England First Party Stoke Encourage Violence Against Labour

In an astonishing rant of an article on the England First Party Stoke website, nationalists are being advised to use violence against Labour Party supporters and activists.

The article opens with a picture of Labour Group Leader Mohammed Pervez which contains the caption “ËœAdolph Pervez, preparing to wreck what’s left of this city’.

The article then goes on to attack Pervez over the recent council cuts.

It claims:

“Burslem library is almost certain to be one of the first victims of voting in a foreigner to run this city council, a man with no connection, no affection, for this city, or its natives”.

The EFP author thought to be recent election candidate for Goldenhill & Sandyford Craig Pond then hits out at voter apathy and the choice they made on 5th May:

“This refusal of the people of Stoke-on-Trent to invest just a little of their time in voting, is going to bring a barrelful of grief to to(sic) those of us that did bother, but I suppose if you can’t be bothered to vote, you won’t be bothered by the adverse affects of your decision.

Stoke-on-Trent cannot survive another 4 years of the criminal rule of these Labour cheats, people who have wasted £millions, have manipulated contracts to line their own pockets, who have by-passed the regulations to hand contracts out to specific(sic) individuals and companies, who have at every turn done what’s best for themselves, not for the people of this city, but the people have just sat by and let this happen, so they have no-one to blame but themselves for the upcoming carnage”.

The EFP author then goes into an astonishing attack upon the Labour Party, it supporters and activists. The article also goes on to claim that labour broke the electoral rules:

“I think the time has come for those of us prepared to put in an effort to save this city, to re-evaluate the way we do things. Labour lie, cheat, and steal, but it is us nationalists that are labelled the bad guys, it is Labour that break the electoral rules, but it is us that are castigated”.

With no explanation or apparent proof written, published or attached, the article then claims that opponents of the EFP have acted violently and with aggression and intimidation.

The article then encourages nationalists to show violence aggression and intimidation on a bigger scale:

”There’s no point going into a fight with your dukes up, if your opponent has a baseball bat, so sometimes it is necessary to adopt your opponents tactics in order to defeat that opponent. I think it is long past time that the far left scum of this city got more than a taste of its own medicine, that there is no point us nationalists sticking to the rules when our opponents cheat at every possibility, and that we should meet their aggression(sic) and violence and intimidation with exactly the same, only bigger, better, harder.

This is the way to win back this city, don’t sit and take the unacceptable behaviour of a handful of socialist fascists, people that are prepared to force their opinions onto an apathetic public, to lie and deceive in order to get the Labour party elected, time for the gloves to come off, let’s see have brave this scum really is when confronted with its own tactics”.

This article is the latest in a long line of hate filled and intolerant articles to appear of the EFP website.

Pits n Pots contacted the EFP press department to ask if the article was in accordance with party policy and to ask whether the national party wanted the opportunity to distance itself from the articles claims or content.

We got the following response:

I can’t see anything wrong in what Mr Pond has written, I may have written it differently myself – but thats me, and Mr Pond was there on the night and I was not.

I should also point out that thanks to a member of Stoke EFP persuading(sic) the local Stoke City “firm” and Stoke EDL to stay away that night, we prevented an “off” with the far-left/UAFF from taking place outside the election hall. Perhaps next time we should let them come along?!

However, if you and/or any other Stoke liberals are concerned about Mr Ponds writings inciting violence, I suggest you call the Police and not me.

Best Regards,

Mark Cotterill, Chairman, EFP.

Stoke-on-Trent City Councillor Ellie Walker Joins Community Voice – And Confirms The BNP are Racist

Members of Stoke-on-Trent’s newest political group Community Voice have voted unanimously to accept a membership application submitted by former BNP Councillor Ellie Walker.

As a full member, she will now take her seat alongside the other Community Voice Group members in the council chamber.

Ellie Walker’s membership takes their number to 6 on the council and makes them the 4th largest group on the City Council.

Community Voice now have more members than Cllr Walkers previous group, the BNP.

“Community Voice, every single one of us, despise and are totally opposed to the BNP and everything it stands for. Racism, indeed any discrimination, has no place in a modern tolerant City like Stoke-on-Trent.

“Cllr Ellie Walker, has put all that behind her, and earned admiration and plaudits from all political parties across the City Council, when she not only left the BNP, but exposed the hidden extremism, giving this as her reasons for leaving.

