Council chiefs’ pay has “got out of hand” – Denham

Source: Local Government Chronicle

John Denham has taken another swipe at council chief executives’ pay, telling the Labour party conference it has “got

John Denham

John Denham

out of hand”.

During his keynote speech in Brighton the communities secretary also re-iterated his pledge to reign in “boomerang bosses”, chief executives who pocket a pay-off from one job before popping up in another shortly after, and said he wanted to limit the “pension entitlements of the very highest earners” in local goverment.

Mr Denham said: “The average pay of local government workers has gone up by £6,000 in seven years. The average pay of the chief execs has gone up by £40,000.

“Don’t get me wrong. These are not bad people. Most have given their own lifetime of public service. But we all know. It’s just all got out of hand. And it’s just got to stop.”

He also attacked what he branded “Cameron’s Councils”- reforming Conservative councils which he claimed: “privatise for dogma. Block new homes, block new jobs and block green power”.

“I’m getting sick and tired of Cameron’s Councils who take Labour investment, claim the credit, for the new home, the new schools and the new play areas and have the cheek to say it isn’t enough – and all the time they are working for a Tory Government that will take it all away,” he said.

He also accused the Conservatives of hatching “secret plans that would double or triple rents for 8m people in council or housing association homes, and put their homes on the line with two months notice”.

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