Party Political Broadcasts For The May 5 Election

We are slowly finding out what the local candidates are saying for the 5 May Local Elections but what is being said by the party leaders?

How does what the party is saying fit in with what the local candidates are saying in their campaigns?

Have a look at the videos below from the Tories, Labour & Lib Dems and tell us what you think.

If you know of any more PPB videos please let us know so we can add.

The Ed Miliband Interview

Ed Miliband Speaks to PitsnPots

On Tuesday Ed Miliband visited Stoke-on-Trent, we caught up with him for a quick video interview about the General Election and the campaigns in Stoke Central & South and his views on a wide range of election issues. Such as the need for traditional labour supporters to come out on May 6th and vote Labour. When asked if Labours campaign had been lacklustre Mr Miliband replied that he thought that the campaign had simply been different to previous campaigns with the TV debates dominating the limelight.

He also stated that as election day approaches, voters were realising that substance was more important than the style of David Cameron and Nick Clegg. In the second part of the interview Mr Miliband went to to say that he believes "Fundamentally people don’t want to vote for the BNP, they want to know that we are talking about the issues in their lives".

On the conservatives he said that "People dont have enough sense of what the Tory threat is to the country and it’s our job to start getting the message out." When quizzed about cuts Mr Milliband said that cuts would begin next year and tax raises for the top earners and a raise in National Insurance contribution would be the only way to protect frontline services such as health and education. He was confident that issues such as Cutting the defeciet, keeping tax credits, Education would be important issues for people in stoke and that it was labour job to convey that message so that the country doesnt end up with a Conservative Prime Minister, which would "Terrible for Stoke".

When pressed on the BNP threat to the Labour vote in Stoke Mr Miliband states that he was veremently apposed to the BNP’s ideology and that their gameplan was to exploit people’s fears. "when we speak to people and explain about the points based system, they understand and accept that if you have skills and can contibute then you can come here." He also pointed out that there are 1 million people from E.U countries in Britain and about 1 million Britons working in the E.U, and that changing the rules on E.U workers could have dire consequences for British E.U based workers.

Nick Griffin Launches BNP Manifesto In Stoke-on-Trent Central

The Chairman of the British National Party Nick Griffin chose to launch his party’s manifesto in the city he describes as the BNP ‘Jewel In The Crown’ – Stoke-on-Trent. He described the manifesto as the most comprehensive his party have ever produced and that it proves that there is more to the BNP than immigration. Simon Darby the party’s PPC for Stoke-on-Trent Central was also in attendance as was Michael Coleman PPC for Stoke-on-Trent South and Melanie Baddelely the PPC for Stoke-on-Trent North.


The manifesto was launched in the grand setting of the Council Chamber and also featured a party supporter dressed as St George who escorted Mr Griffin into the chamber accompanied by applause from a number of party supporters, members and BNP councillors.

Nick Griffin enters the council chamber with 'St George'

After Mr Griffins overview of the Manifesto journalists were invited to take interviews.

We bring you Interviews with The Leader Nick Griffin, Deputy Leader and PPC for Stoke central,Simon Darby and PPC for Stoke South Michael Coleman. To access the entire range of Pits n Pots video interviews, visit our YouTube Channel by clicking the ‘our youtube’ tab at the top of the page. As with all BNP events there were protesters outside the venue. 

Protesters from " Nothing British about the BNP" and a small group from Staffordshire University lead by former S.U Leader Assed Baig kept a constant vigil outside the Civic Centre.
Protesters outside the BNP manifesto launch
Pits and Pots waited the whole day to bring you the whole interviews, Melanie Baddeley unfortunately had to leave early.  We did manage to get interviews with Nick Griffin, Simon Darby and Mike Coleman, which can be viewed below.

The Big A Debate – Pre Debate Interviews

Wednesday 3rd of March 2010 saw the Big A Debate take place at the Potteries Museum Hanley. Some high profile names had agreed to be on the Panel and PitsnPots caught up with them before the event.

As well as the video’s we also have photographs and a full audio transcript on the way.

(*Please note the video shown here is fairly low quality due to a technical issue we had importing it. The HD versions will be available soon via youtube and will replace these videos.).