“One of our core constitutional principles that have to be signed up to by all members of Community Voice is:

“Equality and Social Democracy ““ we commit to the principle that all people are equal without any form of discrimination, as well as the rights of all to receive support and services to live freely within their communities, without fear or poverty, minimising ill health and with the opportunity to fulfil their true potential.

“Ellie has signed up to this and it is clear she has put her past behind her, and Community Voice welcomes her valuable contribution to the communities of Stoke-on-Trent and
within the City Council.”

Ellie Walker is delighted to be a part of Community Voice and she also wished to make clear that her involvement with the British National Party was misguided. She also confirmed that in her experience, the BNP held racist and extreme views.

She also hit out at members of the far-right party for being only interested in hatred and for spreading lies.

“I wish to put on record that I was misguided to have ever been a member of the BNP and admit that I was part of an organisation that held racist views and that my association with the BNP reflected badly on me personally.

“However, during my time as a councillor, working closely with the community and all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds, I have come to realise that the views of the BNP are wrong. Whilst a member of the BNP, I realise that it was not what I thought it was, with many individuals only interested in hate and lies.

“I totally renounce the views of the BNP and I am totally opposed to the BNP’s aims.

“I commit sincerely, wholeheartedly and genuinely to actively support those that promote equality, diversity and tolerance and oppose discrimination, hate and the racist BNP.

“I totally renounce all forms of racism and discrimination and actively commit to promote equality and diversity at every opportunity.

“Stoke-on-Trent and its communities are a fantastic diverse and tolerant place to live and represent which is reflected in my own family with my son’s wife being Sri-Lankan and my mixed race grand children being both intelligent, happy and take a full and active part in the community.

“If Stoke-on-Trent is to move forward it must continue to be so. I wish to focus all my efforts on helping and representing everyone in my community.”

Mrs Walkers statement will add to the recent unrest within the BNP.

They lost councillors locally and their Prospective Parliamentary Candidates performed appallingly in the recent elections.

The BNP nationally appear to be turmoil and it has been reported that the far-right party face financial ruin over the Unilver/Marmite incident.

Community Voice is keen to answer recent criticism relating to Ellie Walkers membership as first reported on this website.

Mike Barnes, Community Voice Coordinator and an active member of NorSCARF, reinstated his opposition to the BNP.

He believes that those wishing to renounce racism should be able to turn away from the BNP and be applauded for doing so.

“Many of us in Community Voice have been active over many years promoting tolerance and opposing the BNP and all it stands for. As activists our main objective was always to change the minds of those that supported or promoted the views of the BNP or racism.

Ellie has totally renounced her former views. This is a real victory for everyone in Stoke-on-Trent and Ellie has shown courage and humility in the statement she has made, and that deserves great credit and respect. I hope all those that have campaigned against racism and promoted tolerance extend that tolerance to Ellie Walker and anyone else who may leave the BNP or any other far right organisation.

Community Voice, having campaigned in the past to change the views of people in the BNP and its supporters, think that it would have been foolhardy to turn people away who renounce their former views.

Let he without sin cast the first stone.

Community Voice and its members will continue to actively and strongly opposed to the BNP and its vile views and lies, and I believe Ellie Walker’s contribution going into the future will be of huge benefit for all those that support tolerance and diversity.

Her commitment to the community she represents, in my opinion, will continue to be at the best of her ability and I have no hesitation in welcoming her to Community Voice and supporting her in everything she does.”

Terry Cope On The BNP, The PCF & The Greenfields Residents Association

By Terry Cope.

After reading the reactions of some of the posters on any post involving the BNP, I was very loathed to set myself up for the nasty, vicious name calling from those that are of a different political viewpoint.

I am chairman of the Greenfields (Tunstall) Residents Association, a member of the A,I,T, Housing committee, and Environment committee’s.

I have served in the Armed Forces, which I am very proud to have done.

Politically I am a member of the BNP, and the PCF.

As a chairman of a residents association (which does not conflict with being a member of the BNP) I work for the whole community, (without exception) and have done for the last 2 years and believe that with the other committee members we have made a positive change to our community.

Last year we halved the anti/social/ behaviour, and were commended by our local Police inspector for our work.

We have now completed 3 fun days, raised money for kit for our football team, and are in the process of forming a younger persons committee.

Our fun day this year was opened by our invited guest local councillor Mr Matloob.

There was fair, tombola stall, hoopla, disco, food stalls.
We also had a football match, and invited all comers to take on our Asian volleyball team.

We also throughout the week have these lads playing football with the rest of the lads on the estate, with no problems.

Myself and others on the committee have visited families that are new to the area to offer any assistance, or help with problems concerning local youths.
We also liase with the council to make improvements to our area.

Our Residents Association has worked very hard to improve our area, and relations between new arrivals and locals.

This is after three leaflet campaigns by the UAF, accusing me of being a knuckle dragging Nazi fascist thug.
The most recent one accuses me of wanting to hang all politicians “from the lamposts”.

Pretty much the same as most people after the scandal of “expenses” and an illegal war.

Also the lie that “I was thrown out of the BNP for being too extreme”.

The real reason is that three of us could not agree to being censored by the leader at the time.

I welcome the introduction of not restricting people by colour, or race.

I still believe that the other policies are right and what is needed.

Capital Punishment, Corporal punishment, Education policy, deportation of criminals, and “Voluntary” repatriation (as practised for many years by the Labour party and the Conservative hypocrites), and a halt to immigration in its present form.

Simon Darby On ‘That’ No-Show At The Youth Hustings In Hanley

Audio Interview With Simon Darby Online Now!

Many people have commented and given their opinions on BNP Candidate Simon Darby’s no-show at the Youth Hustings event at the Victoria Hall in Hanley last week.

Today we can bring you an exclusive Audio Interview with Simon Darby and get his side of the story.

The YMCA/Sentinel organised Youth Husting was a massive success.

The hustings was brilliantly Chaired by the Sentinel’s Editor-in-Chief Mike Sassi who made sure that all the panelists got a fair hearing and were given equal time to respond to the questions posed.

The audience made up mainly of young people between the ages of 16 – 25 grilled the panel on a wide range of topics and were widespread in their condemnation at the BNP Deputy Leader’s failure to turn up.

Simon Darby claims that he did turn up at 17.45 and sat in his parked car opposite the Victoria Hall. He also claims that he met up with Stoke BNP Leader Michael Coleman around 18.00.

In this exclusive Audio Interview, Simon Darby gives his reasons for not going into the venue and also tells us his views on the event, it’s organisers, the Sentinel, the Police and what life would be like if he were successful in his bid to take the Stoke-on-Trent Central Seat.

His also gives us his thoughts on Mark Fisher, the Labour Party and Alby Walker who he claims may not stand after all.

The Audio is in 2 parts and lasts for around 15mins in total. So make a cuppa sit back, relax and listen……..


Staffs Uni Students Union President Assed Baig Faces Vote of No Confidence


The controversial President of the Students Union at Staffordshire University, Assed Baig, faces a vote of no confidence.

If the vote is successful, Assed’s tenure as president will be in doubt.

Under the Union constitution a group of students have called for a Vote of No Confidence in the President, Assed Baig.

The question to be posed is “Do you have confidence in the President, Assed Baig?”.

If a two-thirds majority of those voting say “No”, he will be removed from office with immediate effect. Any other outcome will result in him remaining President.

Assed Baig has a high public profile who campaigned for the presidency on a platform of world politics.

He is very opposed to racism and fascism, but his tactics have attracted criticism from many different quarters.

His decision to print the names and addresses of local members of the British National Party, on the Students Union website, brought widespread condemnation and he was reported to the Police by former BNP Group Leader Alby Walker.

He has also been involved in a dispute with the University’s on site police office regarding access to the Union’s offices.

I managed to record a telephone interview with him, and I asked him for his views on the vote and a wide range of other issues. Listen to the Audio at the bottom of the article.

The vote of no confidence was initiated by fellow student Laurence Hardy.

Citizen Journalism – getting a feel for it.

Well this week has been a crazy one in terms of my contribution to the site. For those of you who don’t run websites, let me tell you it is completely an integrated part of your every day life.

Tony and Mike both put a massive amount of effort into keeping Pits and pots going, keeping it fresh and keeping the comments moderated. They have to be on hand 24 hours a day.

My contribution to the Pitsnpots site in recent months has been very small, I simply haven’t had the time to write articles or conduct interviews until last week. I have been away working on my own projects, running 3 websites etc.

Tony called me a couple of weeks ago with the news that the EDL were coming to town, and would I be interested in helping PnP to get some coverage of the event. Initially I was unsure due to the high level of commitment I already had but, being a modern geezer, I bit the bullet, begged the missus, arranged some child care and agreed to get on board.

First job was for me to do a bit of research, who were this EDL, I had seen a bit about them on the news but had just assumed that they were a sort of more militant BNP. The few video’s on YouTube had more or less portrayed them as a bunch of angry skinheads who were claiming not to be racist but generally hated Muslims.

