A week in politics!

Tony Walley

Tony Walley

Comment By Tony Walley.

Well a week in politics can be a very long time!

Last week here we all were anticipating either a Labour or Independent Council Leader. Enter stage left Ross of the Tories and exit stage right the BNP group and here we are with a Conservative Council Leader the first in 39 years.

Now let me be straight here, I don’t think that with all his experience and skills Ross will make a bad leader, but already we are seeing the knives out for him.

Now I can understand that the good folk from Trentham will be wary and a tadge worried that one of the arch enemies is now top dog at the Civic Centre. But surely it’s time to say ‘what’s gone has gone’.

It the audio interviews that I have done with Ross, I have never come away with the impression that he wants to reverse the decision to keep Trentham High open. I think the excellent Dan Jordan & Donna Dewar ought to be on the phone sharpish to Ross and have a meeting to allay their concerns and gain support for the future plans to safeguard their school. Who knows they maybe surprised if they do.

I would certainly see how the land lies before I burned any bridges.

Euro Elections

Then on Sunday night we witnessed the winning of the first European Election seats for the far right party of the WHITE only people of this country – the BNP.

I must admit that I anticipated a concerted protest vote, but I also clung on the the hope that my fellow country men and women would not protest by allowing the BNP these seats, and more importantly access to the substantial funding that comes with the reward of a seat in the European Union.

Last night Adam Boulton of SKY News absolutely ripped BNP leader Nick Griffin apart and if anyone was in any doubt that this party are racist, find that interview and the one that Griffin did with Dimbleby straight after and your question will soon be answered.

Labour took a well expected kicking across the country as the current government, amidst all the expense rows I supposed it wasn’t as bad as some thought it would be. Especially talk of them slipping to 4th or 5th in the placings. Gordon Brown is fighting to cling on to power but the Tories will be keen to see the back of him as soon as possible. They won’t like the possibility of Brown masterminding the economic recovery and cleaning up parliament and having the opportunity of saying to the country before next years general election, ” look at what I have achieved!”

The Libdems were woe-full! They are the party that have come out of the expense fiasco relatively unscathed. Yet they never seem to capitalise on other parties mis-fortunes. In Stoke we have long since had a Libdem voice. The local party are swallowed up in a coalition and their sole target is to hang on to the coat tails of Labour and the Tories. Does anyone know what the Lidems stand for here in Stoke? There is to much empathy on keeping Libdem followers gagged than engaging with their voters or recruiting new members. The proof? Where has Paul Billington gone since his wings were clipped by Aunty Jean and Uncle Kieran? David Jack to his credit keeps battling on flying the yellow flag dodging the bullets from the local group.

The Conservatives did ok in parts and increased their vote by 1.2% not as well as much as many predicted. The managed to keep their share of the vote and increased their number of MEPs by one. But for all his pontificating and Bruce Forsyth impressions [“didn’t we do well!”] the Tory leader and his party failed to cover themselves in glory. That said they topped the polls in Wales for the first time since 1910.

Ukip proved to be the biggest winners on the night which is somewhat ironic really given the expense scandals involving their leader and some MEPs. The fact that they out polled Labour who are also suffering from an expense scandal is confusing to say the least. Leader Nigel Farage will now press ahead with his plans to turn Ukip into a fully fledged parliamentary party. They will have to convince the county’s electorate that they have more policies apart from their well known euro sceptic stance.

The Greens can be very encouraged by their showing.The failed to win any extra seats but increased their vote by some 8.7%. They also polled more votes than the BNP, winning 1,223,303 votes to their 916,424.  Which probably means that they received more of the so called protest votes than the far right party. That at least gives me hope that we as a very fine national are a long way off selling out to the policies of hate and division perpetrated by the BNP.

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