The decline of the family and the break-up of communities mean there is a big gap in [their] lives. Filling that gap, giving people an “Ëœalternative extended family’, is the most powerful recruiting tool.”

A spokesman for the campaign group Searchlight said: “This booklet exposes the reality behind the BNP mask of respectability. What other political party feels the need to ask its senior organisers to be careful not to get caught discussing their plans for violent behaviour on the internet?”

Simon Darby, deputy leader of the BNP, defended its tactics: “We switched to recruiting on the net because we do not get a fair crack from the traditional media.”

The BNP has revealed it is collecting masses of data on its opponents’ sexual orientation ready for character assassination campaigns if they criticise the party.

Its official declaration on the Data Protection Register shows information about “relatives, guardians and associates” of any critics is also being gathered.

The BNP are proving that they will stoop to all levels to further their cause. This site will remain vigilant so that it remains an unbiased site where all can debate freely.

Source: Timesonline.