Concessionary fares – How about Free Travel for Young People & Jobseekers?

Under Labour the introduction of free bus transport for the elderly and disabled has maximise citizen mobility to use public transport.

Due to the scrutiny of Councillors to stop plans by the Conservative/Independent Lib Dem cuts within its budget plan to reduce Bus Service Council Subsidy and use of free travel prior to 9am, people with Concessionary Bus Passes have retained the rights to use this service.

Whilst Councillors have protected the existing scheme for pensioners and disabled people, Councillor Adrian Knapper would welcome the extension of this scheme for all young people in full-time education or training up to the age of 18, as well as for all jobseekers.

The current Conservative/Independent Lib Dem Administration is now planning to review all Council Services via a Root & Branch review that will result in Stoke-on-Trent City Council making policy changes on the way in which services are delivered.

If the City is serious about ensuring that we meet the challenge of climate change, the City Council must work to ensure that the Potteries has a reliable Transport Network that is accessible to all and that the cost is reduced to a reasonable level to encourage more people to use the service.

Free Travel extended to young people will allow the next generation the rights to access education and leisure facilities that will allow them to explore their full potential across the North Staffordshire Region.

Councillor Knapper would welcome serious expession of debate on how people think Public Transport needs to be improved and made more accessible.

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