BNP voters don’t exist and their leaflet is a lie


“British jobs for British workers?”

Not, it seems, in the case of the models used by the BNP in the pamphlets they’re currently pushing through 29 million letter boxes in the run-up to next month’s European and council polls.

The leaflet pictures five respectable members of society, “Ëœtypical Britons’ says the leaflet, giving their reasons for voting BNP.

Except they’re not. Not “Ëœtypical Britons’ that is.

Steve Paulger, who writes the Newspeak blog, ran the photos through a tracing programme and found that a pair of fun-loving, silver haired retirees, voting BNP because they “are pushed to the back of the queue behind asylum seekers”, are in fact the Italian parents of photographer Luca Di Filippo.

They have only been to the UK once, on holiday. And they don’t share the BNP’s views, according to the snapper.

Their image is for sale, for a small fee, on a stock photography website, here.

And so, it transpires, are the images of the other “ËœBNP voters’ on the flyer, none of whom, it seems, are real BNP voters. And, (could this be even more embarrassing?), most of whom appear not to be “typical Britons”. Or any kind of Briton at all.

The doctor, “voting BNP because I see what immigration has done to the NHS”, was photographed in America, where, of course, they don’t even have an NHS equivalent yet.

The loving “mother and wife” who wants “our taxes invested in education and job creation” was photographed in the States too, and comes with the title “ËœLove my Mommy’.

And, if it could possibly get any more embarrassing, a Scots Guardsman – possibly the only Brit to figure in the leaflet  – has come out to publicly condemn them as “scumbags” saying “I’d never vote for them in a million years.”

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