After, the Youtube experience I thought I’d go to the horses mouth. I read as much of the EDL’s website(s) Yes there’s more than one) as I could get my hands on, to try to understand who they felt they were, and what they wanted to achieve by protesting up and down the country.

After reading Their websites and articles by their political opponents I decide that I still didn’t really know anything. So I decided that the only way to really get a feel for these people was to speak to them myself.

Suicide you might think, for a fuzzy headed mixed race guy to walk into the middle of what could be a potentially racist and hostile crowd. I thought, blow it, if Mcintyre can do it so can Tides. First thing was to be bold and just ask.

I put out a few tweets with the tag #edl and waited I was directed by an EDL member to contact EDL media, their number was easy to get and I actually got through to the EDL Leader Tommy Robinson. He agreed to meet us for an interview, and after a bit of sorting Tony and myself headed up to Keele Services on the M6 on Saturday the 23rd of Jan 2010.

when we got up there, we met a few EDL supporters, most of them were reluctant to talk to us, except a couple of lads from the North East. they had had a couple of cans, but were from what we could discern decent enough sorts. they were polite to us, reiterate several times that they were only concerned with militant Islam and not racist in any way.

Whilst I wouldn’t want to annoy these lads, ( They were both huge) I liked them and certainly respected their honest open approach. The Police briefing had told us that the EDL supporters had complied with Policing requests and that the UAF had not. The Police were more concerned about the UAF causing trouble than the EDL, based on previous meetings between the EDL and the UAF.

Tommy Robinson never showed at Keele, and proved impossible to get hold of for the rest of the day. I did however meet Steve, one the EDL press officers, who made a good effort to make the interview happen. We did manage to get an interview with an EDL member, who, whilst appearing kind, and genuine, for me didn’t cut the mustard as a spokesperson. He wanted to talk about Sharia law. I knew, and still know precious little about Sharia Law, so was hoping to hear an expert speak.

That didn’t happen, to be honest, I felt his knowledge of Sharia didn’t stand up to scrutiny, and When Tony pressed him to be more clear, he lost his cool, and cut the interview short. It was more than a little disappointing as I honestly thought I might learn something from a passionate grass roots EDL supporter.

As you know we stayed the whole day covered as many of the days events as possible and then went for the final police briefing. After hearing the Police and Local councilors sum up their feeling s on how the day had unfolded. My drifted back to the missed opportunity with the EDL.

Yes I’d seen some pretty ugly scenes that afternoon but I didn’t see the leadership, I did see people trying to calm the situation, I wandered freely unharmed and largely unabused amongst their supporters. I still felt there was the EDL’s point of view to be heard, so I resolved to get hold of Mr Robinson and get him on the record.

After a few days setting up and I finally got my interview with Tommy Robinson, In fact I got it twice, because he was good enough to rerecord the interview after my recorder broke the first time.

My impression of him? Well, firstly, not what I expected. He’s pretty softly spoken, seems to be an articulate and intelligent guy with a passion for what he’s doing.

We chatted for a long time, over an hour and half, in that time I worked out that the EDL are trapped between a rock and a hard place. They want to get their message out and seem to have been reliant on football supporters to come and swell their numbers. Unfortunately for them the “casuals” have long contained certain undesirable elements who can’t help but get involved in violence. Alongside the hooligan element there is the hard core racist element, the old NF and Combat 18 members who can’t resist using the EDL as an opportunity to spread their vile views and incite violence.

this is a very dangerous place for the EDL to be in, because both of these groups can put the EDL at risk of being ostracised and ignored by the mainstream media and the public majority.

Tommy told me that he felt that the working classes had the guts to stand up and be counted, to not back down without being heard whereas the middle classes didn’t seem to have the resolve to stand up and face whatever criticism came their way.

Yet, it seems to me that without the middle classes and also the large scale participation of ethnic minorities, especially secular, moderate Muslims, the EDL will struggle to get their true message out whilst being respected at the same time. This is something the EDL MUST tackle, and tackle soon. I also suggested to Mr Robinson that the EDL should become a political party, because otherwise all their supporters would have no option but to vote for the BNP, a Party he says he hates.

There are those people who have said to me that the EDL do not deserve the oxygen of publicity, because they are nothing more than racist thugs. Well, I believe that everyone has the right to be heard. Even if we don’t agree with what they have to say. The EDL make points that have been raised in the mainstream media for years, points that have been raised by Jew, Christian and Muslim alike. they seem to have struck a chord with some general public too. That’s why we decided to speak with them. To let them have their say and to let the people hear their voice and make their comments and feelings known.