Supt Dave Mellor Our Goal: Policing A Peaceful Protest Day For All

Staffordshire Police is urging all sides taking part in tomorrows (23 January) demonstrations in Stoke-on-Trent to make the day a safe and peaceful one.

The English Defence League (EDL) is holding a demonstration in the City Centre whilst other groups have planned counter-demonstrations.

Ross hits out at planning refusal!

Stoke-on-Trent City Council Leader Ross Irving, has today hit out at the Development Management Committee’s decision to reject outline planning consent to allow a City Academy type school on the green field site Springfield.

The committee also went a step further by refusing the planning application totally.

The Sprinfield Action Group has been fighting the proposal to build the Parkhall Academy since the site emerged as the council’s preferred destination for the new school.

Watch the video below in which Ross Irving hits out at the committee’s decision and tells us what may happen now.

Click on the links at the bottom of the article to watch more reaction from the SAG to yesterday’s victory at the Civic Centre.

Planning Application for Parkhall Academy Refused!


Today the Development Management Committee on Stoke-on-Trent City Council rejected an Outline Planning Application to build a brand new City Academy school on the controversial ‘Springfield’ site in Adderley Green.

Councillors voted against the application by 8 votes to 1.

The Committee then voted in favour of a motion put forward by Cllr Paul Shotton and seconded by Cllr Pauline Joynson refusing the planning application again by 8 votes to 1.

The meeting had started with an overview of the plans presented by Brian Davis head of Planning.

He accepted that this was the most controversial of all the BSF planning applications. But he reminded those present that this application should not be used as a judgment of the BSF programme as a whole.

He highlighted the benefits to community through the added sports and recreation facilities that would come with such a development. He did recognise that there was considerable objections to the development. He also pointed out that the areas was not short of green space with Parkhall Country Park close to the vicinity of the proposed academy.

He recommended that outline planning consent be granted with the satisfaction of certain conditions which included concerns over drainage and contamination of the area and he also conceded that there were concerns over the width of pavements and traffic congestion but he stated that these concerns could be overcome and he considered the site suitable.

Pits’n’Pots’s very own Nicky Davis gave an excellent PowerPoint presentation which pointed out many flaws in the application. She also pointed out that the Springfield site had originally failed the council’s own feasibility study into suitable locations for the Parkhall Academy.
She also reminded those present that Cllr Terry Follows had issued an election leaflet during the last elections stating that he himself was against schools for 1200-1400 pupils and that he was in total favour of schools being in the centre of the communities they are to serve.

Speaking for the Sringfield Action Group Ian Jenkins gave an impassioned address to the meeting highlighting the variety of uses that the Springfield site had offered over the years. He pointed out the threat to the various wildlife in the area. He also informed the meeting that the proposal to divert a footpath around the development it take it closer to an areas troubled by Anti Social Behaviour.

Speaking as a resident as well as a ward councillor Denver Tolley told the meeting that the residents of the area concerned were not anti education, they were very much pro education. He siad that all the residents and the poeople who lived in that part of the city knew how bad the trafiic was and how dangerous the roads were. Indeed there was gridlock yesterday [Tuesday] caused by an accident involving a child being knocked off a bike. He also pointed out that a previous report had suggested that the proposed academy was to serve pupils between the ages of 11-16. The report presented today states that the school is to serve pupils between the ages of 11-18.

Mark Fisher MP gave a very good speech in support of Mitchell High and why it would be wrong for the pupils of that high school to attend a school in Parkhall.

After the applicants address to the committee in support of the development and an extensive question and answers session the application was put to the vote.

As the results were read out in favour of the community, widespread cheering and applause broke out around the chamber.

The Springfield Action Group and the supporters of the Mitchell High School left the chamber in a jubilant mood. But they will expect the fight to continue as the City Council now considers it’s options which include an appeal of the committee’s decision to the Secretary of State and/or a fresh submission of the planing application addressing the Development Management Committees concerns and reasons for refusal.

Please watch the video interview below. Mark Fisher MP gives his reaction to the news. There are more links at the bottom of this article which will take yo to our You Tube channel where you can view more interviews with the action groups representatives and our very own Nicky Davis.