What’s Going On With The BNP.

It’s not just Stoke on Trent where the BNP were hurt in Thursdays election. The right wing party had a torrid time all around the country as there support collapsed. The party won two seats but on the whole lost 11 councillors around the UK.

In Stoke on Trent BNP areas of Meir South, Meir North, Bentelee and Townsend and Addley Green all dismissed the party, retuning Labour members as the city council were cleared of the anti-immigration party. More then worrying for the BNP, saying that they had brought there last two manifesto’s to the city to lurch

Another heartland is Burnley, where they are now down to one council member and they lost another two on the North West Leicestershire council.

Out of the 268 council seats the BNP ran in, they won just two, they were in Queensberry and East Goscote, with a mandate as low as five votes.

They were also in the running for seats in the Welsh Assembly, and pushed ahead of the Libdems in four seats there. 7% of the vote was need to gain any seats, non of them reached the threshold.

They also had candidates in the running for the Scottish parliament and in the Northern Ierland Assembly, but again failed to gain any seats.

It’s a bad time for the party that had seen two MEP elected in 2009, but have in less then 12 months lost 12 seats in Barking and Dagenham Council and in the last 18 months been taken from 9 members to none in Stoke on Trent and have now not won any seats on council since 2008.

Last year, the BNP contested 338 in the general election, but lost deposits in 266 of them.

Locally I have heard moaning from right wingers that all the wards they held seats in had been subject to boundary changes. I have also heard talk that the loss of 16 council seats may have not benefited them. They are also rather upset about some third party leafleting that went on throughout the city as well.

What do you think, have we seen the end of the BNP, can they come back from this, it’s a long time to the next planed vote local or in the UK now. There is talk of them talking with the likes of the EFP, EDL and other groups of that kind to pull together and work together. What do you think will happen.

Don’t be nasty, play fair and we might get a good debate going hear, on a subject the seems to be of some local interest.

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