So having spoken with the EDL, what about the people they are protesting against? What will the Muslim Council of Britain have to say about the EDL march in Stoke and about Mr Robinson’s Comments?

You can bet your bottom dollar that PnP are trying, as we speak to secure comment from Muslims. Regarding sharia Law in Britain, the wearing of the Burka and their stance on Extremism and radical Islam in Britain. It is only fair that we give them the change to answer Mr Robinson’s accusations.

Citizen journalists like ourselves do this because we love doing it, we don’t get paid, no one is buying our favour. True, we are learning as we go along, but you can guarantee, that we will give everyone the chance to speak without spin or censorship. We wont abridge items to patronise our audience, we wont ignore issues that don’t sit well with our sponsors. Pits and pots will bring it to you raw and as fresh as we can get it.

Exclusive Audio Interview – ” State your case” – Tommy Robinson – EDL Leader

We here at PitsnPots are proud to be local “Citizen Journalists” who work hard to bring the exclusive stories to our community.

Following the E.D.L protest in Hanley on Saturday 23rd January 2010. We wanted to speak with the leader of the E.D.L, Tommy Robinson so that you could hear from his own mouth just what the E.D.L are all about and what their aims are/were.

Listen to the Interview and make up your own mind. Hopefully this interview will be the first of many others with other political figures both local and national.

[soundcloud id=’39117535′]

Praise For Council Staff

Stoke-on-Trent City Council is publicly thanking the staff who worked with Staffordshire Police during Saturday’s protest by the English Defence League and to clean up the city centre afterward.

Up to 50 staff were on duty throughout the day, supporting the police in a variety of roles. Community cohesion teams worked across the city throughout the day, together with CCTV operators, city centre stewards, highways officers and youth services. Fifteen staff were directly involved in the clean up operation after the protest had concluded on Saturday night and throughout Sunday

Staff had to clear away excessive amounts of litter, bricks and rubble that had been left behind, torn clothing and abandoned banners. Teams were also out cleaning away graffiti, and also found several window sills had been ripped out.

Councillor Brian Ward, deputy leader of the city council, said he was pleased with how effective the city’s response to the event had been, ‘Our staff should be commended for the work they did with the police throughout the whole day, whether it was being out in the community or performing an operational role, and also how quickly they managed to get the clean up completed. Thankfully there wasn’t too much physical damage done to properties within the city centre, but where it did happen it was cleaned up quickly and efficiently.’

‘The unfortunate thing is that lots of businesses throughout the city would have suffered because people obviously felt compelled to stay away. Our job now is to restore people’s confidence in visiting the city centre and also to work with businesses and support them.’

NorSCARF Statement On The 23rd January Peace And Unity Vigil In Stoke-on-Trent

NorSCARF have expressed their admiration for the restraint and bravery of all those who supported their Peace and Unity Vigil in Hanley today. NorSCARF particularly thanked Unite Against Fascism, both nationally and the West Midlands Region, for providing invaluable support with organising the event and publicity. 

Supporters of the march were drawn from all ages, many different communities and a wide range of political opinion.  While assembling at NorSACA, they were joined by Joan Walley, MP for Stoke North, and speakers addressing the crowd included Weyman Bennett of Unite Against Fascism, Stoke Councillor Zulfiqar Ali, Richard Sidley from the National Executive of the NASUWT, Ivan Hickman on behalf of the NUT, Assed Baig of Staffordshire University Students Union and the Conservative PPC for Stoke Central, Norsheen Bhatti.   

“Knowing the violent reputation of the EDL, it was fantastic to see over 300 people prepared to stand with us in opposition to their violent, sectarian and divisive message, and in remembrance of where that kind of hatred and bitterness can end”

said NorSCARF spokesperson Harry Ward, he added:

 “People have asked whether counter-demonstrations don’t just increase tensions, but we believe that had they not been directing their antagonism towards us, there is a real possibility that more of the EDL would have gone into areas like Shelton or Cobridge intent on intimidating the local people there.  The EDL were fighting with the police long before our march came up into town.  Today the people of Stoke-on-Trent have seen the EDL for what they are – a bunch of fascist thugs.”  

Organisations represented at the vigil, included, Staffordshire and Keele Universities, North Staffs Trades Union Council, the teaching unions NASUWT and NUT, transport unions RMT, ASLEF and TSSA, the Fire Brigades Union, the CWU, Unison, the PCS, the Musicians’ Union and Notts Stop the BNP.