Council Services Affected By Strike Action On Wednesday

A number of Stoke-on-Trent City Council services will be affected by the industrial actioon taking place across the country on Wednesdy 30 November.

Below is the current list of services that are due to be affected, please check the council website, and twitter feed ( for any updates.

Waste and recycling collections across Stoke-on-Trent will not take place on Wednesday, residents due to have their grey domestic waste bin collected on this day will be able to place extra waste out on their next collection day. The same goes for those people expecting to have recycling collections on Wednesday, these will also be missed and will be collected on the next due day.

A large number of schools are expected to be closed on Wednesday, and a number of other council services will be disrupted or closed. Residents are asked to have patience while the strike action takes place and only contact the council in an emergency. The authority’s Stoke on Call contact centre will be operating a minimum service and residents are asked to wait until the next day (Thursday) to raise a query, or email a request which will be dealt with as soon as normal service is restored.

The council apologies for any inconvenience caused. Housing maintenance services will be operating a responsive repairs emergency service only for housing tenants and public buildings. 

Services that will be closed on Wednesday 30 November:

  • Waste collections
  • Fenton Day Centre
  • Burslem Day Centre
  • Longton Day Centre
  • Carmountside Crematorium
  • Bereavement Care Office
  • Public Mortuary – closed but emergency arrangements in place
  • Registrars – closed but one wedding that has already been booked will take place
  • Licencing Office
  • Environmental Heath
  • Trading Standards
  • Potteries Museum & Art Gallery
  • Gladstone Pottery Museum – only open for existing school bookings
  • Tunstall library
  • Trentham library
  • Longton Library
  • Meir Library

Schools that will be closed on Wednesday 30 November – please note this may be subject to change, parents are asked to contact their school for up-to-date details:

  • Abbey Hill School and Performing Arts College
  • Abbey Hulton Primary School
  • Alexandra Infant School
  • Alexandra Junior School
  • Ash Green Primary School
  • Aynsley Special School – TBC
  • Ball Green Primary
  • Belgrave St Bartholomew’s Academy
  • Bentilee Nursery School
  • Birches Head High School – closed except for individual exam groups
  • Blurton Primary School
  • Burnwood Nusery School
  • Burnwood Primary School
  • Christchurch Primary School – only closed to reception, year 2, year 3 and year 6 pupils
  • Clarice Cliff Primary School
  • Crescent Primary School
  • Eaton Park Primary School
  • Discovery Academy
  • Etruscan Primary School
  • Forrest Park Primary School
  • Gladstone Primary School
  • Goldenhill Primary School – only closed to year 1 pupils
  • Grange Nursery School
  • Greenways Primary School
  • Grove Junior School
  • Hamilton Infant School
  • Hanley St Luke’s CE Primary School
  • Harpfield Primary School – only closed to foundation and year 5 pupils
  • Haywood High School and Engineering College
  • Heron Cross Primary School
  • Hillside Primary School
  • Holden Lane High School School and Specialist Sports College
  • Holden Lane Primary School
  • Jackfield Infants School
  • John Baskeyfield CE Primary School
  • Kemball Special School
  • Kingsland Nursery School
  • Kingsland Primary School
  • Maple Court Primary School
  • Middlehurst Special School – both sites closed
  • Milton Primary School
  • Mill Hill Primary School
  • Moorpark Junior School – closed except for two year 4 classes (open all day) and one year 6 class (open in the afternoon only)
  • Newstead Primary School
  • New Ford Primary School
  • Northwood Broom Community School
  • Norton Primary School
  • Oakhill Primary School – closed except for Nursery, Silver Birch (Reception), Willow (year 1), Cedar (year 2), Tulip (years 3 and 4) and Cherry (year 6)
  • Ormiston Horizon Academy
  • Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy
  • Our Ladys Catholic Primary School
  • Our Lady & St Bendicts Catholic Primary School
  • Packmoor Primary School
  • Parkhall Primary School
  • Priory Primary School
  • Sandford Hill Primary School
  • Sandon High School Business and Enterprise College
  • Smallthorne Primary
  • Sneyd Green Primary School
  • St Augustines Catholic Primary School
  • St George and St Martins Catholic Primary School
  • St Gregorys Catholic Primary School
  • St John’s Primary School – closed except for year five/six mixed class
  • St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
  • St Joseph’s College Edmund Rice Trust Academy
  • St Margaret Ward Catholic School and Arts College
  • St Maria Goretti Catholic Primary School
  • St Marks Primary School
  • St Mary’s Catholic Primary School
  • St Mary’s CE Primary School
  • St Matthews Primary School
  • St Paul’s CE Primary School
  • St Peter’s Catholic Primary School
  • St Peters Academy
  • St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School – closed except for one reception class and year 5/6 mixed class
  • St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School
  • St Thomas More Catholic College
  • St Wilfrids Catholic Primary School
  • Stoke Minster Primary School
  • Summerbank Primary School
  • Sutherland Primary School
  • The Co-operative Academy at Brownhills – closed except for year 11 for revision/coursework
  • Thistley Hough High School
  • Thomas Boughey Nursery School
  • Trentham High School
  • Waterside Primary School
  • Westfield Nursery School
  • Weston Coyney Infant School
  • Weston Coyney Junior School
  • Whitfield Valley Primary School
  • Willows Primary School
  • Merit Pupil Referral Unit
  • Reach Key stage 3 and 4

25 years on

By Mike Rawlins


In light of the post by Alan over at The Art bay, I thought I would move this back to the front page.

25 years ago this week, Great Britain was at the start of what was going to be one of the longest periods of national strike in its history. It was also one of the defining moments in British industrial relations.

I remember seeing the strike on the news each night and in the papers but as a school boy living in the suburbs of Manchester I was not directly affected by the strike, nobody in our family were miners, nor did we know any miners.  Mining was something that went on north of the canal.

When I moved to Stoke I was working with guys my own age, whos families had been involved in the strikes, and who had been to work in the pits after leaving school in the late 80s until they were finally closed.  Later as I moved on I worked with other groups of people, who were a bit older and spoke about being out on strike.  I remember being told by one of the guys how he and his father had stolen a cow, killed it and tried to cut it up with a chainsaw so they could distribute it around their famliy and friends  so they had a decent meal.  Or the closest of friends who have not spoken a word to each other because one of them went back to work, before the strike was over.  He said they never fell out, they didn’t fight, they acknowledge each other if they pass in the street, but they have never spoken a word to each other since 1985.

We have a fair mix of ages and backgrounds here on PnP, so I hope we should get some decent comments.

Whether the strike was legal or not doesn’t matter after 25 years and the way the world has changed, what I am interested in is how did the strike affect you and your family?  Did you go out on strike, were you in the Police, did you see it from the other side? What did it do the local communities here in Stoke?

I have a genuine interest in the history of things like this and how they changed the way we live..

Have a look at this video for a reminder of what life on strike was like: