Staffords Sun Inn To Use Alternate Energy

Titanic has become among the first breweries to install cutting edge equipment to chill its beer and provide heat for customers.

The Burslem brewer has teamed up with Geo Bar as part of the development of the Sun Inn, Stafford, which opens to the public next Thursday (22 July).

The Geo Bar heat recovery system takes excess heat created by pubs’ chilling equipment ““ which is usually expelled outside the building and lost – and uses it to heat water, either for direct use or in the heating system.

As well as saving money on energy bills, the Sun Inn will save 34,230kg of C02 emissions every year – the equivalent of 750 journeys from Stafford to London and back in a family car, or planting eight football pitches of rain forest.

Keith Bott, Managing Director of Titanic Brewery, said, ‘We are among the first in the country to install this energy saving system and the very first new pub to do so. It fits in with our philosophy of helping to conserve energy where possible to help the environment. We support the movement towards localism, buying local food for our pub customers where possible to cut down on food miles.’

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